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The GOP Strategery

I left this comment at Ace of Spades HQ in response to this post about some ass-hat “GOP Strategist” stating that the GOP is dooooooomed!

Ya know, as much as Rush and many on “the Right” made fun of the Democrats’ George Lackoff (“sounds like”) plan, that pretty much is what the GOP needs to do.

As most recall, the George Lackoff (“sounds like”) plan was not to change the Democrats’ policies and views and principles, but simply to change the way the Democrats presented them to the public. Make the same policies, views and principles sound more to the public’s liking.

Notice that when the Democrats were down, they didn’t look to change their policies and principles and positions on issues, they simply looked at the Demographics and thought “how do we go up to a pro-life hick and convince them ‘hey! mass murder of babies is a *good* thing, vote Democrat!’ without saying it that way, but in a nice sounding way where they’ll agree with us?”

They didn’t look at demographics and say “damn, the country is moving “Right” and pro-life and pro-GOP, we better throw our principles to the wind and give up on this socialism and Marxism stuff and be more like Republicans so we can win again”. Nope, they simply tailored their message of socialism and Marxism and killing babies to sound better to convince people their views were correct.

What this ass-hat — and most elitist ass-hats in the GOP — is suggesting is the exact opposite of what the Democrats did. He is suggesting not to explain the righteousness of the fiscal conservative, pro-life, pro-liberty message in a better way where each demographic can understand it and realize the GOP is better and the socialism and baby-killing and naive foreign policy of the Democrats is wrong… Nope, instead he is suggesting to throw out all principles and simply turn into Democrats.

That’s assinine.

The Democrats, as much as I hate to give them credit, had the right idea. Don’t change your policies, simply explain them in a different way to get the public on your side. Granted, since the Democrats’ policies of socialism, Marxism, corruption, crappy-ass foreign policy and baby-killing are in and of themselves simply crappy policies, the whole “changing the message” of those policies was actually *lying* about their policies to fool people into thinking they were not what we all thought they were. (“Oh no no no, it’s not socialism, don’t be silly…”)

But the GOP doesn’t have to do that. The GOP has the right policies, it simply needs to explain them better. But, as usual, the GOP is too stupid to see that. Instead of taking a lesson from George Lackoff (“sounds like”) and realizing that their policies are good, they simply need to get their message out better to where everyone can understand it… they want to go out and scrap all their positions and simply because Democrats.

And these guys get paid for this crappy-ass strategerizing?

Also, if you read through the comments at the post, there are some great commentaries there regarding (1) Mike Murphy being a huge putz (among other things) and (2) giving much better advice, based on political reality, for how the GOP should go forward.

For example:

Everytime I read one of these “what the GOP needs to do” articles, it blows my mind how much the author’s mindset seems to follow the same lines as Democrat’s. They aren’t interested in figuring out what it is they believe in, and what principles they stand for. No, instead they are more interested in what a particular ethnic group or age group wants, and what they have to support/stand for in order to get those votes.

Have we all gone batshit crazy?

Last I checked, elections should be run based on what the candidate belives in and stands for. Any GOP candidate shouldn’t be running around, taking poll after poll, and trying to figure out “what people want”, they should be expressing to the public what they believe in, what values they hold dear, and explain why they stand on those positions.

Leave the pandering to the Democrats, you’ll never be able to beat them at that game anyway.

Posted by: conservativeinthecity at June 12, 2009 02:18 PM

Amen to all of that.

Speaking of calling out Mike Murphy as a putz, Jay Cost does a great job smacking down his nonsense here: Mike Murphy’s Strange Math

Pointing out what is quite obvious to everyone not named Mike Murphy:

When Republicans run to the right (tax cuts, no gay marriage, and dead terrorists!), we win. When Obama ran to the right (no tax hikes, no gay marriage, and dead terrorists in Pock-e-stahn), he won. So the solution is for Republicans to… run to the left?

That doesn’t quite add up.

Posted by: Tom in Korea at June 12, 2009 02:28 PM

Good point here:

Young voters always break liberal, and Gen Y voted in a big way the first time in 2008. But lots of these Gen Y voters will become more conservative by 2012 (or even 2010) once they experience the shitty job market first hand and see the destruction the tax-and-spend, big-government Donk policies create. Remember: we went from Carter to Reagan in four short years, and Reagan won in a collossal landslide.

Posted by: Monty at June 12, 2009 02:40 PM

Absolutely, positively spot-on:

Funny, Liz Cheney neutralized left wing stupidity by standing her ground and pushing back, as did her father. Palin seems to be winning the Letterman debate by hitting back as hard as she can. McCain, by contrast, schlepped onto Letterman to beg for forgiveness and looked like a stool sample. And what does Murphy favor — the latter, not the former.

