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Governor Sarah Palin Quits to Enlist in the War Effort

The political war effort, that is…

Let’s see… Most sane people who have not lost their minds realize that the Left has declared all out war in this country, led by the Marxist-in-Chief himself & his Marxist minions and thugs, aided by his propagandizing sycophants in the mass media. So, considering we are at war, what do Patriots do? They quit their jobs and enlist to fight the war. That is EXACTLY what Sarah Palin is doing.

The argument is being made that one does not DARE to quit one’s elected position mid-term. Well, I seem to recall an elected official or two who quit their job to do their duty to this country in serving in Iraq or Afganistan. They left their constituents without representation to go serve their country.

In the political sense, this is exactly what Sarah Palin is doing. I have seen all over right-of-center political blogs of how we are in dire straights and DESPERATELY need someone to lead the conservative movement and stop the Marxists in the White House and Congress. Here we have Sarah Palin deciding to enlist in that cause and the same people wanting a person like her are now dumping on her.


THANKFULLY, not everyone has lost their gawdawful minds. Via the comments at Ace of Spades HQ, here are some Americans with whom I agree 100%:

Don’t fricking panick. I was expecting this.

First, you had the coordinated attacks on Palin through McCain’s people, probably also Romney’s, and the Media (but I repeat myself).

Next, you have the tyranny of distance. It’s easy to run for President from Illiniois, which is central to the country. Like Geo Beach said, it’s TOUGHER IN ALASKA. The huge distances make it impossible to run and be Governor.

She’s running.

And please, “it’s over” what BS. Obama won on being Black, the “Magical Negro,” and not-Bush. That was enough. To make him the fricking unicorn riding messiah when he’s Jeremiah Wright only dumber, and dressed up in “moderate” clothes. Obama is fricking up the nation, and creating huge fractures, that the White Middle Class will have nowhere to turn but their own identity politics, as Obama was SWPL identity politics central in 2007-8.

It takes a lot of money, time, and organization to run for President. Obama had ACORN. Palin has to build hers from scratch.

Having a minimal record as Governor, and being in the spotlight a lot, offering critiques but avoiding tough calls sure to alienate people is a winning strategy. See Obama. What middle class Whites will want, after four years of Obama-ruination and Jeremiah Wright in the White House is a sense of trust. Someone who is by virtue of their identity, trusted. Not policy prescriptions, or any of that because that’s not what wins elections.

What the hell did Bush stand for, exactly, in 2000 or 2004? He was just the more appealing personality over robotic, “punish the wicked middle class” Gore, tribune of SWPL, and haughty aristo Kerry who wanted to know if you had any Grey Poupon.

Palin’s running. It’s her vs. Huck. Mitt is beloved of the insiders, and the McCainiacs as the next in line. But he’s not going anywhere. Reagan’s gone, but the best thing we got is Palin.

This is the best news all day. She’s got nearly four years to raise money. Four years to raise a grass roots organization. Four years to be in Iowa and New Hampshire. Four years to offer non-stop criticism of Obama without having to be responsible for tough decisions. This is how it’s done in the modern era.

If there were a marital or other scandal, rest assured Mitt and McCain’s people would have released it already. They went after her because they know she’s running for President.

Posted by: whiskey at July 03, 2009 03:40 PM


Simple framing:

1. She cleaned-up the corruption

2. She got the gas pipeline deal

3. Continuing in the job while fighting the frivolous ethics lawsuits is good for her but bad for Alaska

She didn’t quit. She fell on her sword because it was the best thing she could do for Alaska under the circumstances.

Posted by: MikeO at July 03, 2009 03:40 PM


437 The exceptionalism of Palin apparent again.

She realizes that the attacks on her – and they have been profoundly unfair, viscous, and legally expensive – detract too much for her and her administration to function optimally. What does someone with integrity do when you realize you cannot move forward under those conditions, conditions that will not change and can only hurt the extended family that is an administration? You fall on your sword and sacrifice yourself so that the bigger plan can proceed.

If you live and die politics, you hang on and waste time, money, and effort to protect your turf. If you don’t and are rational, you yield that ground and look for better terms to wage the bigger war.

Palin has my vote, money, and support whether she runs again or not. She’s exactly the kind of individual I want representing me. The shame of it all is that by the Left and the Right trying to destroy her, we’re going to get the same level of performance we’ve come to despise from our government.

Eat up, everyone. Your shit sandwich just got that much tastier.

Posted by: AnonymousDrivel at July 03, 2009 03:48 PM


while this is an incredibly risk move, she does get advantages from this:

1. She gets away from having to deal with the endless stream of unwarrented ethics complaints brought by the Democratic shills in Alaska. They weren’t going to succeed, but they kept her from focusing on a bigger agenda and spending the needed time.

2. She suddenly has time to take a national role and could be on television every weekend if she wanted in a good way – either fundraising or leading other initiatives…

which brings me to ..

3. What if she takes a big role in attacking the Cap & Trade legislation. It is a huge issue in the national consciousness – one she knows a great deal about and one that public is very skeptical about. It puts her in the national eye, on the right side and in an area where she has great expertise.

A conservative rout for Cap&Trade might also make National healthcare die a quick death.

I think this might be the plan.. but, if she was Governor, she couldn’t take the lead on this.


Posted by: AlanH at July 03, 2009 03:55 PM


Why would Palin continue being a sitting duck as governor of Alaska? She wasn’t just fighting Alaskan Democrats but rather the entire Democratic machine along with the tool-ridden MSM.

What the fuck was the upside of her staying on another year? The glory and honor of “completing her term” while fighting another dozen lawsuits and every other sort of roadblock the Democrats would invariably throw at her and in the process doing an ineffective job of both governing and gearing up for 2012?

The violence with which the Democrats have gone after her leave no doubt that they seek to destroy her. Why is that? If she were really the cipher they incorrectly claim her to be, why the fuss? Why waste precious time and resources going balls-out against someone you claim to be a non-contender?

But the cocksuckers, who know a star when they see one, are horrified of her and are trying to strangle her political career in the crib (with some help from team McDouchebag and various jerk-off conservative “intellectuals”).

Palin’s career as governor of Alaska was effectively over the minute McEmbalmed chose her as his running mate and she delivered that series of rhetorical hatchets to Obama’s empty noggin during her RNC speech. From that moment on she was marked and not just sparring solely with Alaska Democrats in her day job.

Maybe she’s sick, embroiled in a scandal or just plain tired of it all, but if she wants to be President, she just bought herself room to maneuver.

Posted by: Bill Carson at July 03, 2009 04:00 PM


“I simply don’t understand why she is resigning. “

Every member of her family was ridiculed and harassed to no end simply because the left and establishment gopers were intimidated by her and therefore hated her and destroying her family was on the table to do such.

She’s a mother and if I had to choose allowing my family to be savaged just because I am in public office and democrats like to destroy people, I’d resign and put my family first.

Where all the strong feminist democrat woman screaming from the rooftop about what this woman has had to endure? They came unhinged when a man simply approached Hillary but are enjoying the savagery of Palin.

Palin is NOT going to let the Democrats and their asshole shadows in the media ruin her family.

Good on her.

Posted by: Topsecretk9 at July 03, 2009 04:06 PM


Has anyone considered the fact that her church has been burned, her children mocked, her daughter made the butt of jokes about rape by athletes, and her decision to not murder her child is the source of constant ridicule?

