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Government-Run Media Apparently Have Obsession with Bald White Guys

I think it may be time for an intervention with the government-run media people.   They seem to have some sick obsession with bald white guys.  Now, if the government-run media wants to fulfill their twisted obsession with bald white guys by gazing at pictures of them on their own time, that’s fine.   But when they fulfill their obsession with constant news stories, subjecting the rest of us to their fantasies, I think we’ve crossed a line.

Here’s the bottom line: Obama is hurting. His policies are crumbling. He is in panic mode in the White House and yet the State-Run Media, government-controlled media focused on the GOP and how hurting it is and in what pain it is. Where is the cover story on the failed policies of Barack Obama, 9.4% unemployment? Where are the stories on all the newly homeless? There have to be millions of newly homeless people. We have more people being foreclosed on and kicked out of their houses than ever before. Where are these stories on all of these people who have lost their jobs, who have no plan, no future, bright future with a job down the road, near term, where are all these stories?

No, they focus on bald white guys leading the Republican Party.


June 11, 2009 , 12:06PM - Posted by | Economy, Media Bias, Rush Limbaugh

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