Posted by: ed at June 12, 2009 02:46 PM

“Build it, and they will come”. Right on:

“In a few short decades the US will be 1/2 Hispanic, mainly Mexican. That’s not a Noahic flood, and that’s not an Ice Age, that spells extinction for the white middle class and the GOP. The GOP can accommodate to that – if they want to become just like the Democrats. Otherwise, they can hold to their principles, come what may, and fight it out in the arena of ideas. And if we lose – America as we know it is lost anyway.”

Demographics are changing, namely because of illegal immigration. I don’t see this changing in the near future, unfortunately. Its effect will be that politicians will cast aside those hard working middle class Americans, whose numbers are neck and neck with the gov’t freeloaders, and that’s really where America will be non-retrievable. At some point soon (we’re almost there), the non-producers will outweigh the producers. So… what’s the GOP to do? They can pander and essentially cave on their core principles…. or try to educate the masses. But what will those principles matter to an entire culture who are just fine & dandy living off the gov’t handouts? I will always hold true to conservative principles and think this party should pick up its dropped balls & make the damned case.

Gay marriage, and other hot button topics really won’t matter much to Americans when their entire economic lives are in shambles. The time for the GOP to stand up for conservatism is NOW. They are fools for doing anything less. Big tent, my ass. Build it (our conservative platform), and they will come. But ya better start teaching the masses (moderates, independents) about what’s happening or it’s curtains for us all.

Posted by: Twinks at June 12, 2009 02:50 PM

More common sense:

In a way, this fool Murphy *is* correct. However, he just can’t bring himself to reach the obvious conclusion, if the white middle class is dwindling, how about stopping the policiwes that *cause* the white middle class to dwindle? Such as: excessive and often illegal immigration, the poison of “multiculturalism”, the punishing of businesses that hire (and even more significantly, often are started by) the middle class.

So support of gay rights will bring the Hispanics and Blacks over to the GOP, even though they’re the two “groups” that most vehemently oppose gay marriage?

Bingo! This Murphy fool can’t grasp that the Talented Tenth of African Americans and the Talented Third of Mexican Americans who vote republican are die-hard social conservatives!!!

Posted by: Curmudgeon at June 12, 2009 02:52 PM

And this is just a prime example of why none of us should care about what these putzes say about the GOP being dooooomed!

Back in 1994 a book came out called “Dead Right”, by a supposed political genius who predicted that the GOP would fade into nothingness. In November the GOP took the House and Senate in such numbers the Dems were in shock.

The author of “Dead Right” is David Frum

Posted by: kbdabear at June 12, 2009 02:53 PM

Yet more common sense.

Please. 47% of Hispanic voters backed Arizona’s Proposition 200. Just because you’re Latino doesn’t mean you support immigration fraud or identity theft.

Really, the problem here is that Murphy and the rest of the McCain nitwits are full-bore amnesty kooks. But they’ve seen what happens when they come out in favor of unlimited immigration, amnesty, and the like. This way, they cloak it in the guise of “expanding demographics”.

Bullshit. Yes, there are unprincipled and racist Latinos; just look at Sonia Sotomayer. The vast majority, though, work hard, save, and have far more experience with corrupt leftist governments than we do. If anything, when Obambi starts stealing from them, they’re going to be MORE vocal.

Posted by: North Dallas Thirty at June 12, 2009 03:02 PM

“With wisdom comes understanding”. Well said.

Why is it assumed that anyone who isn’t a white male is genetically programmed to vote for Democrats?

I’ve said this before … the difference between the Democrats and Republicans is that Republicans spend their time reacting to political attitudes while Democrats drive them.

That’s why they’ve spent the last 70 years burrowing into our cultural institutions – education, media, government bureaucracies … etc.

Political attitudes aren’t fixed. Most Americans are not ideologues. They’re somewhere in the squishy middle and haven’t given much thought at all to forming an overarching political ideology that frames their viewpoint. Basically they choose their policy preferences a la cart and with a short term mindset.

My wife is very conservative, but she voted for Al Gore when she was in her 20’s. Why? Because she was a low-information voter who naively trusted the media.

Today she’d never vote for a Democrat under any circumstances. All it took was for me to take her existing values and reframe them into a political ideology. In short, I just nudged here a little bit through education. Once she began to see the bigger picture, her conversion was a foregone conclusion.

Small government conservatism is a logical and pragmatic ideology. It requires tireless advocacy because it requires thought on the part of its adherents and converts.

There’s a reason that people generally become more conservative as they age. With wisdom comes understanding. The Republican party needs to focus more on making their ideological case the public and less on demographics. The only way we win is to convert.

Posted by: Warden at June 12, 2009 03:30 PM

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