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Got Remorse? You Will.

Riding home from the gym yesterday morning here in SE Michigan, about 20 minutes West of Detroit, I came up behind a car which had the following homemade sign up in its back window:

A picture of Obama as a puppet which read: “Got Remorse? You Will.”

On the side it read: “Marxist Puppet”.

This was a very, VERY welcome thing to see, considering every morning I go to the gym, there is a car there with the following bumper stickers:

“Impeach the $%!#^% Bastards!”
“Obama ‘08″
“Support the Troops”

And then, underneath the “Impeach…” one, the following one was recently added this week:

“Convict Bush. No one is Above the Law.”

I’m guessing they wanted to make clear that they didn’t want the current bastards impeached (they’re apparently hunky dorey with the Obama Administration dopes), just the Bush Administration bastards.

Apparently, Obama breaking the law with Tony Rezko and his land deals, breaking the law with campaign contributions and deliberately turning off online security measures, breaking the law with voter registration, breaking the law with his buddies at A.C.O.R.N., etc, was a-okay with this dimwhit.  Apparently, he had to go with the “No one is Above the Law” sticker, since they were all out of the “No one except Obama the Leftist “Messiah” is Above the Law” stickers.  


April 23, 2009 , 12:51PM - Posted by | 2008 Presidential Election, Barack Obama, Liberalism

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