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Obama’s Core Problem: Lack of Personal Responsibility

Obama Blame Bush

Ya know, Obama blaming the Bush Administration for, well, pretty much anything and everything going wrong, despite the fact that he has been President for almost 5 months now, is like an adult who blames all their problems in life on their parents and a “troubled childhood”. There’s a certain point in life where everyone has to stop blaming the past or others for their problems and start taking personal responsibility for their situation.

And that is Obama’s problem: he takes no personal responsibility.

As I stated on my Facebook status the other day:

I’d like to get a new job where 5 months into it, when my performance is crap, I get to tell my boss “hey, I inherited this problem, it’s not my fault”.  Man, what a job that would be!  Get paid $400,000 to blame all my mistakes and gaffes and incompetence on the previous employee.  Where can I apply for those kinds of jobs?


June 8, 2009 , 11:36PM - Posted by | Barack Obama

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  1. How can you take it personally 🙂

    Comment by Deepesh Deomurari | July 10, 2009 , 1:10PM

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