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Sarah ‘Aragorn’ Palin

I’d like to put up a more in depth post than this, but I want to get this up just so I can be (possibly) the first to offer this analogy about Sarah Palin’s resignation…

People have been giving the analogy to Star Wars and Obi Wan. I think a better one is Aragorn in Lord of the Rings, when, on the eve of the great battle, he leaves the army to go into the Mountains. Doesn’t tell anyone a thing, just leaves, knowing he has a bigger mission at hand to help the cause. His troops are all befuddled and confused, believing he is abandoning them and some of them even say “well, I don’t blame him”.

Sound familiar?

There, someone better than me write a post about that analogy: Sarah Palin = Aragorn leaving into the mountains to the complete wonderment of the rest of his troops.

Also, when Aragorn left, the army was faced with the realization that they could not win. Well, we pretty much can’t win against Obama, his marxist thugs, ACORN, his propaganda arm in the mass media and the ignorant morons which make up half this nation. But, as he says in the movie when asked “We can’t win this, can we?” … “No. BUT, we will meet them in battle nonetheless.” … Said relishing the chance to battle to the end.

Come on, this analogy is golden… and much better than the stupid Star Wars Obi Wan one.  (Consider Rush as the leader who brings the rest of us to “meet them in battle nontheless” as we wait for Aragorn Palin to come back from her advancement in a new direction into the mountain).


July 6, 2009 , 7:49PM - Posted by | Sarah Palin

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