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My Kind of Woman

This is my kind of woman right here. If I believed that most women had this kind of attitude, I would put a lot more effort into making myself a better man worthy of a woman’s companionship. But, since I don’t believe “momma” is typical of most women, I don’t bother and just keep to myself.

Nevertheless, this is still nice to read, knowing there are such women who exist nowadays:

My guy and I only have a few rules:

1. Never drive drunk. I will leave him if he does. What has taken lots of time, love, and effort is worth more than getting behind the wheel drunk.

2. Don’t lie. If it makes me look fat, tell me. If I’m pissed, he’ll know it. Neither can cheat because we can’t lie.

3. Every decision we make must be made thinking that the other is standing right behind them.

4. Never complain about the other to anybody. Ever.

5. I always get the last piece of bacon. Just sayin’.

These rules cut out the bullsh*t. No, I won’t get my nails professionally done. Yes, he can sit on the couch in his underwear if the kids are in bed.

If you were to hear my guy and I talk, you would think we are two men shootin’ the sh*t over a few beers. We rag on each other all the time. We laugh a lot.

Like the other gals here, I hate hearing women rag on their men. Are they such p*ssies that they can’t say that sh*t directly to their man? Seriously. If they feel the need to bitch about their man, why the f*ck are they still with him?

Posted by: momma at July 26, 2009 12:34 AM

A-f***ing-men to that.

Back in my pre-cynical days, I used to be that guy who would be there for girls/women when they needed someone to talk to about their relationships. Oh, I would listen to their worries and complaints and sweet-talk them and tell them it will be okay and talk them through their problems and almost always, they would come away from the conversation feeling so much better. Of course, if I had a dollar for every time I heard “*sigh* I wish my (significant other) was more like you”, I could retire. Finally, I got so sick of this BS — where the women/girls would come to me to talk about their relationship problems, feel better, then go back to their loser guys, only to get treated the same, then lather, rinse repeat — that I started taking the tact above: “If they feel the need to bitch about their man, why the f*ck are they still with them?” Well, funny thing… when I started being this bluntly honest with the girls/women, they stopped coming to me complaining and *I* became the bad guy for suggesting they dump their loser significant others. Funny, I thought females wanted honesty. Guess not…

This discussion originated from this article “5 Lies All Women Tell“.

And it’s crap like this that has caused me to become extremely cynical when it comes to women. Seriously, men get smeared as lying bastards all the time, yet women have to be some of the most shameless freaking liars on the planet.

Think about it, ask a woman what’s wrong and they will say “nothing, I’m fine”. Ask a woman to make a decision about something and she’ll pass the buck to the man, and then if the man’s decision is one which the woman does not like, she’ll bitch at him about it, even though she didn’t have the guts to come out and make the decision herself and, in fact, lied and said she was okay with the man making the decision. Ask a woman if she wants an honest man and she will say ‘yes, most definitely’, but then, of course, when she gets that honesty from a man about anything (her clothes, her hair, advice, etc), she throws a hissy fit and complains.

And then, of course, the most infamous lie that women tell — which is listed among the Top 5 in the article — is about sex. The whole ‘faking orgasms’ thing, which I have discussed previously. Women like to act all high and mighty and put down men for being morons when it comes to pleasing women — all the while proclaiming themselves perfect as they all seem to be the best in the world at giving fellatio to a man… I don’t think I have met a girl yet who has not told me that she would give me the best bj I’ve had in my life… EVAH! — yet, I’d like to know how the F*CK women expect men to learn what the F*CK to do, when all you do is LIE by faking your damn orgasms. Yeah, brilliant. Lie and make your man believe he is pleasing you, when he really is not, and then berate him later for being incompetent. Only a woman would think that was a logical way to teach men how to please them better. Geez…

Oh, and related to that, there is the ever popular berating of men as not being f***ing telepathic mind-readers. How many guys have gotten into trouble with women because their women will lie to them about how they are feeling, the men will have the audacity to take their women at their word, only later to get beat over the head as being too stupid to pick up on subtle little hints or not being able to read the woman’s mind to know she was upset?

Women have it great. They can lie to their hearts’ content and then blame men for being too stupid to see through the lies and understand the subtle hints and signs and not telepathic enough to read their minds and know how what they are thinking so as to react in the proper manner or say the proper thing.

And people constantly ask me why I stay single. Well, it’s mainly because I don’t care who the woman is, no one is worth putting up with that much bullsh*t game playing and mind-f*cking.

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A hearty A-F***ing-men to that too. Another one along those lines would be “Don’t really want an honest answer, then stop asking us what we think”.

I forgot to add one of the best movie lines ever, which applies very well for this topic:

Receptionist: How do you write women so well?
Melvin Udall: I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability.


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