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Demanding Barry Soetoro’s Birth Certificate: Not Crazy, But it Won’t Matter

I shared my general thoughts on the matter in my last post on this HERE. That was in response to an annoying rant by Ace of Spades HQ blogger Gabriel Malor. Now, Ace himself chimes in on the story by linking to the excellent article by Andy McCarthy, to which I linked in my post. Ace’s tone and reasoning is much better, in my opinion, for which I am thankful.

I really was worrying that place was starting to turn into another HotAir, where the bloggers show utter contempt for their readers. From the Rush “I hope he fails” Limbaugh flap, which led to the “we can’t say certain things for fear the Left will make us look bad” flap and then finally the flap over Sarah Palin, which led Ace to make a dumbass post about cults — inferring those of us who like Sarah Palin and get annoyed with conservatives who demonize her, as well as her supporters, are cultists.

So, this reasonable post by Ace definitely makes me worry about the Allahpunditification of Ace of Spades HQ just a bit less.

Anyway, here was my contribution to the comments section:

“And it was heartbreak after heartbreak as each of these internet-based “scandals” spread like wildfire and got us all excited and made us think This time, maybe we’ve got this rascally rabbit, and all for naught.”

This could also be said about the 2008 campaign. It was heartbreak after heartbreak for me and many conservatives when information about Obama’s true radical past finally came to light in the public (Frank Marshall Davis, TUCC, Rev Wright, Billy Ayers, Chicago Annenberg Challenge, Weather Underground, Louis Farrahkan, Father Phleger, LA Times tape of his pro-PLO speech — well, the talk of the tape anyway –, “typical white person”, racist statements in his books, “clinging to guns and Bibles”, not wearing flag pin, not putting hand on his heart during National Anthem, bashing America on his European tour, ACORN training, ACORN voter fraud, illegal campaign donations, illegally setting up his campaign donation site to accept illegal donations, etc etc etc.) And I’m probably forgetting 10-20 more “oh THIS will sink him, no WAY America will vote for a guy who does THIS” moments.

I still feel the same way now, during the first 6+ months of his Administration. There have been broken campaign promises, out and out lies, more racist BS (started right at his inauguration with the racist benediction), corrupt appointments to his Administration, czars, takeovers of private companies, inciting of class warfare, etc etc etc. YET, just when I think, “oh THIS will turn America against him, no WAY America will stand for a President who does THIS. THIS will finally expose Obama as the racist and radical that he is”, I see the mass media spin for him on his lies, see the mass media be used willingly as a propaganda outlet for his policies, see the mass media spin all his gaffes, see the mass media spin all his poll numbers, see people STILL agree with the fraud that this was all Bush’s fault — nevermind that the Democrats, including Obama, were in charge of Congress since JAN 2007, when the economy started to tank, and the GOP and Bush worked to reform gov’t and prevent the collapse from 2001-2008, and the GOP still fought against the Democrats’ nationalization and bailouts sans Bush in 2008, and it was the Democrats, not Bush and the GOP who were the big spenders –, and finally the other day I get someone post on my Facebook wall that I am a “Republican racist”, because I oppose Obamacare… and because Obama is a Black Democrat.

The reality, I’m afraid, is that while you and most others think that the GOP looks bad for bringing up this birth certificate thing, that really, the GOP looks bad for opposing Obama on *anything*. Rev Wright? GOP is racist. Billy Ayers? GOP is racist and hatemongers. Chicago Annenberg Challenge? GOP is racist and hatemongers and mean. ACORN? GOP is racist and hatemongers and mean and grasping at straws. Etc etc f#cking etc.

And then of course, as I found out the other day… oppose Obamacare? Racist.

So it’s not just the birth certificate thing that taints the GOP, it’s pretty much anything. I mean, seriously, think back to the probably 75-100 things from the campaign that came up about Obama exposing him as a radical leftist and racist. Any one of which would have sunk any other candidate and even ended their political career. Sh!t, George Allen was sunk for “macaca”! Yet, 69+ million people ignored all the evidence and thought this POS was the ‘messiah’ anyway. It is absolutely mindblowingly frustrating, irritating and gobsmakingly pathetic.

And sure, people will point me to Barry’s poll numbers. But, I’m not comforted. Not one bit. As the saying goes, “you can not reason someone out of something they didn’t reason themselves into”. Anyone who voted for Obama — with the exception of those who actually are racists, communists, socialists and Marxists like him — did not reason themselves into supporting the POS. So I don’t expect to reason them out of their support. I’ve actually tried and I get the same BS I got from them during the campaign, that I’m only critical of him because he’s black (racist!), we have to give him a chance, it’s only been 6 months, he inherited a mess from Bush, etc etc etc.

