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NBC: President Obama is a Hater

That’s the obvious conclusion we should all have, based on the logic of NBC, which is calling people “haters” who want David Letterman fired for his tasteless, sexist jokes about Governor Sarah Palin and her 14-year old daughter, Willow. Afterall, Obama called for Don Imus to be fired for his tasteless “nappy headed hos” joke last year. Even going so far as to call it “verbal violence”! So NBC obviously must think that Obama is a hater!  Right?

Ya gotta love the big heaping pile full of blatant f***ing hypocrisy by the Left. Imagine if Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity made a joke about how Obama’s mother was a “whore” for getting knocked up with Barry out of wedlock when she was 18. Or how about them making a joke about Obama being a bastard child? That’s a laugh riot, ain’t it? Anyone think the mass media would call people “haters” if those people called for Limbaugh or Hannity to be fired for those jokes?

Yeah, me either.

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