I’d resign if I were her too.

The democrats are doing everything possible to destroy her. They are relentless.

This is turning into the Weimar Republic, and they are the brownshirts.

Posted by: Sir Elliot at July 03, 2009 04:11 PM


Why is everyone so convinced that she isn’t going to go after Lisa Murkowski?

I posed this question on the other thread; I wouldn’t put it past her. Nor do I give credence to the ‘no one successfully runs after resigning’ argument. People always say that about things that haven’t been done – until they are done by someone who doesn’t let ‘conventional wisdom’ and a lack of precedence stop them from trying. Her whole political career has been unconventional.

My measure of the woman (FWIW) is that she wouldn’t quit just because of the shitstorm the left and the elitist RINO’s have visited on her and her family. She strikes me as the type for whom the attacks would rouse her fighting instinct even more. But I do think she would quit if her family asked her to because they have had enough. And for that I would think more, not less, of her.

I hope she runs for higher office. But if she doesn’t I still admire and repsect her.

Posted by: Fluffy McNutter at July 03, 2009 04:11 PM


“George W.Bush was called the Devil Incarnate for 8 years. His daughters were called cheap drunk sluts. His wife was called a Stepford automaton.

He had what it took for the big chair. Can Palin claim the same now?”

Bush wasn’t raising 5 children, Bush had millions in personal wealth and family connections to cover for him so he didn’t have to face it alone.

Sarah had to face the elite insiders with both the DemSM and the GOP backstabbers. She wasn’t with the “in” crowd of the cockholsters like Noonan who take our money and divvy it up amongst themselves.

Any candidate they give us now will be a designated patsy picked by the insiders who are approved by the Dem politburo. RINOs.

All those others who “didn’t give up” weren’t standing alone either, they had plenty of political IOUs and knowledge of skeletons in the closets. No one had her back.

Posted by: kbdabear at July 03, 2009 04:12 PM


After listening to the talking heads on the cable news channels for an hour or so, I’m somewhere between annoyed and amused.

Everyone, with the exception of Mike Huckabee and a Congressman from Texas, seems obsessed with the idea that there is some dark hidden agenda behind Sarah Palin’s announcement today that she is resigning her post of governor of Alaska, effective July 26.

They seem to have forgotten who they were listening to.

I think the simple truth is that the harassment from the haters on the left, with their attacks in the media and chickenshit “ethics” complaints and Letterman-style sniping have made it impossible for her to give the citizens of Alaska their money’s worth as the state’s chief executive.

She did the only honorable thing – she removed the lightning rod from the governor’s office and assured the state would have a governor who was free to focus on the affairs of Alaska by handing the reins over to the lieutenant governor.

And she doubtless recognizes the move frees her to play a more prominent and effective role in fighting the good fight, supporting the people who work for a living against the people who vote for a living.

The left is quite obviously terrified of the way she connects with Joe and Sally Sixpack, the people they thought they owned.

The Resistance has been looking for someone around whom to coalesce. I think she could be that person.

Posted by: The Oracle at July 03, 2009 04:15 PM


Instead of all this bullshit guesswork why not take her at her word? She is not the typical DC politician trying to spin something which is why most of us liked her and the rest of the libs hated her.

She said she is resigning because 80% of her time was spent fighting those baseless ethics complaints. She had half a million dollars in legal bills and this from someone who is not independently wealthy like most politicians. She also wants to go on the attack. She can’t really do that while still being governor.

And Drew, I didn’t see you volunteering to go up there top AK and do pro bono work closing out those BS ethics complaints. It doesn’t take a lot of work by lawyers to rack up half a million in legal bills either (especially when you can get an hour is defined as 4 billable hours).

That law that allows anyone to file an ethics complaint unchallenged that the governor MUST answer is a crap law and I guarantee it will go away as soon as a Dem takes over. No other State in the union has a BS law like that.

And finally; I think all the “conventional wisdom” on politics has gone out the window since the 2000 election. I think the rule book is being rewritten now so all the pundit pukes that are betting on her failure may get to spit out some crow soon.

Posted by: Vic at July 03, 2009 04:18 PM


“Instead of defending Palin on her merits, too many of her supporters focus on attacking everyone else in the party.”

Okay then…

1. With cap and trade ruination looming, Energy and its cost will be a major topic in any future presidential campaign. If you could, please indicate which candidate would have more plausibility on this topic in a) The GOP, or b) the general election, which would feature the dolt that ushered in cap and trade?

2. The GOP has long been derided as the party of “old, rich, white men” and suffered a great deal because of this, though it is a bogus charge. Which candidate of those being mentioned on this thread would best rebut this charge in the GOP?

3. The GOP is also derided as being “not for the little guy”. Who would address this charge better- the multi-millionaire son of a former governor, or a hard working woman who worked herself up from being a PTA mother?

4. The last candidate I was excited about in the GOP before Palin was Reagan, who I had the pleasure of voting for the first time I was old enough to do so. Wiser people than I have stated often that one of the main reasons ohblahblah won the last election was due to GOP malaise. Who other than Palin can energize the GOP to the extent she does?

Posted by: buster mcDissenter at July 03, 2009 04:50 PM


She’s hated by socialists. Reason enough for me to love her.

“Honestly, though, she wasn’t ready to deal with the media and the rigors of running against a bronze god. She wasn’t ready.”

She’s got to raise her family, fight ethics bullshit, face DemSM toilet tactics in smearing her, raise money for defense, speak out on issues, and get fragged by shitheads in the GOP. Pretty hard to run a state detached by a long flight too.

The other Republicans never even tried to fight back. They stand numbly while the socialists bitch slap them, and thank them for allowing them in their space.

We are truly fucked

Posted by: kbdabear at July 03, 2009 05:18 PM


I just got back from the movies with my kids and am absolutely heartbroken! Just. Wow. I am off to learn more.

But before I do here is my two cents:

I started getting interested in politics because of her. I found this blog & others as a way to get involved. I donated money on a local level and even other candidates that needed help. I went to tea parties and made phone calls before major votes. I jumped into this world because Sarah motivated me.

I feel sick and even more sick by the DNC and MSNMB talking heads and there horrible words. They should be absolutely ashamed of themselves and so should the Repubs who couldn’t support her.

Her situation was completely different than Romney, Huck or others. Hell, I don’t even know what Huck’s wife looks like or his kids.

Anyway, I wish her and her family the best and I can thank her for introducing me to my small part of our political world. Of course, after just hearing what the DNC has to say, I’m not sure I want to stick around. Why do civilized people think it’s okay to be so vicious?

Posted by: Trish at July 03, 2009 05:21 PM


I don’t recall all of your positions, but on this thread, you’re being unfair.

You think the money for her legal defense will flow in and is easily acquired. It provably isn’t. Not enough have given to her and she hasn’t been in a position to ask for help. She doesn’t have the backing of the GOP because it’s still an insulated old boy network that is willing to use her to draw campaign money but that will not help her when she needs it. It’s morally bankrupt, too. That’s where Palin is now… between a rock and a hard place. She will not get a fair shake and even people from the Right are attacking her for doing something entirely logical from a practical perspective from a practical, and normal person:

1) The attacks detract from her administration’s mission in trying times.
2) She cannot stop these lawsuits from continuing.
3) She cannot get enough money to defend herself against this frivolity.
4) She doesn’t want to be a lame duck on the public dime.
5) She wants Alaska to succeed but the acute focus on her effects her whole staff unneccessarily.
6) She’s ethical and self-sacrificing, so stepping down is in valor and not in defeat.
7) She comes out publicly stating the fucking obvious and some would say she’s doing the wrong thing.