I truly would like to believe that finally, THIS, THIS will turn America against him, THIS will wake people up to his radical nature, THIS will expose him as the radical and racist that he is. But, after heartbreak after heartbreak during the campaign and during the past 6 months, I am just not buying it. I am now a cynical bastard who has lost faith in the American people as a whole to exhibit some common f#cking sense and rationality.

I just hope everyone proves me wrong in 2010 and 2012…

And another:

“That this particular candidate turned man-god demonstrated an amazing willingness to go around the rules that are in place (I’m thinking about the campaign finance rules in particular) makes things like his odd behavior on the birth certificate thing seem sinister.”

Posted by: Y-not at August 01, 2009 12:45 PM

This is really the key for me on this issue. The fact is that Obama is not just some typical douchebag politician. McCain is a typical douchebag politician. Obama is a radical leftist and racist who hides everything about his background and lies about who he is. It’s only because of that fact that I even am suspicious of this birth certificate thing. It’s not some lone desperate attempt to get rid of an otherwise clean — relatively speaking — politician from office, it’s one of a LONG trend of suspicious, corrupt behavior from this man.

I can’t speak for all people interested in this issue, but I know that I am interested solely because I see it, not as a ‘smoking gun’, but simply one of many, many corrupt breadcrumbs along this man’s path to the Presidency.

If Obama were just some typical corrupt politician, then this would definitely deserve the wacko conspiracy label. But Obama is most assuredly not some typical politician. He is an extreme radical, racist and liar. As such, everything about him must be judged in that context.

Posted by: Michael in MI at August 01, 2009 01:44 PM

Another good comment:

I agree that this is a wedge issue for the Dims to use against conservatives and Republicans in general.

For hardcore Birthers that disagree, just look at what has been done with mainstream Christian beliefs by the Dims. Same thing at work here. I suspect we’ll hear *A LOT* about this from the MSM in August as they try to tie this to the Tea Parties and any form of BO opposition.

However, there is a way for this to become a *WIN* and it’s actually very simple.

When any Republican or conservative is asked about this say these words:

“Oh, I doubt there’s anything major on the long form birth certificate or else Hillary’s opposition research team would’ve used it during the Democrat primary. (see what I did there)

However, it’s awfully strange that Obama is hiding so much information and using lawyers to hide that information about his birth certificate, his college grades and activities, and his meetings with radicals.

I believe more information is better about anything. So, I’d ask in the interest of national unity that Obama call off his lawyers let us the American people see the truth.”

Simple, reasonable, and it puts the negative in every way back on the Dims.

Posted by: The Commissar of Love at August 01, 2009 01:51 PM


“Obama and his crowd seek nothing less than the total destruction of America as she is and will use any means in their disposal to achieve it.

Qestions about his birth certificate is not a wish to rerun Nov 08 but will provide a basis towards understanding his motivation and behavior.”

Posted by: canuk at August 01, 2009 12:49 PM

Very well said. And I think you are correct in assessing that Ace and others really still have not come to grips with this reality.

I give them a partial pass, because who really can fathom that we have a man like that as President and whose entire Administration and appointees to key positions in government are all either marxists, socialists, communists, racists, eugenicists, radical environazis, anti-semites, Black Liberationists who believe in reparations, anti-capitalists, etc. It just seems so wacko. Even after knowing all of Obama’s background, seeing what he has done since his inauguration, people STILL refuse to connect the dots. Because realizing the reality is too frightening to fathom.

But the fact is people need to wake up, connect the dots, face their fears and admit the reality of what we now have as our government. AND, not be afraid of pointing out that reality to others, for fear they will call you a kook (I’m not talking about the BC issue, but the marxism, racism, socialism, communism, complete transformation of America into the America Obama envisions we should be etc etc etc issues).

Posted by: Michael in MI at August 01, 2009 01:53 PM


“I would say the average American wouldn’t want Obama prematurely removed from office over it but would be mightily annoyed to learn that he lied about his eligibility. The average American doesn’t like a cheater.”

Posted by: Kensington at August 01, 2009 01:26 PM

Prior to the 2008 campaign, I would have said that too. However, the average American seemed not to give a sh!t about ACORN, Tony Rezko, voter fraud, campaign donation fraud, Obama’s million dollar grant to his wife’s hospital, Obama flat out lying about the terrorist Billy Ayers, Obama flat out lying about his time at TUCC, etc etc etc (I know I am missing many, many more examples of cheating and fraud by Obama in his political career).

