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Why Bristol Palin Could be a Good Spokesman for Abstinence

I found this comment left at Michelle Malkin’s site by “BuckeyeSam” which I thought put things in good perspective. There are many people scoffing at the idea that Bristol Palin could speak with authority/credibility about abstinence. Well, BuckeyeSam explains that some of the best people in our society speaking and warning about the dangers of certain issues are those who have experienced these things themselves and know of which they speak.

As far as Bristol’s concerned, she’s acknowledged the mistake of doing things out of order, and she revels in her kid. End of story.

That she’s used some of her media exposure to communicate a message that jumping into the sack at an early age isn’t the greatest idea should be roundly cheered. I simply can’t get my mind around the ridicule that’s been heaped on her for doing so. After all, how many recovering alcoholics do we have who speak against excessive drinking? How many drunken drivers do we have making presentations about the horrible consequences that can flow from drinking and driving? How many recovering drug addicts speak out against drug use? How many ex-cons and ex-gang bangers speak out against lawlessness and gangs?

Isn’t Bristol a young woman who can speak from experience about the problems of engaging in conduct when, though biologically ready, you’re not ready in other respects?

Screw Letterman.

Well said.

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