Yet the right would excoriate her from “running away.” What a disingenuous charge. She’s moving to be productive where she can, has left a state in much better than average shape, is displaying leadership by not wasting valuable government time for petty political attacks of personal destruction, and may find opportunity to engage in a different arena away from the circus where the ring-leaders keep her bound.

She’s now liberated to defend herself against unprecedented assaults, allowed her state to continue without the extreme sideshow, and opened up an antirely new avenue to draw supporters across the nation, perhaps as a grassroots leader that would really define change and not this two-party behemoth that is essentially one giant, immovable tent.

And to you and others, she’s behaving inappropriately. Do you not see what’s wrong with this picture? It’s Palin who has her head screwed on right.

Posted by: AnonymousDrivel at July 03, 2009 05:24 PM


“I would submit to you that she did finish the job in 2 1/2 years. Everything she promised to do in her cmpaign she had accomplished alrady, ahead of schedule and in record time. The rest of her term would be icing on the cake and maybe she felt America needs her more????”

Posted by: muffy at July 03, 2009 05:14 PM

She also pissed off the entire GOP establishment of Alaska by taking on the good ol’ boys. And, of course, she also pissed off the national GOP establishment, the McCain/ Country Club wing of the GOP, etc., etc. …

She bailed to avoid bankruptcy, and to take the fight in a new direction. She can speak all over the nation, and she’ll raise big bucks, giving her a source of power, and influence over other candidates, and ideologically, she’ll beat the left – and especially Obama – like a rented mule.

The next few months will be very interesting for any number of unpleasant reasons, from the various bubbles, to the chance of a commodity food shortfall that causes turmoil worldwide. This is going to be a pleasant counterpoint.

Posted by: Josef K. at July 03, 2009 05:26 PM


What sticks in my mind is her use of the phrase ” This is not politics as usual….’

We are living in some serious times with the liberty of our country at stake. I believe that Gov. Palin knows that she will never be able to reach the people in the lower 48 while being Governor of AK as the media, White House, GOP elites will keep her marginalized and tied up with lawsuits.

She’s going on the offense and after July 25th, not one of those bastards will be able to know from where she will come out next or be able to control her speech. She has a charisma and ability to excite people that other politicians would kill for. That is why they hate her. That is why she had to do this to survive and live to fight another day.

Posted by: Cheri at July 03, 2009 06:13 PM


For the hundredth time: Palin isn’t resigning because she “couldn’t handle it”

Palin is leaving so she can give the Left hell without her State suffering from the shitstorm she’ll attract.

Posted by: Video Professor at July 03, 2009 06:15 PM


Okay, here is a conspiracy theory I just cooked up. Sizing up recent changes, here’s what we know;

1) Rush is a big Palin fan

2) Rush has been working on something big. He has mentioned many times lately that he worked very late on something big but that he can’t talk about it now.

3) Rush has been working on his weight for 3-4 months now. Normally it takes something big to get oneself motivated to lose so much weight.

4) Rush is passionate about conservatism and disappointed in Republicans

5) Palin resigns govenorship early after being mishandled and stabbed in the back by McCain staffers.

so, the idea is that they are plotting some kind of change.

Limbaugh/Palin 2012 “stand aside Obama we’re coming through”

or more likely a third party? bankrolled by Rush with Palin as the leader?

not sure, but something is going on, and I wouldn’t be shocked if these two were cooking up something.

Posted by: exceller at July 03, 2009 06:34 PM


What some don’t understand is that Sarah Palin is like one of the family. When you don’t defend her or stand up for her we take it personally. That is why people have such intense feelings for her when she is smeared.,Iit’s as if someone hurt your sister, mother, aunt, etc.

Understand now?

Posted by: MrsPaulsFishSticks at July 03, 2009 06:40 PM


Someone should ask Ed what has Sarah Palin ever done to us to deserve anything but our full support?

Someone should remind remind Ed (and others) that Sarah Palin has stuck out her neck (at the expense of her family) for her country and for us.

Posted by: Unicle tweets at July 03, 2009 06:50 PM


You don’t come out on the eve of Independence day and announce your are resigning the governorship as a way of QUITTING.

Take note, this is the beginning of the war. Sarah Palin is not going to set there and let the political terrorist who are unethically attempting the destruction of not only her, but her family, get away with this CRAP ANY LONGER.

15 ethics complaints, all found to be with out merit and dismissed! These “political terrorists” are just in an endless attack of lies about her in the hope something sticks that will harm her political chances. They have tied her up with these FALSE charges and disrupted the business of the State of Alaska and the implemention of our energy policies which are so important to our country.

GET READY, Sarah is not only done taking it, she is going on the attack!

Get ready to hear the moron liberals whine and cry now, they shouldn’t have pissed her off.

I am EXCITED about this. In Alaska, we speak what is on our mind, and do what we say we are going to do! I realize you from the “lower 48” aren’t used to this , because lying politicians are the standard down there. Go back and listen to what she said, and take it EXACTLY as she said it! This is why she is loved and so popular, as well as extremely feared by the liberals, who lie when the truth would sound better!


Chilly in Alaska

Posted by: Chilly at July 03, 2009 06:52 PM


She also said “We are not retreating; we are advancing in another direction.”

This move frees her up to do lots of things for our side in the near future.

Hello, 2010 is right around the corner, with 2012 not that far away. Perfect timing to be free to go on the stump fund-raising, getting the base fired up & engaged in doing what needs to be done to take back seats in Congress in this next cycle. Good way to test the waters for other possibilites too.

No longer tied to Loser McCain, nor just tasked to trumpet Alaska, she’s free to hone her own national message & get herself out there in the lower 48. She can be our ‘drill here, drill now’ babe & can flatten anyone who wants to take her on in that department.

Nope, she’s not done yet. Just changing direction.

Posted by: beaky at July 03, 2009 06:58 PM


“I don’t know how feasible it really is. Historically, 3rd parties are their own death knell, as well as the GOP through vote splitting between the two. Quite a catch 22.”

History reaches a huge turning point at certain times. What was certain as the sun rising is no longer there. The GOP itself formed after the Whigs collapsed.

The Republican brand name itself may be tainted to the point of unmarketability. Many blacks would love to vote for a party other than the Democrats who take them for granted. Imagine the confusion of the DemSM who have it mentally ingrained to attack Republicans, and continue to shoot a dead horse out of rote habit.

The GOP as it stands now is a collection of country clubbers and business insiders who could probably caucus at David Brook’s summer home. The Democrats don’t have a huge core of loyalists anymore either. Most of their 2006 and 2008 congressional wins were gained by not being Republicans.

Posted by: kbdabear at July 03, 2009 06:58 PM


Ah shut up,

There is nothing for her in Alaska.

Who nominated Newt to be the leader of the Republican Party in 1994. He did. He stood on the floor of the empty House and just kept pitching. The Republican Party was TOAST after the 1992 election. Clinton was the bomb, third way, all that. Conservatism was a stain on toilet paper headed for were ever it goes. Until it wasn’t, and Newt, as attractive as his namesake, was a momentary hero.