I really don’t know what to say about the average American anymore. The fact that average American saw nothing wrong with Obama in 2008 doesn’t say much –much good anyway — about the average American.

Posted by: Michael in MI at August 01, 2009 02:24 PM

Bingo. Spot-on:

“Presidents are not usually dislodged by scandal.”

As I’ve said before, we can’t get rid of Obama before 2012 at least. But we can inflict lots of hit points of damage on him, and so impede his ability to implement his agenda and increase the GOP’s chances of picking up seats in 2010.

The Democrats treatment of Bush is an instructive example of hows it’s done. Note that it is NOT done by having wonkish discussions about policy. It’s done by cementing a negative image of the man in the public mind using the raw materials he provides.

Posted by: flenser at August 01, 2009 02:27 PM

This (below) is an extremely good point. For the sake of argument, turn the anti-“birther” talking point on it’s head. Their point is that we need to believe Obama and his cohorts and his supporters on their claims about him and his background, despite not providing any info backing up the claims. He’s a genius, but we have no proof of such genius in the form of any grades? No problem, just believe he is a genius. He’s a brilliant writer even though we only have two books, one based on the rantings of his racist religious mentor of 2-decades and one speculated to have been ghost written by a communist domestic terrorist and absolutely nothing else, not even any college papers or legal writings? No problem, just believe he is a brilliant writer. He’s a wonderful above the fray “moderate” even though all his friends, coworkers and political allies of his entire career are radicals, racists, Black Liberationists, communists, socialists and Marxists? No problem, don’t talk about those inconvenient facts, for fear that it will make us look bad, just agree that he is a wonderful above the fray “moderate”.

What a crock of shizit.

I’m more interested in seeing Cpt. Bullsh!t’s school records (including SAT/LSAT scores) to confirm that he is indeed the most brilliant man ever to hold the office of the Presidency. Am I indulging in conspiracy mongering to think that if he had extremely high test scores he would have released them so his admirers could bask in the glow of Dear Leaders brilliance (and rub them in conservative faces)? Instead he has buried all of the info that might actually prove his claims to extremely high intelligence.

Posted by: Big E at August 01, 2009 02:30 PM


August 1, 2009 , 12:26PM - Posted by | Barack Obama

1 Comment

  1. United We Stand — Divided We Fall

    In the late summer of 2009 the United States population is divided into three groups as America teeters on the edge of falling into the abyss.

    The first division (the largest) totally believes the person currently occupying the White House is a natural born citizen despite the fact that the current White House occupant and his supporters have not produced the proper credentials to prove he is a natural born citizen. These persons also dismiss out-of-hand without consideration or investigation any potential legitimate foreign birth certificates related to the person occupying the White House such as the document presented in the courts by Orly Taitz

    The second division does not care where the current occupant of the White House was born and thinks he should remain President of the United States simply because he was “elected.” These persons also dismiss out-of-hand without consideration or investigation any potential legitimate foreign birth certificates related to the person occupying the White House such as the document presented in the courts by Orly Taitz.

    The third division (the smallest) demands that any person occupying the White House must prove they are a natural born citizen with the proper credentials. These persons also demand that if the current occupant of the White House cannot produce the proper credentials, the current occupant must resign immediately or be removed by the courts or legislature as soon as possible. These persons also demand a thorough investigation into any potential legitimate foreign birth certificates related to the person occupying the White House such as the document presented in the courts by Orly Taitz.

    In July of 2009, a mother displayed a copy of a long-form birth certificate for her twin daughters that were born in the same hospital of the current occupant of the White House. The twins were born the day before the alleged birth date of the current occupant of the White House. All he has to do is present an identical certified long-form birth document and every one of the constitutional issues will be resolved. Why is there no transparency and honesty regarding a simple document that is supposedly in the files of the Hawaiian government?

    Reality Check: The United States Constitution has specific requirements for a person to be a U.S. Congressional Representative, Senator and President. The words and phrases in the U.S. Constitution regarding the requirements of electing Congressional Representatives, Senators and Presidents are the realities America has followed since the late 1700s. The U.S. Constitution became a full reality in1789.

    What is the term used in psychiatry when a person or a group of individuals lose contact with a reality that has functioned and been followed for 220 years? The disconnected state is labeled psychosis. The specific definition of the word psychosis is:

    “any severe mental disorder in which contact with reality [such as the U.S. Constitution] is lost or highly distorted.”

