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Obama vs Palin – Who’s More Springer-ish?

Jerry Springer, that is.

The mass media is *still* in full attack, smear and destroy mode with Sarah Palin. Apparently, they find so much over which to ridicule her and her family, yet found absolutely nothing regarding Barack Obama and his 2-decade political history and awkward family upbringing.

Via HotAir Headlines, I thought this comment there in response to a Palin-hater was great:

This whole Sarah Palin thing has just turned into one great big disgusting episode of the Jerry Springer show. Why can’t she just crawl back into whatever hole in the ground she came out of and leave the public spotlight forever. It’s the very least her and her horribly dysfunctional family could do for the country and the Republican Party.

John on April 11, 2009 at 6:11 PM

And yet, we have a president whose mother briefly married his father, after their relationship ended married another man, left Barak in the care of her parents for years at a time, and he has siblings and half-siblings scattered all over the globe.

I could go on and on, but I’ll end with the breaking story that his half-brother Samson apparently wasn’t allowed to get a visa in the U.K. over sex assault charges.

Obama brother accused of UK sex assault — Samson denied British visa after incident with teen girl in Berkshire

But, yeah, Palin has a “dysfunctional” family with her husband of 20+ years, several children living in their home with both parents, one son in the military and a daughter living in their home with her baby.


cs89 on April 11, 2009 at 6:46 PM

Heh. Yep. Apparently, having a normal, run-of-the-mill American family is apparently bad for American politics. But the following is definitely worthy of an American President:

* choosing a racist, America-hating, Black Supremacist preacher as one’s spiritual and political mentor for 2 decades
* choosing a racist, America-hating, Black Supremacist “Christian” Church for one’s marriage and for one’s daughters to attend
* choosing an America-hating, Communist domestic terrorist as one’s political mentor and using his political connections to jump start one’s political career
* choosing to work for an America-hating, Communist domestic terrorist and spreading his ideology within the Chicago school system by way of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge
* having one’s grandmother live in America illegally for years
* supporting and campaigning for one’s radical Islamist cousin as he runs for office in one’s native Kenya
* marrying a woman who is ashamed of the racist United States until her husband wins a political Party’s nomination for President

As commenter “cs89” states, I could go on and on and on. The people who ridicule Sarah Palin’s personal life as a disgrace to politics yet worship at the throne of Obama are absolute pathetic tools.

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Myths and Facts of the Bush 43 Economy

I continue to see people bitch and moan and complain about how horrible things were economically under the Bush (43) Administration. Some of these same people then turn around and defend the Obama Administration budget when it QUADRUPLES anything that happened under the Bush Administration. Hypocrites, the whole lot of them.

Randall Hoven put together a nice summary of the reality of the Bush (43) economy as well as explaining that the American people who claimed to want less spending, ended up giving complete power of our government in Congress and the White House to the true big spenders.

Great job, morons.

Via American Thinker: Who are the Big Spenders?

[ … ] President Obama made these sentiments clear, as reported by the Kansas City Star.

“It’s a little hard for me to take criticism from folks about this recovery package after they’ve presided over a doubling of the national debt… What I won’t do is return to the failed theories of the last eight years that got us into this fix in the first place.”

Time for some reality checks.

Myth. Our national debt doubled in the last eight years.

Fact. Nope, no matter how you measure it. In fact, if adjusted for inflation, real economic growth and population growth, it didn’t budge at all. …

Myth. President Bush increased spending dramatically. Specifically, he spent more than President Clinton did, dramatically increasing our national debt.

Fact. Only if measured in nominal dollars. But by that measure, or even in inflation-adjusted dollars, Clinton spent more than Bush 41, who spent more than Reagan, who spent more than Carter, on down the line. Measured in a meaningful way, namely as a fraction of GDP, Bush spent less than the pre-Bush average, including that of President Clinton. Similarly, he kept national debt below the pre-Bush average. …

Myth. Republicans spent more on bailouts than Democrats. After all, Bush’s bailout, supported by John McCain, was $850B while Obama’s stimulus was only $787B.

