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Can We Trust Bloggers Anymore?

This has been on my mind for months now, and I’ve yet to sit down and write a proper blog post on it, getting out all my thoughts on the subject. But, here is as good a place as any to start, as I had these thoughts in response to a comment left at this HotAir Headlines post: Hmmm: Did Palin plagiarize Gingrich?

But AP posts these items because they are news, and they will generate hits. That is his job.

conservnut on June 7, 2009 at 9:03 PM

Yep, and that, in my opinion, is why paid anonymous blogging — or even paid blogging period — is bad. Because I — and I suspect many other readers of HotAir — don’t trust AllahPundit on very many things. Many of us suspect that he simply posts things not because he cares one whit about them, but because he knows it generates blog traffic, and that is what he is being paid to do. He is not being paid to give his opinion or to promote the conservative cause, he is being paid to generate traffic. Period.

Because of that, I don’t trust him, nor any other blogger — public or anonymous — since I figure most of what they are posting and saying and the analysis they give is solely in order to generate traffic and nothing more.

Oh sure, many times they actually do say what they mean and provide an honest opinion and analysis, but that is just a side benefit, not a requirement.

We here in the blogosphere rip into the mass media all the time for their lameness of doing things for sponsorship, but that is exactly what sites like HotAir are doing as well… focusing their content on things which generate the most traffic in order to generate the most ad revenue.

I never knew about AllahPundit until he started blogging here at HotAir. I have to wonder if we’d be getting a lot more honesty out of him if he were to go back to blogging simply for himself and not for money.

And my opinion on this is not limited to AllahPundit and HotAir either. I’ve thought this as soon as places like Ace of Spades HQ and every other large blog started blogging as a source of income, instead of just as a hobby.

It’s ironic that the same people who are so hard on Rush Limbaugh for his schtick that he does in order to entertain and make money through his radio show, do the exact same thing to entertain and make money through their blogs. The same people who accuse Rush of caring only for his own paycheck at the expense of the success of Conservatism or the GOP, do the exact same things on their blogs, posting for blog traffic, no matter if it is good for conservatism or the GOP (or, in this case Sarah Palin).

Does anyone think AllahPundit — or anyone who blogs for money — cares that his joining with the Left to tear Sarah Palin down at every opportunity prohibits her from possibly helping the future of this country? I don’t. I think they care about one thing: money. If they earn that money by ripping on Sarah Palin to the detriment of the country, so be it.

This isn’t about one’s principles, this is about one’s pocketbook. And when push comes to shove, everyone is in it for themselves.

[Background:  When is it okay to “out” anonymous bloggers?]

Oh, and with regards to the question of plagiarism? The answer would be… ‘NO’: Hey, Geoffrey, Let Me Show You Real Plagiarism


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