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Why (Some) Popular Bloggers PISS ME OFF

It used to be just Ace from Ace of Spades HQ and AllahPundit from HotAir who were guilty of irresponsibly ripping on Rush Limbaugh without having listened to his show or read a transcript of his show. In addition, when they decided to rip on Limbaugh on their popular websites, instead of linking to the source of their story — Rush Limbaugh’s own website and transcript of his statements — they would more times than not link to some other website (ie Politico, etc) reporting bits and pieces of what Rush Limbaugh reportedly stated.

That is irresponsible and lazy. It is exactly what the mass media does with issues and people they do not like. And here we have Ace and AllahPundit, on two popular “conservative” blogs, behaving in the same irresponsible manner as those they criticize and claim to be above.

Well, were that not enough, I see today that one of the most popular right-of-center bloggers on the web participates in the exact same irresponsible tactics. Instead of listening to his show to know what was said, or at least reading the transcript to get the commentary, Glenn Reynolds of the immensely popular Instapundit links to some other website which completely misrepresents Rush’s commentary on the subject.

RUSH LIMBAUGH calling for a boycott of GM products. This is actually serious, as I believe his listeners were formerly big GM fans. …

UPDATE: Reader Tim Ameigh writes that this isn’t quite what Limbaugh said: “He said he would not be surprised if people did boycott, which your link to Rasmussen bears out.” Here’s the transcript, and I think that Ameigh is right. Reader Donald Dohrn agrees: “As a avid listener to Rush from way back, who now works during his broadcast time, I get my Rush fix through the podcast. … Rush is not calling for a boycott at all. The caller who was quoted in the blog post was who brought up the topic. Rush acknowledged that he had heard a lot about the sentiment and then went on to say the part about it being a vote against Obama and his policies not a reaction to anything GM has done. At no point does he say everyone should boycott GM.”

Luckily, Mr. Reynolds’ readers took him to task and corrected him. However, I am getting pretty damn sick and tired of these influential bloggers behaving so irresponsibly.

[To his credit, Ace specified on his site that Rush did not call for a boycott, linking to Glenn’s post. However, one would think that professional bloggers like Ace and Mr. Reynolds could actually handle the menial task that we peon readers of blogs manage to do and, ya know, reference the actual source of a quote.]

I am certain that all of them would not take too kindly to have other bloggers taking them out of context and then someone linking to another blog instead of theirs to represent their views and opinions.  Would they want me blogging about what they said, based on I read on DailyKos about their statements?  What about if I went to LGF and linked them to represent their words?  I have a feeling they would prefer I linked their own words on their own sites, instead of linking to others quoting them.  So, one has to ask why people like Ace, AllahPundit and now Glenn Reynolds practice this lazy blogging/reporting (at least with regards to Rush Limbaugh)?

Rush Limbaugh has the transcripts of his shows on his website by 6pm EDT each day, for anyone to access for free. There is absolutely no excuse for anyone to need to link to someone else to get the commentary of Rush Limbaugh.

Also, a subscription to Rush 24/7 is only $60/year. These bloggers can’t afford $5/month to have 24/7 access to the commentaries of the most influential conservative voice in the nation? I find that hard to believe.

Thus, the question remains, why the lazy, irresponsible reporting by these bloggers when it comes to Rush Limbaugh? Their behavior is no better than the irresponsible behavior of the mass media, which they are always (rightly) criticizing.

All that said, my irritation with these three — and any other influential bloggers who behave in such a manner — comes not from disagreeing with their politics nor from disliking their overall work and political analysis as bloggers. I enjoy each of them to varying degrees and make Ace and HotAir daily reads, while Instapundit is a weekly read. I take issue with their behavior regarding Rush Limbaugh, because it plays into the Left’s smearing of conservatives, especially Rush Limbaugh. I am sure they know this. So the only thing that I can surmise is that they just do not like Rush Limbaugh. That’s fine, but that does not give them the excuse to participate in shoddy, irresponsible “reporting”/blogging. Especially if they want to continue blasting the mass media on their shoddy, irresponsible “reporting”, and maintain any credibility in doing so.

June 9, 2009 , 2:18PM - Posted by | Political Bloggers, Rush Limbaugh

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