Everybody knows these are parlous times. 2010 will be the latest in a string of ‘most important elections of all time.’ Sarah Palin has undoubted traction in certain parts of the country. If she steps up, if she chooses her battles, hones her all purpose speech, and if the rubber band breaks and people votes for divided gov’t, she looks like the hero of a sucessful 2010 campaign and, “She quit on Alaska, she’ll quit on you,” is the day before yesterdays news.

Conservatives have no leader. Period. End of sentence. In 1976 Reagan was a loon, the guy Democrats would most like to see running the Republican Party. Yeah, that worked out for them. If Palin steps up to the plate and is seen as a force in a sucessful 2010 campaign, helps Republican winners in an electoral comeback, no one will remember this resignation.

Unless of course she just got back from Argentina or takes a wide stance.

Posted by: Buck at July 03, 2009 07:06 PM

Don’t think the Palin Derangement Syndrome will end. Some of the Beltway TV whores have a stalking complex about her. And I’m so glad NRO and the like have so much free time that they can dissect Palin’s “campaign” when she wasn’t even freakin’ running for anything. I mean, it’s not like there’s anything important going on in DC that could stand the attentions of elite pundit palaver. And we just can’t get enough of Jonah’s cosmo the dog/bizarre links/star trek posts.

I remind you that while Krautie usually counsel wisely, he lapped up the Obama dog food at George Will’s cotillion for Barry. He doesn’t want Lord Barry to fail, unlike certain neanderthals. And he also thought a huge new Federal tax on gasoline was a dandy idea. So he goes off the deep end occasionally. Heh heh.

Yes, let’s wish “good riddance” to one of the very few charismatic conservative politicians. Gotta get more Colin Powells and Arlen Specters. We know those guys are sheer WIN, and über-wonks to boot.

In case anyone hasn’t noticed, Obastard didn’t win because he was a wonk. He won because he’s charismatic, and talked in broad philosophical terms… but in his case, because the philosophy was statism and collectivism, the terms were nebulous and platitudinous. Nevertheless, elections don’t swing on white papers and powerpoint cost/benefit analyses. Reagan didn’t win because a landslide of voters said “Gosh, he’s just such a monster for policy details!”

Posted by: George Orwell at July 03, 2009 07:51 PM


it’s not so much a “cult of Palin” so much as a reaction to the “OHNOES!” types such as yourself. Witness, what – specifically – disqualified Sarah Palin from being a viable VP candidate prior to McCain’s decision?

other than the fact that she was a smart, accomplished, attractive woman who happened to be a sitting governor.

A good friend of mine had/has a near allergic reaction to any mention of Palin – McCain’s nomination of her, in his words, drove him to campaign for Obama. This mystified me, as there is no reason on God’s earth why the simple fact of Palin’s being nominated should cause such a person to vote for a demonstrably less, borderline un- qualified person for President.

That’s all.

So, given the scrutiny applied to the vice presidential role in gubmint, how’s that Joe Biden thing working out?

Posted by: BumperStickerist at July 03, 2009 07:51 PM


Oh yes, these experts say that quitting will ruin her chances for 2012, that the thoughtful American public will ponder that and consider her unfit.

Those thoughtful voters would NEVER elect to the office a man with less than one term in the US Senate, an absentee record in the state senate, no college transcripts, no private sector experience, no executive experience. Surely his close relations to an unrepentant communist terrorist, a hate mongering preacher, and a crooken slumlord would be so repulsive that he shouldn’t even think about taking on the powerful Clinton machine.

After all, all the experts and wonks know that Hillary is inevitable.

Posted by: kbdabear at July 03, 2009 08:05 PM


Um, ok, but back to Sarah Palin. I wish her only the best. Whatever she decides to do, it must be best for her. I can’t say I blame her for resigning, based on the vilification she gets for simply existing.

I’m starting to take politics personally now. Case in point, I went to a going away party for a neighbor in the Army, reassigned to Germany. A new neighbor that I hadn’t met was there. He started going off on Sarah Palin. The conversation went like this:

New neighbor: Sarah Palin is so dumb, she blah, blah blah.
Me: Are you a governor?
Him: But Sarah Palin said blah, blah, blah.
Me: Are you a Governor?
Him: Well Sarah Palin blah, blah, blah.
Me: Are you a Governor?

He shut up, I went to get another drink, came back, and he was gone. The really sad thing is that he was a Marine. The only ex-Marine I knew before Murtha. I haven’t talked to him since, and don’t plan to.

I won’t support anything liberal now if I can help it. Fuck them all.

Pepsi adopting Odumbass logo? Switch to diet Coke.
Time magazine an Odipshit cheerleader? Drop subscription.
Discover magazine pro-Anthopogenic Global Warming? Drop subscription.
Tobacco tax? Yes, I quit.

Battle lines are drawn in my own personal space.

Just had to get this off my chest…

Posted by: IowaInfidel at July 03, 2009 08:08 PM


And we’re left with stinking buckets of shit to vote for, people who inspire no one. Romney is a flip-flopping twat and Fuckabee is a living joke. All you so-called republicans who led us to this can go and fuck yourselves. Good job doing the dems job for them, fucking brainiacs. We have years to go and you c*nts couldn’t help but shit on one of our best prospects, FUCK YOU!

Posted by: carl hungus at July 03, 2009 08:48 PM


Ace: long time reader, first time commenter opening up with a royal, “fuck you!” You sure cocked-up with your knee-jerk response. This is the lady who stepped down from the Oil and Gas Commission to protest the philandering of fellow party members while the main breadwinner in her family. You can’t buy that she’s leaving office because her governorship is now too burdensome to the state because of national attention and frivolous lawsuits? Let’s keep in mind that the Palins are of yet a relatively poor family in terms of American politicos. Dude, that was harsh. I expected more of ya.

Posted by: ScootScott at July 03, 2009 10:32 PM


Ella, I apologize if I was a little too mean. I am not that type and I certainly wasn’t trying to “take you down”. I’ve managed a lot of people, both male and female, and I get most annoyed at the women who pretend to be superwoman while everyone else is just concentrating on being human. I don’t see this as a negative, and you do.

You prefer to dwell on the future and her career, I prefer to listen to what she said and respect her for the courage of her convictions. I see the same woman in front of us now as I did on that first day except that I see she is much wiser for the times she has spent.

I think she did the right thing for the people of Alaska. I think this was more about the well being of her state and her commitment to her state than it is about her personally.

Think about how the world has changed. In the 1950’s and 1960’s a person could take two straight weeks of vacation and come back to their job. In 2009 few if any people take two weeks vacation, in fact, most take monday holidays and tack on extra days and remain in contact with their office and are ready to run home to deal with something in the office at a moment’s notice. This can’t be good for anyone, yet we have allowed it to happen.

There are a lot of issues that someone like Sarah Palin can now be free to address and we as a nation can only benefit. The problem is that the republicans have allowed the dems to pick their candidates and frame the arguments. The republicans need to stand up, make their own decisions and take control of the argument, and maybe just maybe Sarah Palin has taken the first step. I do believe women got that today.