Fact. It is true that 850 is more than 787. But when you get into who really asked for what amounts, and who voted for those amounts, the Democrats are responsible for 80% of all bailout spending – and the worst 80%. …

Myth. Bush spent irresponsibly huge amounts of money on his unnecessary war in Iraq and defense generally, crowding out non-defense spending.

Fact. No he didn’t. What he spent was nowhere near unprecedented, as a fraction of GDP. And he spent more on non-defense than Clinton did, even measured as a fraction of GDP.

Spending on national defense went from 3% of GDP to 4% in President Bush’s time in office. The US spent more than that from 1941 to 1994, or 53 years. A mere 4% of GDP is historically low, not historically high. Even during its lowest point previously, Jimmy Carter’s term, defense spending was 4.7% of GDP.

When we let that figure get low, 1.7% in 1940 and 3% in 2000, we got Pearl Harbor and 9/11. Coincidence? …

Myth. When Republicans were in charge, they spent too much.

Opinion. Yes they did.

But why do I say that? I say that because I am a limited-government conservative. I waited 50 years for Republicans to be in charge so they could do what they always said they would do: cut taxes, cut spending, cut regulations. They cut taxes a little bit in their first year or two, and that was it. I didn’t want them to do the same thing that had been done the previous 50 years; I wanted them to cut, cut, cut.

The above excerpt only includes the general statements. If you want his breakdown explaining the facts, make sure to read the entire article, as he lays out all the numbers for anyone willing to open their eyes and see.

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“Charming” is Just Another Way of Saying “Bullshit Artist”

I don’t know why, but I am still dumbfounded to see writers continually describe Barack Obama as “charming”. In an otherwise interesting article (via HotAir Headlines), Greg Sheridan does this in The Australian: Obama is Dubya’s acceptable face

CAN Barack Obama seduce even the Muslim world? So far I have manfully resisted falling for Obama and becoming an antipodean Obama boy. But, like everyone else on the globe, I bear witness to his charm and smoothness. …

These were all sweet and sensible words by Obama, delivered with charm and grace. They were almost exactly the same as words Bush had uttered countless times. Yet the reaction in the Arab world was overwhelmingly positive. …

Since when is giving a good prepared speech read off a teleprompter considered “charming” and “smooth” and full of “grace”?  (If I brought a teleprompter to a bar and flawlessly read off some prepared pick-up lines to a woman, would she consider that “charming” and “smooth”?)

Maybe it is because I have become so cynical and non-trusting of people after having been lied to and stabbed in the back too many times by people close to me, not to mention lied to and bullshitted by various women in my life, but I don’t get this “charm” description. To me, it is just another way of saying someone is a good bullshit artist. We used to call those types of people used car salesmen or insurance salesmen. Now we apparently call them President.

I still remember a conversation I had with a female friend back in college regarding the issue of “charm”. I was a little down, expressing to her that women probably weren’t going to like me, because I wasn’t charming at all, instead I usually fumbled over my words and became tongue tied when trying to express myself around a woman. She cheered me up a little by saying that she preferred men who were a little tongue-tied, because that told her that they were being real with her. She said she never trusted any man who came across “charming” and “smooth”, because it usually meant he was not being sincere, since he had everything prepared ahead of time.

The same thing applies to Barack Obama (or any politician for that matter). What people are calling “charm” and “smoothness” is simply Obama being able to give a prepared speech — off a teleprompter — of bullshit and lies. In the same way a bullshit artist tries to sell a car or snag the woman for a one-night stand from prepared talking points, Obama tries to sell his socialist policies to the naive, ignorant and those easily swayed and impressed by “charm”.

The same people who fall for Obama’s “charm”-offensive are probably the same weak-willed fools who pay too much for their car, buy insurance they don’t need and who have one-night stands with “charming” men and then later whine about those men being assholes, because they were too stupid and naive to fall for their bullshit “charm”.

Barack Obama is not “charming” and “smooth”. He is simply the latest bullshit artist preying on the ignorant, naive and weak-willed. And judging by the 2008 election results and the worldwide press clippings, there are tens of millions of ignorant, naive and weak-willed people all across the world.

Just the latest case of people en masse choosing style over substance.

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