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Let’s Compare and Contrast, Shall We?

First, my comments left on my Facebook status right now out of frustration:

People are saying Sarah Palin “can’t stand the heat”. Yeah, wake me up when Barack Obama stops whining like a little bitch about Fox News Channel and Rush Limbaugh and when the mass media gives him even 1/100th the scrutiny and smearing they have given to Sarah Palin. Oh, and also wake me up when Barack Obama has actually accomplished something of substance in his political career, comparable to Palin.

Via a great comment by “Aqua” at this post at Flopping Aces:

Yep, way to go libbies. Everything you obviously hate in America has just resigned as Govenor of Alaska. Let’s see how she compares to your messiah:

Sarah’s husband Todd quit 17-year BP oil job when BP became involved in natural gas pipeline negotiations with wife’s administration.
Barry’s wife Michelle was promoted and given 160% pay raise by UofC hospitals within months of husband’s election to U.S. Senate and her employer received $1,000,000.00 federal earmark, requested by husband, after her promotion.

Sarah resigned in protest from position of Ethics Commissioner of Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission in order to expose legal violations and conflicts of interest of Alaska Republican leaders, including the former state Attorney General and the State GOP Chairman (who was also an Oil & Gas Commissioner), who was doing work for the party on public time and supplying a lobbyist with a sensitive e-mail.
Barry is blocking investigation into ACORN.

Sarah upset sitting Governor in GOP primary due to public support for her efforts to clean up corrupt government establishment.
Barry had his Republican opponent, who was leading in the polls, forced to leave race after unsealing of divorce records exposed a sex scandal.

Sarah gets rid of the chef.
Barry flies in a pizza chef from Chicago.

Sarah gets rid of the jet.
Barry flies one of his to New York for date night while the rest of America gives up going out for date night thanks to the economy.

Wow, you guys should be so proud. Larry, says Sarah left a contract? She ran Alaska pretty well, with many accomplishments. Barry voted PRESENT over 100 times in his short stay as junior senator from Il. Spin it however you want to libby. Sarah’s not done. Her stepping down as governor didn’t change the way I feel about her, nor many others from what I can tell. Now you idiots can’t file any ethics complaints against her and she’s free to kick your asses on a daily basis. I’m thinking win/win.

The fact is that we could go on and on with the compare and contrast and it would only serve to prove how Sarah Palin is 100Xs more the accomplished statesmen than Barack Obama. I haven’t even gotten into the fact that

Sarah Palin started her political career in the PTA to rid it of corruption, then went on to Mayor to rid the city of corruption, then went into the energy industry to help there and then ran for Governor to rid her State of corruption.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama started his political career on the back of an America-hating, Communist domestic terrorist, then went on to participate in the Democrat Socialist New Party in Chicago, then went on to attend an America-hating, Black Supremacist church for 20 years, then went on to make corrupt land deals with Tony Rezko, etc etc etc.

And yet, so-called conservatives all across the blogosphere are jumping on the ‘smear Sarah Palin’ bangwagon and saying “she can’t stand the heat”. Tell me, you no-spine, no-balls geniuses… what exactly has Sarah Palin done in her entire career which makes her unfit to serve? NOTHING. ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY NOTHING. Yet, you spineless pieces of dogcrap are willing to simply throw her under your own personal buses and say that this relentless, despicable smear and destroy campaign against her is ‘part of politics’.

Well, great. I expect Ace & DrewM at Ace of Spades, Ed and AllahPundit at HotAir and every other weenie so-called conservative across the blogosphere to start attacking Obama and his family and his children and everything about him in the most nasty, pathetic ways as they now say it is “just part of politics”. If you don’t, then you can STFU, you spineless hypocrites.

Because this is NOT “part of politics”. This BS has NEVER been done before to anyone in politics. And the fact that you pansyasses refuse to fight the Left, mass media, Democrats and Obama and his Marxist, Alisnky-ite minions shows me that you don’t take seriously what is happening to our country. From your whiney-ass BS about Rush’s “I hope he fails” to now this, it shows you have no gawddamned freaking clue that WE.ARE.AT.WAR. If you don’t have the will to fight it, then fine. But then you should STFU and get out of the damn way of those who are willing to fight it.

We are never going to defeat the Left now in the conventional pansy-ass way. We have to go around the media, go around conventional status quo and adapt to the absolutely despicable ways the Left is playing the game.

Sarah Palin is adapting. Either lead with her, follow or get the f*** out of the way.

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My Own Prison

So I’m down in the dumps tonight (to say the least). Which is pretty much SOP for me every night, but tonight it hit me worse than most. I had this deep hurt in my soul and part of me wanted to lash out in anger and part of me wanted to throw up my arms in despair and another part of me wanted to cry.

A feeling finally came over me of just wanting… a hug.

Not just any hug, but a hug of comfort, one which you can only get from certain special people in your life whom you completely trust and with whom you can be completely vulnerable and not worry about what they think of you… because they don’t think anything of you at that moment, other than wanting to be there for you. This type of hug. Or the kind where you can just curl up and lay your head in her lap, completely let go of all worries and just let her hold you, as only she can.  Unfortunately,  I don’t have that type of person in my life, so… there would be no hugs.

So… I ended up posting an update to my Facebook page saying I needed a hug. This prompted a few replies, to which I replied with a short explanation as to why I was needing the hug. This then prompted a few messages, one in which advised me that I needed to stop being so hard on myself and beating myself up about things. I was about to reply to the message with my usual explanation of why I am hard on myself, and was working out the message in my mind when I came across a realization of why I have such a hard time forgiving myself…

Usually, I explain it that I can’t forgive myself, because I don’t want to become my father and I don’t want to hurt anyone like he did. So, if I don’t forgive myself, I won’t make the same mistakes and I won’t become him and end up hurting anyone.

But then a thought occurred to me. Maybe I am punishing myself, because I really want to punish my father. And maybe I don’t forgive myself, because I don’t forgive my father. But, since I have lost faith in myself and have resigned myself to the idea that I am no better than my father, I now see myself as my father. So my way of punishing my father is to punish myself. And so long as I don’t forgive my father, I won’t forgive myself. In my mind, I have made us one and the same.

So basically, I am punishing myself for both my dad’s mistakes that I don’t want to repeat and for my own mistakes I have made in my life that I don’t want to continue.

By punish, I mean that I don’t date and don’t allow myself to get close to anyone. This leaves me lonely and alone — and having nights like tonight where I just crave a hug from a special someone — but it keeps me from getting hurt or, worse, hurting someone else.

I’ve rationalized this and forced myself to accept it, but, I’m human — and a rather sensitive and emotional person, more so than the average male — and I end up having lonely, emotional nights like tonight.

The thing is though, I used to believe that I needed to be as good a man as can be and I have wanted, since I as 14 years old, to be the best husband, companion and father in order to make up for my dad’s mistakes. I figured that if I was a good person, a good, loving husband, companion and father, then it would make up for my father’s treatment of my mother and my brothers. But, now that I have resigned myself to the fact that I am not a good enough person or man worthy of marriage and family, I can no longer make up for my father’s mistakes. Therefore, I am now punishing myself, not just for my own mistakes, but also for my father’s mistakes, since I can’t fix them through my life.

Unfortunately, this realization doesn’t really help me much. Because even if I stopped punishing myself for my father’s mistakes, I still wouldn’t stop punishing myself for my own mistakes.

So I guess this really just leaves me with nothing more than a little more insight into the many walls I build around myself to form my own prison

“These walls are funny. First you hate ’em, then you get used to ’em. Enough time passes, you get so you depend on them. That’s institutionalized.” — Red, The Shawshank Redeption

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