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Do Women Have Any Reason to be Proud of America?

I had a former female friend of mine tell me she could only now feel proud to be an American, after Obama won the Presidential nomination and then election. Considering we have never had a female President, shouldn’t all women still be ashamed to call themselves Americans? Afterall, apparently, the Left tells us, most Blacks were ashamed of America for not yet having a Black President.

Apparently then, the only groups of people who should now be proud of America are White men and Bi-Racial Black men (oh, and White and Bi-Racial Black men who are socialists, communists, Black Supremacist racists, Black Liberation Theology followers…). For everyone else — women, homosexuals, transgendereds, Indians (“Native Americans”), Chinese, Japanese, Hispanics, Latinos, etc — America SUCKS!

Also, how horrible is America… I mean, we’ve never even had a female Vice President, let alone President. My gosh, when you look at things through the twisted illogic of the Left, there is just so much about which to be ashamed in this horrible, despicable country.

That is why, in 2012, we must start the healing. Hillary Clinton must challenge Barack Obama in the Democrat Primaries and Sarah Palin must win the GOP nomination, with Governor Bobby Jindal as her running mate. Only then will be able to have more Americans able to feel proud of their country. And if we want to prove that America is not sexist, then we must elect either Mrs. Clinton or Governor Palin.

[My gosh does it hurt using stupid liberal illogic… oy]


June 13, 2009 , 3:03PM - Posted by | 2008 Presidential Election, Barack Obama, Racism, Sexism


  1. Wow so healing begins with Hilary challenging Obama as a democratic nominee and Queen Sarah and Bobby Brady for the RNC in 2012!!!

    Let the hilarious healing begin (laughing my ass off)! I want Queen Sarah to run in 2012 because we do need a dose of humor in the campaign as she pimps a $26 billion dollar pipeline to come out of tax payer dollars that she didn’t address on CNN who would be paying for this “MADE IN AMERICA” gas!!! Drill Baby Drill!!!

    Let me know when Queen Sarah apologizes for her “pal-ing around with terrorist” comments in the same way Letterman has to apologize for his wrongful comments. I don’t want to see any more bloodshed over HURTFUL ass comments that incite waaaay out there right wing extremers and tragedies like the Holocaust Museum!! Remember two wrongs don’t make it right!!!

    Comment by ediva75 | June 13, 2009 , 8:40PM

  2. “Queen Sarah” will apologize for the comments after Barry apologizes for his political career being made off the backs of communist domestic terrorist William Ayers in Chicago — and through the Chicago Annenberg Challenge — for years, as well as the anti-Semitic, race-hustling Black Supremacist Rev Wright, who was his spiritual mentor for 2 decades.

    When Barry apologizes for that, then we can talk.

    Comment by michaelinmi | June 13, 2009 , 8:52PM

  3. “I don’t want to see any more bloodshed over HURTFUL ass comments that incite waaaay out there right wing extremers and tragedies like the Holocaust Museum!!”

    Uh, hey genius, it’s the Left that hates Jews. It’s also your boy Barry who hates Jews, having been mentored doing so by his anti-Semitic spiritual mentor Rev Wright. Not to mention, it was Barry who threw Israel under the bus in his Cairo speech recently. So if anyone is to blame for inciting hatred against Jews, it’s the Left and your boys Rev Wright and Barry.

    Comment by michaelinmi | June 13, 2009 , 8:58PM

  4. Oh yeah, it was also your boy Barry’s pal, domestic terrorist William Ayers, who spent his early years attempting to mass murder American military members on American soil. Must be why Barry didn’t bother to issue any statement about the American military member who was murdered on U.S. soil, in a terrorist attack by a Muslim practicing jihad, until 2 days later.

    Comment by michaelinmi | June 13, 2009 , 9:23PM

  5. The left hates Jews. Ooh please stop making me laugh sooo hard!!! Ooh I do hope when Queen Sarah makes a run in 2012 she finds time to educate Willow and Piper on not being a dumb ass baby momma like Bristol!! DOUBLE LAUGHING MY ASS OFF TREMENDOUSLY!!!!!! That is why I am sooo proud of my comments I made on conservative womenfolk like yourself!!!

    Have a nice life right wing idiot!!!!

    From someone definitely not on the right and definitely not on the left and happily in the middle (because that’s the best place to be).

    Comment by ediva75 | June 14, 2009 , 3:48PM

  6. “That is why I am sooo proud of my comments I made on conservative womenfolk like yourself!!!

    Have a nice life right wing idiot!!!!”

    Considering you don’t have the capacity to figure out that I am a man, not a “conservative womenfolk”, I don’t take anything of what you say very seriously. But thank you, I will have a nice life. You do the same.

    And the only things in the middle of road are yellow lines and roadkill. Enjoy.

    Comment by michaelinmi | June 14, 2009 , 3:53PM

  7. In this day and age you never know if you are responding to a man or a woman on a blog FOR REAL!!! And you know what I don’t take your comments seriously just as a BIG ASS JOKE and just basically a lot of right winger BS inciting your waaay out there base like Von Brunn! At least we agree to disagree on each others comments!!!

    Comment by ediva75 | June 14, 2009 , 3:58PM

  8. Well, if you had the capacity to read and see my ABOUT section and see the links provided there, you could easily click on them and, voila!, find out I am a guy. But, I know, that takes too much effort.

    You obviously take my comments seriously or you would not be wasting your time commenting on my blog.

    Comment by michaelinmi | June 14, 2009 , 4:00PM

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