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Barack Obama is a Dumb Bitch

Well, apparently anyone who opposes creating homosexual marriage is a dumb bitch. Therefore, since Barack Obama opposes creating homosexual marriage, we can safely and proudly call Barack Obama a dumb bitch as well. I can live with that.

Via HotAir Headlines: Why is it okay for Obama to oppose gay marriage but not Miss California?

Why is it acceptable for Obama and Biden to have this opinion but not a conservative female? And where are the women’s rights and feminist groups to speak out against this kind of language? Or gay rights groups to denounce this clown because he does nothing to advance their agenda of tolerance? The same place they were when other females who possessed traditional values or beliefs like Sarah Palin exercised their right to free speech and expressed these views: they’re nowhere to be found.

I ask: How can a pageant that is supposedly designed to advance women put a judge who clearly has no respect for females on the judging panel?

Could not have said it any better, Miss Tantaros. Spot-on.

Maybe if we all start calling Barack Obama a dumb bitch (for his opposition to creating homosexual marriage), the Left will have to come to Miss California’s defense while coming to Obama’s defense.

If they don’t, oh well, at least we can go around calling Barack Obama a dumb bitch and have it socially acceptable by the homosexual marriage supporting Left.

From the anti-Proposition 8 terrorizing thugs to this situation, I am just dumbfounded as to why the homosexual movement is not getting more converts to their cause.


April 21, 2009 , 9:06PM - Posted by | Barack Obama, Feminism, Homosexual Movement, Liberalism

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