Posted by: muffy at July 03, 2009 11:01 PM


1536 Well, having read all this and seeing as I seldom find the time or inclination to comment here any more, and the change of tone from Ace (and there has been a definite change of tenor here), here goes:

1) Up until she got tagged by the McManiac Campaign, and her political capital was spent on a washed up neo Lib like old Juanito, Palin was known for taking what seem illogical or unusual political stances. Facing off against her own party’s entrenched power structure for one thing, and resigning from the utilities commission as a protest against cronyism and corruption, for another.

2) From the beginning the accepted political pundits from both sides of the aisle were unsure exactly how to react to Palin.That has not changed to this day, for a variety of reasons. The usual talking heads are pontificating tonight just as they do every day, every week. They don’t want the jobs, they just want to be paid for watching and talking about those who have those jobs. They are voyeurs of the worst sort.

3) If Palin wants to have any sort of a life, any meaningful wealth and level of comfort after this is all said and done, and wants to get a chance to run for President, she has to get “out from under” the present cicrumstances. The fact is that the election was last fall but the hatchet jobs and smear campaigns are still going full bore. Bush isn’t talked about but Palin is, every day. There are more swings taken at her in a day that Bush gets in a week or even two. They have decided that GW is no longer a threat and Palin most decidedly is.

4) There could be a scandal. Unlikely after the pap smearing exam the LameSM has done on her, her family,friends, life career and associates. Highly unlikely.

5) By turning over the role of governor she has effectively given herself some breathing room. If she wants to be a player on the national level the constant grind of the inuendo and the frivolous lawsuits and the endless attacks has to be dealt with. As governor she has to toe a certain line, as a citizen she does not have to do so. Does this mean she’s quitting? Perhaps yes, perhaps no. The fact is that she represents the best chance for the general resurgence of the Reagan brand of conservatism in the current crop of GOPers. With that knowledge she might be opting to bow out of state politics and head for larger audiences and a larger presence before the local thing gets permanently attached to her if it isn’t already there.

The fact remains, aside from a potential crippling scandal Palin will be able to take a page out of the Hillary/ Obama playbook. Freed of their needs to act as Senators, the Bobsie Twins spent a year and a half running across the country, whereas the Governors (who were running ) were either forced to return home frequently or face scathing criticism for abandoning their ‘jobs’ while nothing was much said about the DC insiders and their long absences from the Senate.

As a citizen, Palin can pursue larger goals and make some needed money for those ridiculously high legal bills that have been heaped against her. She can also come and go, speak and not speak, in public or private, as she sees fit. She does not have to toe a clean, friendly line if she chooses not to. And she can speak her mind on any subject without fear of it being used against her job or her state. Her family will just have to live with it.

Essentially it comes down to this: either she quit for a good reason and is now free to build a national organization, or she quit for no good reason and will do nothing of the sort, or she quit for a bad reason and will never be a factor in American national politics again. If she chooses to stay private for a specific reason I think it will be made clear soon. If it’s a scandal there’ll be blood in the water within a week. If it’s simply the fact that she thinks if she’s going to continue to get shat upon by the press, regardless, she might as well get some speech money and some possible Presidential exposure for it. To me, if she did it for a political reason, that’d be it: get on with the business of dealing with the knobs and punkass pundits straight away and let her home state get away from the flack that her fame and stances have caused.

Posted by: enter sandman at July 03, 2009 11:58 PM


I’d add, “Hire Bill Whittle as a speech writer.”

I think she’s taking “No more politics as usual.” and going big time with that as her guiding principle. It’s her theme. It might as well be her campaign slogan. If the political class says that she should do X, she’ll do Y.

I trust Sarah’s conservative instincts. That’s the bottom line. She will figure out how to get the conservative message out directly to the people. There’s a center-right majority in this country. She’ll get a majority of disaffected Republicans, independents, and Democrats. She will.

If she wants to.

Posted by: benjamin at July 04, 2009 06:54 AM


I read the transcript of her speech last night, and after thinking more and more about it, my guess is that she’s not going to be running for office any time soon but will be doing something vastly more important. Consider the following:

1. There are more people registered as Independent than are registered as either Democrat or Republican. Both parties are losing members.

2. The recent Gallup poll shows that 40% of respondents identify themselves as conservative.

3. There is no conservative party at this time. The Republican party hasn’t been reliably conservative for at least 10 years and the Republican establishment is working hard to change the definition of conservatism while expunging actual conservatism from the party.

4. There is no leader of the conservative movement. Rush Limbaugh has been erroneously considered the leader by the media, but this just shows the depth of the crisis. He’s a commentator and not a politician and the conservative movement needs a political figure as its head.

5. Last fall showed that the base had far more energy for Sarah than for her running mate, who was the choice of the Republican establishment.

6. The tea parties this year have shown that there is great dissatisfaction with establishment politics.

7. While many loathe or claim to loathe the two party system, the reality is that third party candidates are spoilers and usually end up electing the opposite of what they’ve run against. The most recent examples are Ross Perot in 1992, and to a limited extent, Ralph Nader in 2000.

Where do I think her future may be? In 2000 Howard Dean acted like a lunatic after losing the Iowa caucus in 2004 and every pundit said he was finished with politics. He’s now the head of the DNC and chiefly reponsible (along with George Bush) for getting the Democrats back in control of the White House and the Congress.

Given Sarah’s announcement yesterday, including the references to point guard, advancing in another direction, ending “politics as usual”, I hope she’s decided to take over the reins of the conservative movement. The first order of business would be to eliminate the establishment Republicans and you do this by getting down to the grassroots, raising money, and supporting actual conservative candidates. In a political sense, the establishment Republicans need to be lined up against a wall and shot. Sarah has charisma and energy and her entire political career has been grassroots so she would be the perfect person to get the ball rolling. I would love to see her team up with Jim DeMint’s PAC, the Club for Growth, and other conservative groups to fund and support conservative candidates next year. She could start by supporting primary candidates against the eight cap-and-traitors, but the biggest target would be Charlie Crist. DeMint has already endorsed Marco Rubio and earlier this week claimed that he has two major contributors to the Republican party ready to back Rubio. Sarah is the most recognizable Republican and if she jumped in and campaigned for Rubio it would bring him instant attention in the state.Winning the nomination for Rubio would be a very strong statement, given that Cornyn and the RNC both jumped in immediately to endorse Crist.

Whether or not she runs for office again is immaterial to me because I think she has a bigger role to play. I want her to forge a true conservative party, and to start that off she needs to go RINO hunting.

Posted by: Ghost of Lee Atwater at July 04, 2009 07:44 AM


It’s July 4th and I’ve never been more disgusted with the former United States of America than I am today. An unvetted muslim-raised socialist for president who the press won’t question and late nite talk shows won’t joke about. A woman whose greatest crimes were that she exposed Obama for the lightweight anti-American puke he is and that she wouldn’t kill her Down Syndrome baby. For those sins, the press and the rest of the left, as well as too many alleged conservatives on the right (you know who you are) are compulsively, obsessively attacking this woman non-stop. Nobody knows the exact reason why Palin resigned, but certain people are automatically jumping to the worst conclusions and are attacking her. Why? Because you have an irrational hatred and you can’t fucking help yourselves, that’s why. You people are pathetic.

I think I’ll skip celebrating the 4th this year and just reminisce about what this country used to stand for before it go so fundamentally sick.

Posted by: Crusty at July 04, 2009 07:50 AM


“A 2.5 year term as Governor of Alaska doesn’t even get you in the audience to watch those guys play, let alone put you in their league.”

