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Should a Person’s Facebook-ing, MySpace-ing, Tweeting and Blogging be Protected akin to “Sexual Orientation”?

As a continuation on the discussion regarding anonymous blogging, this thought comes to mind, since it affects me personally, considering I am currently looking for work and have been talking with recruiters and employers since I was laid off in December.

If I am 100% qualified for a job, a great fit for the position and have impeccable references from previous employers attesting to my teamwork and great attitude in the office, but the employer ‘Googles’ me, finds my blog, doesn’t like my political and social opinions and then decides not to hire me based on that, who is in the wrong? Is it my fault for expressing myself in a public forum or the employer’s fault for discriminating against me based on personal opinions having nothing to do with my qualifications for the job and my great teamwork?

Also, should a person’s personal website — MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, blog — and the things they choose to post on it be allowed to be taken into consideration by an employer for a job… especially if they have nothing to do with the aptitude of the person for the position?

Afterall, everyone knows that people act differently when in the office, when with friends, when with family or when with only people of their own gender, etc.

Also, if it is none of the government’s — or a business’ — business what a person does in the privacy of his/her own bedroom, then shouldn’t it also be none of their business what a person does in the privacy of his/her own computer room, office, laptop, etc?

A simple legal disclaimer should eliminate any trouble for any employer, with an employee simply stating on their blog somewhere “The opinions and content of this blog are of the blog owner only and reflect not in any way on the blog owner’s place of employment, which shall remain nameless. But this disclaimer remains in case some douchebag decides to try to smear my employer and ruin me in the process for petty personal reasons.”

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