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Obama Apparently Wants to Make it Illegal to Live

Just a few thoughts I had upon pondering Obama’s wonderful government-run healthcare plan…

Interesting. So with government healthcare, Obama will apparently make it illegal to be overweight/obese (leads to diabetes), smoke (leads to cancer), drink (liver problems, among many other things), etc. The same people who whine about “keeping the government out of our bedrooms” are welcoming the goverment into every other room in the house. Brilliant.

In response to my Facebook status on this subject, I received this comment:

“Naturally. The government should regulate all that stuff. Ban all tobacco. I hate it. Ban all high calorie and high fat foods. They are unnecessary. I mean, people can’t really take care of themselves. I’m sure the government can do much better. Take away all freedom of choice, turn us into robots, and then we have perfect utopia.

Time for me to go vomit now.”

To which I responded…

I forgot something else: Cap and Trade, which will basically make it illegal for us to breathe (since we all breathe out CO2, afterall.). Gonna have to regulate how much we all breathe, dontchaknow! So we have anti-choice laws for eating, smoking, drinking and breathing. But hey, at least every consenting adult will be able to do whatever they want in the privacy of their own bedrooms!


“I think it is more sickening that a huge part of our population actually believes this garbage. And that is why more and more freedom is taken away everyday.”

Oooh, forgot one more thing. You note all the freedoms of choice which are being taken away. BUT, we sure as hell will have the freedom of choice to kill babies for convenience!

No school choice, no healthcare choice, no choice of foods to eat, no choice of smoking, no choice of drinking, no choice of driving SUVs, no choice of having our thermostats at 72 degrees. BUT, we damn sure will have the choice to do what we want in our bedrooms and then kill babies afterwards! Woohoo! HOPE and CHANGE in the new era of Obama!


“few surgeries back I was facing amputation but my Doc decided he was going to try meds and other treatments to save my life w/o amputation including maggot theropy (that was gross). He had surgeons comming into my room on rotation and I was assigned a private room.

Do you think an obama Czar controlled medical proceedure would be permitted like that? I would have lost both my legs that week. Heres the kicker, private insurance”

There was a case a year or two back of an elderly woman who was told that the government insurance would not pay for a life-saving procedure, but would pay for an assisted suicide procedure. So, you’re right, the government is not interested in paying for what is best for people, they are doing what is in the best interest of saving the government money. And that means rationing care and not spending money to keep people alive they deem unworthy of keeping alive.

And even more:

“Can’t outlaw smoking – BHO smokes!!! Maybe they’ll put some sort of grandfather clause in. Plus, things like tobacco create such a great stream of tax revenue — Lord knows the government makes more in taxes off of alcohol, tobacco and gasoline that the “greedy” corporations do.”

Exactly right about the taxes. BUT, keep in mind, that the taxes are also a way of influencing behavior. The government knows full well that if they place a high tax on gasoline, it will influence people to drive less. High tax on cigs and booze will influence people to smoke and drink less. Also, recall all the smoking bans put into law all over the place. That is another way of the government creating laws to influence behavior. They won’t ban cigarettes, but they will place ridiculously high taxes on them and puts bans in places all over where people cannot smoke the cigs. These laws don’t outright outlaw the practice of these things, but they take away more and more freedoms, a little at a time.


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