An incomplete first term as a senator and an accomplished career as community organizer will get you elected president.

We are in uncharted political territory now. All things are possible.

Posted by: Purple Avenger at July 04, 2009 09:09 AM


Okay, I didn’t watch the speech yesterday, but found out the news online. Today, I logged into SarahPAC and there was a link to this:

When I read it, it appears to be her speech in print. Not sure if that is right or if this is an extended ‘speech’ on this site. However, I do NOT see what many are seeing. I don’t see her ‘fading away’ or leaving the political scene. What I read in those words is someone who is taking the gloves off and getting ready to fight. I also see the MAIN reason for her leaving office as a very very noble one: the money and time the state was spending defending her and all these ridiculous ‘ethics complaints’ that came from every direction.

Why anyone would read into that she is done with politics and ‘finished’ if she wants to continue to run for any national office is just crazy. There is NOTHING in that speech that talks about leaving or disappearing. Everything in that speech sounds like she is ready to fight for the principles of our democracy. And I’m one who is looking forward to watching her take on these thieves in Washington…Republicans and Democrats alike…who are robbing us of our taxes and thinking only of themselves and not their constituents.

Go Sarah!

Posted by: Kris G at July 04, 2009 09:25 AM


“Exactly how is that not “part of the job”, dealing with criticism from unhinged leftists?”

When you’re being sued for “ethics violations” by every unhinged cocksucker who suffers no negative repercussion when they lose and just file more. You sit there blithely posting away like this is some negligible inconvenience and not a drain of time and finances of both her and the state; what exactly did you expect her to do? And if you say “change the law”: A) How would it be reported as anything other than self-serving and B) What happens when it gets defeated in the state legislature?

Posted by: Captain Hate at July 04, 2009 09:26 AM


I think she is sufficiently hobbled as Governor because of her unique situaton for this to be a valid consideration in stepping down. Even if she were still Schroedinger’s Palin, she would be treated as threat and target, Alaska be damned.

I hear that if she can’t stand the attacks on her family, well, she shouldn’t have one allowed in public, or she should get out of the kitchen.

I believe attacks on her family were made in part to *paint * her as at fault in having a political life. A poor wife and mother ambitious enough to subject her family to the vilest and most distasteful insults.

And here she has up-ended the scheme. That’s Palin for you.

I hear she will be “seen” as unable to stand the fire if she can’t stand that frying pan. It seems not to occur that if you plan to go into the fire, you don’t want to sit in the frying pan doing no good, wasting your kevlar suit and your O2 tank and your hydrogel supply ….

Well I do go on but I just don’t see her as counted out, even if her immediate plan is to crochet little moose keychains with goggly eyes to sell on Etsy.

Posted by: SarahW at July 04, 2009 09:28 AM


Great post! I believe much of the angst felt by people like me over the Palin attacks and the lack of perceived support by people like the Vichy Republicans (wonderful term) and the blue bloods at The Corner is that I (and I believe this is true for many of the Palin supporters) view them as personal attacks just as much as attacks on Governor Palin.

I think people like the blue bloods at The Corner and Allahpundit and even Ace and Captain Ed do not quite grasp the very emotional nature of that reaction and the deep anger that is wrapped up in it. At some level (and they probably aren’t doing it on purpose), they seem to be saying that women with families and non-Ivy league or no degrees need to remember their place and need to remember not to get too emotional about things like savage unremitting ridicule and attacks on our view of ourselves, our religion, our families, and our country.

The people who can can tap into that anger and sense of “How could this happen in America” that the travesty of the left, the state media, and the Obama administration generates will be the ones who have the best chance of fighting back and all the cerebral wonkiness in the world won’t mean a thing.

I don’t know if that person is Sarah Palin or not, but whatever she does she has my full support.

Posted by: PowerLifter at July 04, 2009 10:02 AM


The political and media environment has become toxic, and with Il Douche in power the situation has become even worse. The way to detoxify it is to start electing good people in place of the bad. If she can draw crowds of 20,000 and raise loads of cash for candidates that support conservative values – on either side – she advances the ball toward the goal. She doesn’t have to make the shot herself. If she can help elect large numbers of conservatives in 2010 Obama can be stopped.

I’ve seen few people – let alone politicians – who seem to have their act together better than Sarah Palin. She asked us to trust her on this decision. I will.

Posted by: lmg at July 04, 2009 10:02 AM


I adore Sarah Palin. I watched the replay of her speech on Fox, and I took her at her word about the reasons she gave for leaving office. I’ll admit, it was so refreshing to hear her speak with notes only, without a SuckaPrompTah, looking at the audience, not turning her head side-to-side like she was watching a mini tennis match, and not filling up the time with ummmmmmms, and shit that undoubtedly added to my favorable opinion, but I’ve adored her since she stood up at the RNC and gave The Speech. That was the moment I knew she was a very strong, tough woman.

Maybe her many detractors did win, and she’s out of politics for good. Having trouble blaming her, after what she and her family have been through. That R after your name can be like a giant target.

But… maybe they’re wrong, and she’s letting them have a week or so of gloating glee, and she’ll come back bigger and stronger. Many on the left got all excited about Fitzmas and frog walks and stuff, and that turned out to be a delicious dud.

Posted by: Theresad at July 04, 2009 10:03 AM


I just watched the full Palin news conference, and I don’t get most of the “analysis” here or on the TV.

The woman is honest and she said exactly what she was thinking – the best thing for ALASKA is for her to pass the ball to someone who can move the agenda forward and is not being triple-teamed by the opposition. She is putting the interests of her state first, which is what she always set out to do. That is selfless, not selfish.

She will still get attacked by the left and by many Republicans (as has been happening continually since her VP nomination) but the attacks will not intrude (as much) on the governing of Alaska and will cost her and her family less time and legal fees to defend.

Finally, as a non-Governor, she can do and say a lot of things to help Alaska and America that she couldn’t do in office.

I think it is as simple as she said it is. And I don’t think she has a three-year or even seven- or 11-year plan to become President. I think she will do what seems right to her as events unfold.

Refreshing. Patriotic. And hot.

Posted by: Z as in Jersey at July 04, 2009 10:36 AM


She spells out exactly why she’s stepping down, but that’s not enough for the video game generation. THEY know what’s really going on, and what is really going to happen. Someone (Vic?) nailed it: they repeat the Liberal version of reality, yet still call themselves Conservatives. One even used Hussein as an example of how to do it right – hey, HE didn’t quit anything! – awesome. They even found a way to bring up those wacky Truthers. How convenient…

Yes, a slimy politician (read: virtually ALL of them on BOTH sides) would laugh it all off and go on with the junkets, parties, etc. In other words, ignore the job. This is what separates her from the crowd. That is what they don’t get. That is why people adore her.

This is were we’re at: Barry has allowed virtually nothing about himself to be made public – from, yes, the dreaded BC, to college material – and it’s “so?”; Sarah is being forced to spend so much time defending herself from Liberals AND RINO’s that she says this is not fair to my state, and does the right thing, and it’s “loser!!”


Posted by: JS at July 04, 2009 11:43 AM


Isn’t it odd that we as a nation have gotten to the point where we can’t take what a person in the political class says at their word anymore even though they have demonstrated that they generally follow through with what they have said they’re planning to do? Have we been sensitized to lying public figures to such an extent that we cannot connect words with deeds anymore?

