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We Can’t Make Fun of Poo Widdle Paris McCain

I’ve made my opinion of attention whore Meghan McCain pretty clear in previous posts.

Apparently though, the righty blogosphere just can’t stop talking about this vapid, ignorant twit: ‘Future of the GOP’ really seems to dig anti-GOP entertainment

Well, here’s my response to the whining about those who are making fun of Meghan the attention whore:

“…it does bother me to see the litany of nasty comments about her weight or appearance whenever her latest irritating statement is mentioned on a conservative blog, since expressing such sentiments seems pointless and unnecessary.”

Why? Are you also bothered by the litany of nasty comments about Michael Moore’s appearance? Helen Thomas’ appearance? Janeane Garofalo’s appearance? Any other left-wing jackass’ appearance? (And, yes, that is what Meghan McCain has turned herself into — or has always been. Were her last name not McCain she would be rightfully called what she is: an irrelevant left-wing twit.)

When people say stupid shit, they open themselves up to ridicule. Why are people so appalled that people make fun of Meghan McCain when she insults Republicans, conservatives and conservative values in the same ignorant, stupid manner that Michael Moore (and the rest of the Left) does? Should we be going easy on her simply because she’s a woman? Simply because her last name is McCain? Simply because she claims to be a Republican? Simply because some people consider her vacuous inanity “sweet” and “charming”?

Sorry, screw that. You say stupid, insulting shit, you deserve any ridicule that comes your way.

Michael in MI on April 21, 2009 at 9:33 PM


April 21, 2009 , 9:40PM - Posted by | Meghan McCain

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