    So how has America come to the point where two thirds of the citizenry and most of the corporate print and television news media have lost contact with the realities of the U.S. Constitution and live and function in a psychotic state? More bizarrely, why do the first and second division psychotics, label the third group as being racists, bigots or their favorite new buzz word “birthers” as if being a “birther” is a negative mental condition? Why do first and second division psychotics hurl their accusations as the current occupant of the White House cannot produce a real and certified U.S. birth document?

    We need look no further than the persons who nurtured, supported and promoted the previous and current occupants of the White House for the answers to these questions. The current occupant’s first job was provided by Henry Kissinger and then he became a protégée of Zbigneiw Brzezinski. Kissinger and Brzezinski are both Senior Fellows of the Center for Strategic Studies at Jesuit Georgetown University and belong to numerous other elite groups. These two individuals and their organizations are unabashed supporters of a One World Government and New World Order since the 1950s. These individuals and their organizations also inserted the previous occupant into the White House and they planned for and calculated there would be a back lash to the previous occupant’s power and policies.

    They control their created problem (previous White House occupant) and they provide their created solution (current White House occupant) but the base policies do not change. True power is when one group controls both the problem and the solution. The hideous torture still goes on at Guantanamo and other secret prisons while 50,000 additional troops with deadly remote controlled air drones pound Afghanistan and other countries. Since 2001, a flood of legislative bills have been presented and passed by both Democrats and Republicans that erode or outright cancel the liberties and freedoms of all humans on Earth.

    The previous occupant of the White House declared the U.S. Constitution was “just a god damn piece of paper.” However, divisions one and two as detailed above do not verbally berate the U.S. Constitution — they do one better (or worse) by condemning the U.S. Constitution with their disconnection from the realities set forth in that document related to the qualifications a person must have to be President of the United States. A citizen’s actions or passivity express their berating attitude and mental state far better than a politician’s words. Also a citizen’s actions or passivity are far more powerful and meaningful than a politician’s words.

    At this critical juncture in American History, persons like Kissinger and Brzezinski and groups such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Jesuit operated Center for Strategic Studies have placed a combination foreigner birthed, Manchurian Candidate and Pied Piper into the White House. And while Kissinger, Brzezinski and company promoted their current White House occupant as the solution to their previous White House occupant with the complicit corporate news media, millions of Americans lost contact with the realities of the U.S. Constitution and slipped into a whirlpool state of psychosis. When one provision of the U.S. Constitution is disregarded by the general public then the stage is set for an occupant of the White House to disregard and cancel other provisions related to the rights of free speech, religion, bear arms and self incrimination.

    The current occupant of the White House claims he was a Constitutional lawyer therefore he should be very familiar with the requirements to be President of the United States as specifically stated in the U.S. Constitution. However, a Constitutional lawyer spends little time in the courtroom but must publish papers or his reputation and function as a Constitutional lawyer perishes. The current occupant of the White House has yet to produce one paper he or his staff wrote regarding the U.S. Constitution. But the current occupant of the White House admitted in the summer of 2009 that he sucks nicotine into his body by inhaling smoke from blazing tobacco sticks at least four or five times a day. Usually a person who declares they have a four to five a day cigarette habit, have in reality, a one to three pack a day smoker addiction.

    If no authentic birth document is tendered or a genuine foreign birth document is presented in a federal court, then the current occupant of the White House knew he was not eligible to run for ANY federal public office. His actions rise to the highest level of fraud and he should be tried in a court of law for his alleged crime(s). But then before the 2008 election, most Americans knew as much about his foreign birth controversy as they did about his addiction to nicotine. In turn, the previous occupant of the White House should be tried for war crimes but the American public remains as passive and silent about that issue as they do about the current occupant of the White House being addicted to nicotine. Henry and Zbig are having a really good chuckle.

    As Americans deal with so many issues, the very small minority of persons implementing the One World Government and New World Order have spun the U.S. citizenry into a splintered and confused mob. But this dispersed mob is not armed with pitchforks and bats in a righteous freedom revolution but meekly sits in front of high definition entertainment while cowering in fear of the created and illusionary fiscal, “terrorism” and health crisis situations. Our captors know…United We Stand — Divided We Fall — as they bury our liberties and freedoms to implement their New World Order in an avalanche of fabricated fear.

    The reason why the names Bush and Obama have not be used in this article is because they are only symptoms of the problem. Had both George and Barack not been born, Henry and Zbig would have tapped others with the personalities, dynamics and results being the same.

