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The NAGs Try to Regain Relevance

NAGs (National Association of Gals) would refer to N.O.W. (National Organization of Women). I prefer to use Rush Limbaugh’s term for them, since it’s more appropriate. heh

Anyway, so in relation to the disgusting misogynistic jokes David Letterman told about Governor Sarah Palin (R-AK) and her daughter, some bloggers are posting about the statement put out recently by N.O.W. condemning Letterman. “Credit where credit’s due”, some are saying.

Sorry, no dice.

Here is what I posted in the comment thread to a friend who posted this on Facebook:

Yeah, whatever. They didn’t defend women during the Clinton Administration, didn’t defend Hillary last year during the campaign, didn’t ridicule Obama about his “sweetie” condescension, didn’t defend Sarah Palin at all from all the hate and vitriol thrown her way last year, didn’t defend Condoleeza Rice from the attacks on her [ed — and didn’t defend Carrie Prejean from the attacks on her… thanks to Kelly for the reminder]. So I could give a darn if they say something about this. Especially with their condescending BS at the end:

“NOW hopes that all the conservatives who are fired up about sexism in the media lately will join us in calling out sexism when it is directed at women who aren’t professed conservatives.”

Like NOW has any credibility at all when it comes to calling out sexism. NOW can shove it. Rush has had them pinned correctly for years: NAGs (National Association of Gals). They defend liberalism, and that’s it. The reason they came out for this is because they wanted the publicity, nothing more AND to take another shot at conservatives to deem them sexists.

Total dog and pony show, it means nothing.


I agree with all that… but I was still in shock that they even wrote ANYTHING about this!

It is a bit surprising, but like [he] stated too, it’s just a dog and pony show for them. They’ve been irrelevant for quite a while, they saw an opportunity to ride Sarah Palin’s coattails to get a nice little pot shot in at conservatives and they took it.

It’s the same as Barack Obama — 20 year veteran of anti-Semitic hate speech, in his church of choice in Chicago, from his spiritual mentor — coming out saying we need to be vigilant against anti-Semitic hate speech. What-the-hell-ever.

NOW has no credibility whatsoever. They simply saw an opportunity to pretend to be relevant and hope people gave them credit — and sure enough, people are out there saying “credit where it’s due” — and they took it.

Sorry, but I am not letting them get away with their BS.

Guys… I’m trying to find a positive on the left… they don’t come very often… once in a while… okay maybe twice since the inauguration… that is 2 times in how long? Whatever their lameass reasoning for talking about it the point is they DID and they could have blown this one off like they have everything else about Palin.

I understand what you’re trying to do. I just don’t agree with it and will never give the Left credit until they deserve it.

This is like saying that a girl should give her boyfriend credit for buying her roses on Valentine’s Day when he treats her like dirt the rest of the year. That’s assinine.

The same thing applies here, as far as I am concerned. NOW deserves absolutely NO credit. Period.


Also, (and please don’t take these comments as attacks on you… I understand what you’re trying to do, I just don’t agree with it and don’t think the Left has earned any modicum of respect or benefit of the doubt from you or anyone) you’re basing “credit” on extremely low standards.

It’s the equivalent of a baseball pitcher walking the bases loaded on 12 pitches and then throwing a strike to the next batter and someone saying we should give him credit for throwing a strike. Well, uh, that’s his job. He shouldn’t get credit for doing what he’s supposed to do.

Same here. NOW is *supposed* to defend women against all sexism. Yet, for years, they have chosen not to defend conservative women against sexism. Now they kinda-sorta do ONE time and they deserve credit? Sorry, but… no.


Okay, one last rant. Case in point… there have been, let’s say (for the sake of argument), 100 total smears/insults/degrading sexist remarks made about Sarah Palin — including this Letterman situation — over the past 10 months, since she was first introduced as McCain’s running mate. Of those 100, NOW was silent on 99 of them. Only now do they chime in.

Understand now why I give them no credit and think they are insincere hacks?

As I said, a girl doesn’t give her boyfriend credit for bringing flowers on Valentine’s Day after he is a jerk the other 364 days of the year. So too does NOW not deserve any credit for this when they ignore sexism against Palin the 99 other times it’s happened.

UPDATE (06/12/2009):   Thank you, Michelle Malkin. I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed NOW’s holier-than-thou nonsense at the end of their statement:

Last night, NOW finally spoke up — but not without taking a holier-than-thou potshot of its own. I suggest they all review the Four Stages of Conservative Female Abuse before wagging their tired old fingers again and lecturing us “inauthentic” women about not doing enough to combat sexism.

UPDATE (06/13/2009): Kimberly Morin has some good thoughts as well over at The Examiner: NOW finally speaks out against remarks made by a liberal man against Palin – too little, too late.

I believe that if a conservative man made these remarks (no, they are not actually jokes) about a liberal politician’s daughter that NOW would use stronger words than ‘ugly’ to describe them. As a matter of fact, I’m sure NOW would have been protesting rather than just adding to the ‘Hall of Shame’ a full 3 days later. Maybe they are finally realizing their own irrelevance in the world of women?


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