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Sarah Palin’s Resignation — Incredibly Risky Move with Many Advantages

Excellent take on Sarah Palin’s decision to resign as Governor of Alaska by AlanH in the comments at this post at Ace of Spades HQ.

This was my take after her announcement:

While this is an incredibly risky move, she does get advantages from this:

1. She gets away from having to deal with the endless stream of unwarranted ethics complaints brought by the Democratic shills in Alaska. They weren’t going to succeed, but they kept her from focusing on a bigger agenda and spending the needed time. Also, by getting her hand picked Gov. into place as her replacement he gets to build a political base of his own and raise the likelihood of him getting elected. If a Democrat had been elected, it would have been a constant thorn in her side with continual hearings designed to embarrass her in any future campaigns.

2. She suddenly has time to take on advisors and study up on the “wonkish” subjects she needs for a national campaign while taking a national role. She could be on television every weekend if she wanted in a good way – either fundraising or leading other initiatives…

which brings me to ..

3. The timing of this allows her to take a big role in attacking the Cap & Trade legislation. It is a huge issue in the national consciousness – one she knows a great deal about and one that public is very skeptical about. It puts her in the national eye, on the right side and in an area where she has great expertise. She couldn’t do this if she was a governor and the timing of this issue won’t let her take another year to finish her term. Instead, she needed to act now if she wanted to get in front of this. Not to mention being able to step into a tea party movement that does not yet have a focal point or leader.

A conservative rout for Cap&Trade might also make National healthcare die a quick death. In addition, Palin needs a national win in something that shows her to be capable and a leader to dispute the lies that have been spread about her by the media and her opponents – this issue can do that for her.

I think this might be the plan… but, if she was Governor, she couldn’t take the lead on this. Her speech did make about 5 points that sounded like a traditional conservative platform with a federalist/libertarian bent – one that fits well with the tea party movement and one that effectively refutes much of the mis-information that has been spread about her (and one that I think creates an effective coalition in the republican party).


I think this poll confirms the wisdom of her decision in some ways. Another couple of years of being a sitting duck in Alaska without the freedom of movement (intellectually and physically) to combat the left’s charges and to show a progression would only put her into a worse position then — I think that would have been even worse for her public perception than shooting tin cans with her bb-gun for the next 2 years. Not only does she have a chance to be free to build that credibility, there is a perfect situation that demands her expertise and attention in the public eye, right now.

Posted by: AlanH at July 08, 2009 01:17 PM


July 8, 2009 , 4:17PM - Posted by | Sarah Palin


  1. Hi Mike,
    Followed you here from AOS for the same reasons you listed there: Nobody seems to get how serious this fight is. And if they do, they seem comfortable using the ROE the Left has set up. Fuck that.

    Keep fighting the good fight

    Comment by jacksdad1 | July 8, 2009 , 5:01PM

  2. Great Blog, Mike. I was so inspired I signed up for a blog on wordpress as well.



    Comment by buanadha | July 9, 2009 , 8:32PM

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