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How Obama will Get Away with His Lies

You have far more confidence in John Q. Public than I have. I hope that you’re right.

I know John Q. Public votes against the in-party when the economy’s bad.

Unless everything conservatives believe about how the economy works is wrong, the economy is going to stay bad.

There is a chance, sadly, that the American economy will be resilient enough that the fact that Obama’s hurt it will be disguised — that the economy will grow slightly, or stop shrinking, and the public won’t comprehend that that is the economy working in spite of Obama, rather than because of him.

This is of course a nightmare scenario, as Obama wounds the economy but is credited as “healing” it.

And it’s something to fear, of course.

However, Obama has damaged the economy so much and grown the deficits so large that I think there is a relatively small chance of this.

People vote against tax hikes. They always have before. Obama is about to break the same Read My Lips pledge that George Bush the Elder made. He promised and promised there would be no tax increases on anyone but the top 5%. He will break that promise.

Again, unless there really has been such a sea-change in thinking that people are willing to embrace what they have previously not even tolerated, I just don’t see how Obama gets away with this.

Posted by: ace at June 08, 2009 04:39 PM

I think Ace nailed it with that last statement. But I know exactly how Obama gets away with this.

Ace is assuming that John Q. Public was thinking when they voted for Obama. I don’t believe that to be the case. No thinking person could listen to the lies and the illogical proposals that Obama put forth during the 2008 campaign and still support him. Any thinking person would have heard Obama’s BS and recognized it immediately as utter BS, as most of us conservatives did.

Thus, I believe that John Q. Public emoted when they decided to vote for Obama. As Ace explains in his post, people put their faith in Obama, because they “wanted to believe”. That is not what thinking people do. That is what emotive people do.

As the saying goes, “you cannot reason someone out of something they did not reason themselves into”.

Ace is basing his faith in John Q Public to base their votes on reason. But, their votes for Obama were not based on reason, they were based on emotion. Their emotion of racism (voting for a candidate solely because of the color of his skin), their emotion of BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) or their emotion of wanting “change”, nevermind defining what exactly is that “change”, they just emotionally want it.

So, call me cynical and pessimistic about John Q Public, but this past election was not about “a sea-change in thinking” or reason, but rather about emotion. John Q. Public is as emotionally involved in irrationally worshiping Obama as they were emotionally involved in irrationally hating President Bush. Recall that no matter how many facts were presented to BDSers, they would not let go of their BDS.

I see the same thing in reverse with Obama. He will get away with all his lies, corruption and incompetence, because John Q. Public will irrationally cling to their Obama-worship, despite the obvious facts and reality, in the same manner they still irrationally cling to their BDS, despite the obvious facts and reality.

That said, I hope Ace is proven right and I am proven wrong. Unfortunately, none of us will know for certain until NOV 2010…

Looks like chemjeff and I are on the same wavelength:

Again, unless there really has been such a sea-change in thinking that people are willing to embrace what they have previously not even tolerated, I just don’t see how Obama gets away with this.

He will get away with it because Obama is not a mere mortal politician. He is the first President who is also a rock star and a cult leader. It’s not like the voters put him over the top out of a careful, studious analysis of his tax plan. No they voted for him because he was “cool”. As long as Obama remains “cool” and comes up with an acceptable excuse for breaking his promise (an excuse that will be validated by the MSM, of course) then he gets to stay, I’m sorry to say.

Posted by: chemjeff at June 08, 2009 05:35 PM

BattleofthePyramids is also on the same wavelength:

Yes, Palin is right, but it won’t do her or us any good. Here’s why:

1. About 40% or more (probably more now) of the people don’t pay income taxes and couldn’t care less if those of us who do are taxed at slave levels as long as they get their free stuff.

2. No matter what, the One and his followers can count on the votes of: Blacks, the welfare class, government workers and bureaucrats, illegal immigrants, the poor and the poorly educated.

3. He has the MSM in his pocket, to put it politely.

4. He has shown he is perfectly willing to tolerate voter fraud, voter intimidation and will accept illegal campaign contributions – and can get away with it.

5. He can and will gerrymander the upcoming census in 2010 to lock in a Democratic majority in both houses of Congress.

Socialism will rule the USA – until we run out of people willing to lend us money, and no one will like it when that happens.

Posted by: BattleofthePyramids at June 08, 2009 06:21 PM

Joe L explains another major problem:

Ace, the reason the approval ratings are still high is not because people don’t care. The fact of the matter is, the media isn’t even reporting ANY of this. Not even a spinned version. 90% of the daily things Zero has done are not known to the general public because MSM refuses to even acknowldge they happened. Unless you get online and haunt the blogs, people have no idea.

Went out for pizza with friends, 3 college graduates, proffesional woman. They are not stupid and know they are being lied to by the MSM but not one of them gets on the internet to find information. 9 out of the 10 stories I relayed to them that has been on the blogs-they had never heard a peep about! They had no idea the union got major control of crysler, they had no idea about the WH threats to creditors, they had no idea about Arnold threatening the people of California if his budget propsels weren’t passed etc.

THAT is the role of the MSM- not just spinning what little they do report on. Their role is to keep people ignorant of everything that is happening so it APPEARS his approval is high and people are OK with his train wreck decisions. The general public can not disapprove of things they don’t even know about.

Walk down the street and randomly stop people and ask if they heard a few current stories you have read on the internet. Bet they say they never ever heard anything about it. It’s not even correcting lies, its letting people know what is even happening at all

Posted by: Joe L. at June 08, 2009 11:59 PM


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