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She’s Not Perfect, No Candidate Is

I dare say that if the GOP nominates anyone other than Sarah Palin in 2012, then we are stuck with the GOP campaigning on “Vote for Me, Because I’m not Obama”. Sarah Palin provides people with an option to vote FOR someone, instead of just against Obama. She’s not perfect, no candidate is. But she is the ONLY candidate who excites the base and represents reform of the status quo in government. Period.

Voting against something is never a winning strategy. If people really think that the GOP can win solely based on Obama’s miserable failure, think again. In 1980, Jimmy Carter did not lose to Reagan based solely on his piss poor performance as President, he lost because Ronald Reagan inspired the nation to vote for his message.

Sarah Palin can do the same thing. Oh no, don’t misunderstand, she is no where in the league of Ronald Reagan as far as background. But she is light years ahead of our current President. Also, what is more important as President is one’s judgement, decision making and principles. There are plenty of people who are wise, educated, sophisticated and book smart, yet have not a damn clue how to make a decision or how to lead. Sarah Palin does not have that problem.

Sarah Palin’s track record in her political career has shown she has what it takes to get the job done, fight corruption and get important legislation and policies passed for the good of her constituents. She has done it her entire career, from her time on PTA to mayor to her time in the energy industry to her time as Governor. Everywhere she has gone, she has succeeded.

Sarah Palin gives us all something and someone to vote FOR, instead of just against or ‘lesser of two evils’.

Okay, here it is, mark it down and get this on a bumper sticker (in the spirit of Team America, World Police…): “Palin/Bolton 2012, F***YEAH!” John Bolton (former Ambassador to the United Nations under President George W. Bush) will be Palin’s own Dick Cheney.


July 7, 2009 , 11:25AM - Posted by | Sarah Palin

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