Instead we have allowed ourselves to be led on a leash to rely on a whole new layer of professional interpreters to parse every nuance of intent, inflection, and outright meaning of a speech given in our native tongue. Obama must really mean this, and Palin must really intend that.

Here we are with a yet another popular maximum leader President who along with his mentors and minions have explained in detail exactly what they intended to do, yet half the nation voted for this ass-reaming of liberty they will sorely claim they never knew about.

It sometimes even seems that half of our own opposition party of choice can’t quite bring themselves to believe that Obama’s way won’t be successful or in the best interests of the individual citizens of our dysenteric Union of Sovereign yet United States. This despite ten-thousand years of examples of the general failure of centralized economy wedded to well-intentioned tyranny in securing the liberty of the citizenry. Our forefathers fought a war against much lesser encroachments upon our sovereign liberties for fucksake!

Posted by: monkeyfan at July 04, 2009 12:12 PM


Ace, I believe you are wrong. You tend to ignore items that cast doubt upon prior postings and you’ve so far ignored her statement and various posters repeating the same reasoning – that she was unable to do her job as governor with the constant abusive and frivolous lawsuits continually filed against her. Now, perhaps you might think of such a situation as “fun” or “easy as fuck to deal with”, but for most human beings in the USA, the prospect of endless fucking lawsuits is a full-time goddamned nightmare.

And none, absolutely none of the rest of the “possible candidates” have had this level of sheer abuse measured as expenditure versus income & assets. For someone like Romney, let’s assume that he’d have to deal with paying out over 10 million dollars in defense in two quarters. That’s insane, but that’s the level of harassment she’s had to deal with.

She was prevented from doing her job by people who attacked her in order to make her life a living hell – because she was conservative, Christian, and therefore in their eyes a subhuman. She was forced out because she thought she should do her job and if she was unable, to hand it off to someone else rather than fuck it up due to personal ambition. Of course, if she was a typical urban/northeastern politician, she would never have been forced out. They view their positions as their due, not as their job.

You claim everyone is going to have to deal with this kind of abuse. No, that’s not correct. No one previously has been attacked on a scale and to a degree that she has been. Now the Left knows they can abuse the courts and bankrupt anyone they see as a threat – but they already use this against businesses. They saw that her personal wealth was low enough to bankrupt her where someone like Romney or Pawlenty would require an effort a level of magnitude greater due to their bankrolls.

The Left did everything but use violence, this time. I doubt they’ll hesitate if they find their next target more difficult to bankrupt. Because they are souless scum.

Posted by: Inspector Asshole at July 03, 2009 09:16 PM


I just think it’s ridiculous to equate the reasons she had as being inconsequential. Ace basically said that it was okay for her to be under constant attack for the next two years leaving her bankrupt and the State of Alaska without a governor just so she could avoid being called a “quitter”.

That’s dumb.

And it does not take into account the magnitude of the attacks and the lawsuits on her. Like I said, you would have to make Romney pay out over $10 million in less than 6 months to equal the magnitude of the effect. NO ONE can face penury and the inimical hate from the left towards family and remain unaffected.

I would think anyone who would react like Ace requires in this situation would be a soulless, self-promoting megalomaniac like Obama or Clinton. And thanks, but I’d rather vote for an American.

Posted by: Inspector Asshole at July 03, 2009 09:42 PM


“Normal people don’t quit their jobs.”

Uh, WTF? Yes, they do. All the time. Normal people even quit contracted jobs, and take whatever the penalties are. All the time. For many reasons, all quite legitimate and not at all indicating that they are therefore “quitters.” For example, if the job has become impossible to perform efficiently due to sexual harassment. And I have no doubt that if Sarah Palin wasn’t a Republican governor who had had the audacity to join a campaign on the side against our Destined Magical Negro Lord and Master, what has been done to her ever since would well come under the rubric of “sexual harassment.” 99% of the attacks on her are about some form of her femininity — her motherhood, her dress sense, the way she talks, etc. — and would have gotten anyone in a business environment doing that to a colleague fired in jig time.

All this is not to say that I have any idea one way or the other if she is going to run for president, or whether, if she does, that that would be a good idea. What I’m primarily reacting to is this bizarre idea that she should have “stuck out” a political office to the bitter end as if it was some sort of hot dog eating contest. If being constantly attacked in the most vile terms — and having her family attacked on top of that — while also fending off a constant storm of petty yet expensive lawsuits was keeping her from being an effective governor, then she was right to quit before it got any worse. It wasn’t like she was getting any help from anyone who had real political power. McCain and the Republicans have apparently abandoned her, and we know what a school of sharks the Democrats are. We bloggers can talk about how much we love her until we are blue in the face, but I see no indication that we are making a dent in the shell of smug that surrounds the Obama administration, the DemSM, and the rest of the decadent crew that runs this country. And in the face of that if she decides not to run for office ever — if she decides just to join the grassroots conservative movement as a spokesperson, like Phyllis Schlafly or someone, or if she just quits public life entirely to be a wife and mother — maybe that will be better than seeing someone some of us like and admire trashed by the left because leftists are soulless creeps and by the right because they are impossible to please.

You know, I have another quote from Mencken: “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard.” I have the feeling that’s what we’re going to get instead of Sarah Palin — and it’s not her fault, it’s ours.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at July 03, 2009 09:49 PM


“But that abnormal aspect, the ability to put up with this crap just to attain and hold high political office, is a prerequsite for office.”

Bullshit. The Prerequisite for the office of the Presidency of the US is to be 35 and native-born. Anything else is just bullshit added on by processes and scum that are out to undermine the Constitution. Frivolous lawsuits on the magnitude she endured are unethical and in many cases illegal. .
Having to put up with criminals and psychopaths attacking you is not required to be a President. It is instead the qualities one must seek in becoming a prison guard, not a President.

Sorry, you shouldn’t give in to the actions and tactics of the Scum Left by airily stating, “oh well, just put up with it – it is what is required, dontcha know?”.

One might say that by not protesting the pollution and warping of our Constitutional system by such tactics, one is being a quitter. You know, giving up. You shouldn’t be a fucking quitter, Ace.

Posted by: Inspector Asshole at July 03, 2009 10:01 PM


Short term: “Thanks for playing, Mr. Steele, enjoying these lovely parting gifts!”

I can’t think of a better RNC Chair than Palin and this is the opening move in wresting control from the squishy Noreaster/Beltway buffoons currently running the party into the ground. No, she’s not gunning for 2012. She’s got something far more important to do right now: Become the leader of a movement. Nobody else seems to wan the job. Romney has the energy and ideas but he doesn’t want to do it. Newt’s got the ideas but no energy and he already did his turn as leader of a movement…and look where that movement ended up by 2006. Dick Cheney’s the Obi Wan in all of this (“I’m getting too old for this sort of thing.”) and I think he’s already in the process of passing his torch to Liz, and those appear to be some capable hands, but also some young hands. Her time will come, just not now. Who else is there? The squishy beta males that are currently running the party into the ground? Yeah, last I checked, those douchenozzles were lining up behind the crew from MSNBC to smooch Big 0’s ass. PASS! The folks that ARE running for something can’t be leaders of the movement, mainly because they’re too busy trying to get elected. So, where oh where can we find an articulate, congenial, natural leader, with executive experience, NOT running for office, willing to trade blows with the Jerk Off in Chief, stand up for conservative principles, promote those prinicples without appology, oh and able to draw larger crowds for a twenty minute public speaking engagement than the average NHL or NBA game attendence?


