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Nothing Strips Them of Responsibility. Nothing.

This is *exactly* how I feel regarding some of the people I talked to prior to the election who were Obama-supporters. I think back to their blind support of the man, their borderline worship of him, their complete disregard for the facts I presented them about his background and the warnings I gave them as to what he would do, based on that background. And, I especially remember how those people treated me based on me providing facts to them about their “god” Obama. I cannot forget that. I won’t forget that. I won’t forget being called a racist, a hatemonger and a bigot simply for pointing out facts about a politician. And I too carry a strong disdain for these people still today. I cannot look at them the same for their willful ignorance and deliberate mocking and smearing of my character and integrity. All over a politician.

And as “momma” states below, even for those who come around and have “buyer’s remorse”, nothing strips them of responsibility for their behavior, and especially their vote.

During the election, my in-laws hated it when I would talk politics and especially hated it when I bashed Obama and warned of what was coming if he was elected. They told me at least 20 different times that the President doesn’t have any power and that I was completely ignorant and crazy. Now, they leave the room if I am talking with other relatives about Obama and what he is doing. You can actually see the disdain on their face. It should be said that, whenever they are within ear shot, I shamelessly comment on the effect that this American – hating assplug is having on my children’s future. They were wrong. They know it.

I will always hold it against them that they ignorantly elected this attention hungry, prompter speaking, closet Muslim that hates America and Her Greatness.

It is the Obama voters that know they f*cked up, that should be flocking to the Tea Parties. They should be leading this fight. It wasn’t a mistake, it was a blissfully ignorant decision that has already eroded the very core of America.

I will always carry strong disdain for them. All the signs were there. Nothing strips them of responsibility. Nothing.

Sorry. Rant off. Thanks for ‘listening’.

Posted by: momma at June 08, 2009 04:41 PM

No, thank you, momma, for expressing what many of us also feel and sometimes cannot put into words as well as you do here. Keep ranting. People need to hear it. Loudly. And often.

Great follow-up comment later in the comment thread by “momma”:

My main problem is that people take their freedoms for granted. Voting should be the biggest decision in a person’s life. Everything else is effected by that. Kids, family, job, etc., are all effected by those that make, keep, and create the laws.

When people won’t listen, study, read, etc., into the choices they have for a certain office, I think they don’t deserve to vote. They decide with sound bites and news opinion. Then, when everything they believe in is questioned, and their sense of ‘right’ is challenged, they still vote based on D or R, or by the last f***ing commercial they saw before heading to the ballot box.

We have all of these public service announcements about turning off lights, not wasting water, etc., yet not one telling the public that they need to research the candidates and look at all forms of media, before they vote.

My in-laws believed me before the election, they just didn’t have the guts to vote for anyone that didn’t have a D after their name.

Posted by: momma at June 08, 2009 05:14 PM


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