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Those Who Think Sarah Palin is ‘Done’ are in the Minority

Great comment left at Ace of Spades HQ in response to ace being, in my opinion, a whiney bitch while he tries to defend his ridiculous position that he and the rest who believe Sarah Palin is toast are in the right and anyone who thinks otherwise is simply a ‘cultist’.

“Before today, I didn’t really have to address this question, the question of how badly her resignation hurts her. I didn’t have to address it because I knew it hurt her some, and therefore I was able to answer a threshold question: Is she running or not? Given she’s hurt her chances, I thought “No,” and then did not have to address the hypothetical of whether she could recover from the resignation.

Now I’m not quite so certain of that “No” to “Is she running?,” and I have to think more about the second question. The only answer I have is boring and predictable: It hurts her and she’ll have to do quite a bit to overcome it.

I am going to ask you the same I asked Ed at Hotair. Can you read a poll. 52% says it doesn’t matter. Period end of story. You are with the minority on this one. Thus we that live in “fantasyland” as you put it were correct and you and your “reality based community” were wrong. Simple. You are with the 40% I get that. 40% is not a majority. Palin needs 34% of Republican votes to win a three way race for the nomination. She has that at the moment. That is far from being “done” politically.

Maybe, just maybe, you need to rethink you POV; and instead of wishing and praying that you are right, accept that, in this case at this moment, you were cold stone wrong about how people would take the news. She is far from “done” as you put it. Are there unicorns in your “reality based world”. just asking…

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  1. I could not figure out the draw of Sarah Palin, everything she had said during the campaign was canned and never a real inspired thought. Last week it occurred to me what it is, she is Lucy Ricardo as a Politician!
    A loveable goof who is an accident waiting to happen and everyone loves Lucy! Also she is a face to the feeling that the Government is out to get you. The I am over taxed, unheard and not a friend in the world.

    I had the chance to talk face to face with one of her supporters and ask what is was about her that he liked?
    He told me she is speaking with the voice of God. But when I asked what led him to believe she was?
    He could not think of an answers so he went off on all the outlandish claims about Obama. The he is a Moslem, he was not born in the United States, he will enslave the White race. I pointed out that Obama had also invoked the name of the savior more often then Palin had in his speeches. He is bashed for attending the same Assembly of God church for twenty years. What was he a undercover Moslem sent to spy on a Christian church?

    Anyway, Sarah Palin is entertaining to say the least though I half expect Todd to be heard saying
    “Sarah, what have you done now?”.

    Comment by tosmarttobegop | July 8, 2009 , 2:42PM

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