Sarah’s ALL of those things!

Long term: Running the RNC will put some polish on this diamond; she’ll beef up on the stuff she’s defficient in, fine tune the message, become a major presence on the American political landscape and solidify her image and reputation as a leader. When her kids are older and the current crop of gasbags have become totally irrelevant (something their undying love and devotion to 0bama is hastening the march towards every day) she’ll be ready, rested and able.

I think Chuck’s assessment is spot on and in 2016, it’ll be “Morning in America again.”

I believe the coming change of power in congress will have the same effect the 1994 “revolution” had: The GOP congress will kneecap Obama’s social agenda, force him to the right on ecconomic policy, right the ecconomy, and, basically, save his presidency, same as the GOP congress saved Clinton in ’96 by doing the very same things.

See, I’ve been doing some deep thinking on this lately and I believe Newt and the Contract With America was never supposed to lead to a GOP congress, at least not in 1994.

I believe that the plan was to make gains on Dem stumbles in ’94 and position Newt, as leader of a strong opposition minority in Congress and clear cut leader of the party, with The CWA as a platform, for a landslide presidential run against a ruined Clinton in ’96, with Newt bringing looooong coattails and a GOP majority to The House and Senate.

Problem was, it worked too well, too soon.

Who saw the Dems getting blown out THAT badly in ’94?

Yeah, exactly.

What happened then? Newt became Speaker of The House, a job he wasn’t going to abandon for anything, the victories drained the pool of credible GOP POTUS candidates, including the guy it was SUPPOSED to position in the first place for ’96 and the GOP congress’s actions brought the ecconomy back and with it, raised Clinton’s approval numbers thus saving him from becoming a failed one termer, which he was well on his way to becoming before the GOP congress came along and saved the ecconomy and his presidency.

What happened after that?

Short term: Somehow, Whitewater (shoulda been a slam dunk) became the Monica Lewinsky Show (ah crap…), the GOP congressional leaders took their eye off the ball and ended up hanging themselves rather than getting Clinton convicted, including Newt himself.

Long term: The GOP turned into the very Democrats they unseated in ’94 and brought Nanny Nancy, Dingy Harry to power in ’06 and ultimately a neophyte “Community Organizer” to the highest office in the land last year.

If Sarah become the leader of both the party and movement, without being tied to an office, she can avoid the trap that Newt fell into in ’94 and succeed where he failed, in bringing a solid, long lasting conservative movement to power in America.

Posted by: SuperCool at July 03, 2009 10:29 PM


366 Ace is rather tone-deaf on certain things. His posts are read with intent that he doesn’t put in there, and it is because of the focus of how he views politics

It’s just like the underlying sentiment that Ace expressed during his Limbaugh rant and during the “Republicans are Nazis, um hum yup” Michael Steele kerfluffle – he can’t help but imply that he accepts (and therefore supports) the Left-media domination of discourse. I don’t think he supports it, but his language sounds like he does to us. It is more retiring and, well, flaccid than what we expect – saying things like “don’t fight it” and “is this the hill you’re willing to fight over?” as if by accepting the situation one might “get over” the traps the left has laid. As if we cannot affect anything so might as well hope to ignore the lies and attacks and unfairness and un-American behaviour by the Left/Media so that we can occasionally make an important point somewhere down the line.

Most people like myself don’t agree at all. We see the sickness and degrading wrongness of the Left/Media garbage and become enraged.

Yes, this is the fucking hill I am going to fight over.

Yes, after this one I will fight the next hill. And the next. These are the “important points”. We’ll fight until we can’t be ignored anymore, and until these roadblocks to our real Republic are erased – we’ll fucking fight and holler and rant and rave and fuck the “pundits” and those other shitheaded blinkered fucknuggets who accept the liberal spin/lies and just UncleTom until they can win an election.

It is sickeningly wrong for Palin to have gone through what she has gone through; sickening for the reasons we all know why she was targeted.

It is not acceptable to passively accept the situation as-is, as if it is some fore-ordained and proper state of affairs. It is not.

Ace is, as far as I can tell, accepting of this state of affairs as an environment to work in, like a rickety mine or collapsing quarry. He tends to operate in the “now” and not in the arena of principles and wrath – which tends to be my special viewpoint. I’m quite sure he doesn’t prefer the present situation – he just thinks we can only do so much. I disagree.

Posted by: Inspector Asshole at July 03, 2009 10:29 PM


“And it does not take into account the magnitude of the attacks and the lawsuits on her. Like I said, you would have to make Romney pay out over $10 million in less than 6 months to equal the magnitude of the effect. NO ONE can face penury and the inimical hate from the left towards family and remain unaffected.”

Inimical hate from the left? ONLY the left? Please my friend- she was being shat upon by beltway “conservatives” for not having an ivy degree, and being stabbed by alaskan gop old boys who hated her for busting up their oil payoffs.

This shit was insane- I remember keenly being treated to sober treatises about the state of Palin’s amniotic fluid over a two week period during the campaign. This coming before the breathless detailing of her campaign wardrobe costs. But after the clever leftist “feminist performance artist” gleefully discussing the joy there would be had by having Palin gang raped by a troop of her “Black Brothers”. No politician, ever, at any time in the history of this country has had to deal with this level of psychotic hatred.

She made the right play, dumping out of this no win situation. She was going broke dealing with ethics charges from fat scumbag twats funded endlessly by soros and co, and having to deal with death by a thousand tiny smears from all the purported intelligentsia in the media.

Smiling through that storm of dogshit for the rest of her term would have accomplished what exactly? Right, even more debt and a further diminuation of whatever political clout and capital she gained running with lameass mcfuckstick.

Oh but then she wouldn’t have been a quitter. Right.

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I like Palin, and would be inclined to vote for her, regardless of whether or not she was governor for 2 years, 3 years, or 8 years. Being an Executive means more than just being the Governor.

It helps, however to deny that there are natural born leaders, versus good followers who trick people into thinking they are a leader is dangerous. Does Palin lead from the front, and demonstrate that she is willing to shed blood with us? Only time will tell.

However, at least she has the balls to say I am stepping down because of x, y and z. Even if it is a scandal, compared to the host of Presidents, Governors, and members of Congress who won’t leave even after caught in a scandal, I think she is at least setting a standard that unfortunately will be ignored by both sides of the isle. Sounds like leadership to me. I don’t know why she is stepping down, all I know is she is in control, or taking control of her destiny.

Is this why libs and moderates are so afraid of Palin, her unpredictability, her ability to say fuck you and fuck this, I am doing it my way? Who knows? What is evident is that there is a schism even among ourselves that she is able to create when she defies the standard operating procedures that we hold near and dear to our hearts.

If someone was making fun of my child with Down syndrome and I was Governor, I would have quit the first day it happened and beat the fucking face of someone. Why because you don’t fuck with someone’s family, especially a child with a disability. To me it takes a better person than me to grin and bear it.

Yes it sucks that Palin might not be able to do anything again politically, however if it means she takes out several moderate fucks and the pieces of shit that talk about her kids, so be it. Maybe the next Sarah Palin won’t have to worry about the cowards in the liberal party and in our party going after her kids and her because she does not fit the standard mold for how to think and act as a candidate.

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