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Most Women Flirt to Boost Their Self Esteem or Amuse Themselves

Yep. That’s pretty quite fucking obvious to me by now. Which is why I took myself out of the dating pool.

Via HotAir Headlines: Free Advice, Ladies: Be Direct

A good comment left there:

Best observation in the comments:

Many women flirt with a man simply to boost their self-esteem or to amuse themselves; they don’t always want something to come of it. Man, I hate that.

Men realise this, which is why they prefer to know where they stand. It saves much embarrassment.

Men want to know the difference between “she’s interested in me” and “she’s just toying with me.” It’s usually toying. You’ve got nothing to lose by exploring the possibility except to find out she has a boyfriend and she was just using you as target practice.

keep the change on April 6, 2009 at 2:59 PM

Yeah, nothing to lose except to discover time after time after time you’re just being toyed with, which causes you to start really becoming cynical and despising women’s BS game-playing and then taking yourself out of the dating pool altogether at 31 years old, because you realize, after enough of this happening time after time after time, you’ve become a very bitter, cynical bastard of a person who doesn’t trust anything out of a woman’s mouth… a type of man with which no woman deserves to deal.

But yeah, other than that, nothing to lose. Except getting your hopes up time and time and time again thinking “hey, this time this girl may actually like me… really like me for me and who I am and think I’m attractive and she’s attracted to me enough to flirt with me”, only to get crushed time and time and time again after you realize “oh, she was just using me to stroke her ego and feel good about having a guy hit on her and really had no interest in me the first place, why in the world would I even think so, especially after experiencing girls do that all the damn fucking time”.

Yeah, I’ll just stick to my usual thoughts I have in my head when I have an attractive girl/woman in my presence:

* She’s too cute to not have a boyfriend or be married
* Even if she wasn’t she’d never be interested in you
* Even if she was, she’s probably a liberal or smokes
* Even is she isn’t, didn’t we already agree she wouldn’t be interested in you?!
* Snap out of it and get back to what you’re doing and leave this poor girl alone with any thoughts of even thinking you were good enough to talk to her, let alone look at her

Especially because when I don’t stick to that, I end up doing stupid crap like this.

Ah, isn’t this nice. A comment left at the HotAir site from one of the female commenters:

That’s because men are only interested in one thing, whereas women aren’t. Sometimes we just enjoy your company and don’t want you to run off as soon as you know you won’t be getting laid.

Ah, isn’t this nice. And women wonder why men can’t figure them out. Well, let’s see here. She’s saying that she goes into an encounter with a man assuming he’s a shallow hornball who just wants to get laid. With that premise and low opinion of men, she then proceeds to lie to him, feigning interest with flirting and such to make the guy think she is interested in him. Nice.

And she does this, because she wants to enjoy this man’s company. Interesting. She thinks men are simply shallow hornballs who are only interested in talking to women in order to get laid, and this is the kind of person with whom she wants to share her company. Brilliant.

Never once does it cross her mind that

(1) this guy she is looking down upon, lying to and toying with could actually be a nice man, just like her, interested in conversation and the company of a woman and that the realization afterward of her toying with him could be hurtful or
(2) maybe, if her theory of men just being shallow hornballs is true, men are like that because they have put up with too many women like her who think poorly of men and toy with them, so they have just said ‘fuck it’ and now don’t bother trying to figure women out and just go out to get laid.

Nah, it’s never the woman’s fault for anything to do with male-female relations. Women are always right and wonderful and have the best of intentions, and men are always shallow, hornball, stupid jerks.

And people wonder why I gave up on dating and marriage 2 years ago…


April 6, 2009 , 3:42PM - Posted by | Life, Relationships, Romance

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