    Now is the time for all divisions of the U.S. populace to shed the fear and psychosis and boldly connect with the realities set forth by our forefathers in the documents titled the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    United We Stand as the aware citizenry removes the occupants (Henry and Zbig’s boys and girls) in Washington D.C, all the state capitals and the corporate news media by only electing, listening to and working with dedicated persons who will thoroughly engage our reality into the foundations set forth in America during the late 1700s.

    There is a difference between a person qualifying for citizenship and a person qualifying to be a candidate for President of the United States. The U.S. Constitution is very specific about the qualifications for being a candidate for President– read this eighteenth century document for the details because there are no ambiguities but regretfully there are only smokescreens and distractions by volunteer and paid disinformation agents that write on this and other forums.

    No Federal court has decided the legitimacy, citizenship and qualifications of a Presidential candidate so any and all previous court cases are meaningless. In all previous court cases regarding Barry’s qualifications and citizenship, the defense has not cited any previous court cases because there are no previous court cases.

    The specific task of the disinformation agents is to throw as much mud and crap into the clear waters stated U.S. Constitution so the average citizen throws their arms up in confusion and disgust. Don’t be victim…keep your awareness and state-of-mind and heart penetrating through the mucked waters and fouled air created by Barry’s mud and fog “machine.”

    Barry was supposedly a “Constitutional” lawyer (published no papers) so he knows very well the qualifications for one to be a Senatorial and Presidential Candidate. Does he not release any kind a genuine and long-form birth certificate from any location, his passport, his school records, his driver’s license and so many other documents that would determine his citizenship AND his qualifications to be a Senatorial and Presidential candidate because he very well knows he definitely does not meet the criteria as a Federal level politician AND/OR a citizen?

    The secrecy and cloaking of EVERY document to make the true and certified determination of his qualifications for BOTH citizenship and being a Senatorial and Presidential candidate and the millions of dollars that have gone into hiding the cornucopia of documents by Barry’s legal and writer hit squads are so sad and very telling that he has to be a fraud and liar.

    And that is one of the key issues — Barry and his mentors Henry and Zbig know he does not qualify as a Senatorial and Presidential Candidate so his “machine” and henchmen have committed the highest form of fraud and deception on the America people.

    Anyone living in Hawaii, including government officials or a private citizen SAYING anyone is a citizen because they either have SEEN a long-form birth certificate or they BELIEVE there is a long-term birth certificate is HEARSAY in any court of law. Their observations are worthless but again Barry’s subversive agents on this forum and others attempt to create smokescreens and confusion with their baseless observations about hearsay statements and COLB (certificate of live birth). Are Barry’s henchmen writers on this forum ALL volunteers or are they paid mercenaries?

    A person using COLB to obtain a passport or birth certificate does not rise to the standards of and never will be the sole criteria a Federal Court will use or consider when qualifying a person as being a legitimate Senatorial or Presidential Candidate.

    Let there be no question that if indeed the document does exist, I want and desire a release of and a court of law to determine Barry’s long-form birth certificate issued by the state of Hawaii so Barry will exonerate himself from any potential criminal charges of fraud and obstruction of justice. I want this issue to be resolved as much as I want Barry to have been born in Hawaii. Regretfully what we want is sometimes not a reality and truth. And what anyone wants is not the qualifications for another person to be a candidate for Senator or President.

    So now that the smokescreens and diversions have been eliminated:

    Again just in case you missed the most important point, in July of 2009, a mother displayed a copy of a long-form birth certificate for her twin daughters that were born in the same hospital of the current occupant of the White House. The twins were born the day before the alleged birth date of the current occupant of the White House. All he has to do is present an identical certified long-form birth document and every one of the constitutional issues will be resolved. Why is there no transparency and honesty regarding a simple document that is supposedly in the files of the Hawaiian government?

    Because Barry is:

    1. a Kenyan Citizen
    2. an Indonesian Citizen
    3. a U.S. citizen but does not qualify as a candidate for ANY Federal political office.

    Sit down, take a deep breath and relax while you take the time to READ the U.S. Constitution and find your answers in the same document that also motivates Barry’s complete silence and concealing any revealing documents related to his true ancestry and birth.

    When you finish reading the U.S. Constitution, stay focused and determined and do not let Barry’s volunteer and paid disinformation agents muddle the clear waters and air stated in the U.S. Constitution.

    And hopefully the moderator of this forum believes in and follows the first amendment and does not censor me for pointing out the disinformation agents and “machine” running interference for the unqualified and fraudulent Barry for the past two to three years.

    Brian David Andersen

    A Non-Party Affiliated,
    Free, Independent &
    Very Proud “Birther”

    Comment by proudbirther | August 9, 2009 , 8:38PM

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