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The World Will Know that Free Men Stood Against a Tyrant

Great comment at Ace of Spades HQ regarding Obama’s healthcare BS, channeling ‘300’:

Obama: There will be no glory in your sacrifice. I will erase even the memory of Sparta from the histories! Every piece of Healthcare insurer shall be burned. Every doctor, and every nurse shall have their eyes pulled out, and their tongues cut from their mouths. Why, uttering the very name of America, or Leostrawnidas, will be punishable by death! The world will never know you existed at all!

King Leostrawnidas: The world will know that free men stood against a tyrant, that few stood against many, and before this battle was over, even a god-king can bleed.

Posted by: SomeSay the Strawmarian at July 22, 2009 08:07 PM

I try my hand at channeling 300 here: Mob? This… is… AMERICA!

July 22, 2009 , 9:12PM - Posted by | Barack Obama, Communism, Fascism, Healthcare, Liberalism, Marxism, Socialism

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