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Liberalism is a Sickness, Their Deranged Smears Will Never Stop

Random musings left at this post at AoSHQ: Team Palin: Um, No, We’re Not Divorcing; Please Stop Makin’ Things Up

“I don’t know how she stops this kind of crap. Most of the lefty blogs are more like supermarket tabloids. The same story is at the Huffington Post now. I read the originator of the story’s blog and towards the end after several updates he had another update.

Liberalism is a sickness.”

Posted by: robtr at August 01, 2009 05:48 PM

She can’t stop it. It will only stop when it actually stops working with the American public.

The Left started it with Dubya. Worked like a charm to brainwash the public and down down down went his approval ratings, nevermind that half the stuff they flung at him was BS.

They have been doing it with Rush to work like a charm. Even AllahPundit and ace and many others on the Right take the Left’s word for what Rush says, refusing to listen to his show or read his website themselves, but joining in to smear him and try to marginalize him and those conservatives such as myself who are big admirers and fans of his show and share his viewpoints.

Then they did it with Joe the Plumber without any repurcussions and then with Carrie Prejean without any repurcussions.

They then just recently did it with the ‘racist’ cop. It remains to be seen if that was an overreach or not or, like everything else, people will forget about it in a week, hear the next brilliant oratory from Obama and go back to worshiping him.

But this is not going to stop. That is the political reality we have now and which has been political reality since 2000. This is not going to stop and only get worse and worse and worse and worse… until the public finally stops falling for this crap or the Right finally grows a spine and fights back.

Sarah Palin has been doing her damndest to fight it in every way she can, but, guess what, she’s being criticized from both sides for doing just that. And people wonder why our GOP representatives are a bunch of pansies. Well, when our side doesn’t defend the good ones on our side from smears, then what do we expect?

This sh!t will stop only when we have politicians willing to fight back against this sh!t and supporters of those politicians who will support them and fight tooth and nail along with them.

But the attitude of “sit back and take the heat, because that is typical politics” and “don’t do this or that, because it’ll make us look bad” is NOT going to stop sh!t.

Posted by: Michael in MI at August 01, 2009 07:30 PM


Okay, here’s a serious question I would like ace or any of his co-bloggers to answer (I know I have earned no goodwill — especially over the past day — to expect to have anyone answer any of my questions, but nevertheless…):

Knowing that Obama and his marxist minions are expertly using the Alinsky Rules for Radicals playbook, with the full, willing support of the mass media, and knowing the American public is either completely ignorant of it or completely dismissive of that as some kooky conspiracy, what tactics are we to adopt in order to defeat this highly successful strategy and these tactics?

How do we adapt to this? I’m thinking along the lines of OODA (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act). Since the 2008 campaign, it seems we have been stuck in Observe, yet have done nothing to Orient, Decide and then Act to fight back against this crap.

Now, if ace and others are correct in that we can’t say certain things, can’t bring up certain topics, can’t say things in certain ways and have to play by the rules of our opponents, then seriously, what is the plan?

I’ve heard that we need to stick to policies and present alternatives. Well, we have been doing that — presenting facts and logic and historical examples of our policies working — and it doesn’t work. Hopenchanginess, Blame Bush, Isn’t it cool we have a Black President and Hey Look at Michelle’s Arms are winning the day. And when that doesn’t work, Hey Look at what a bigoted right-wing jackass is Rush Limbaugh/Glenn Beck/Sean Hannity/Fox News Channel, Hey look at those evil greedy doctors and insurance companies, hey look at those evil greedy wall streeters and big business CEOs, etc.

Now, the last 6 months, I’ve heard/read a lot of people simply criticizing our own side about their tactics in fighting back against this stuff, but I have yet to hear what is their plan. Don’t like “i hope he fails”, don’t like calling Obama a racist, don’t like calling him a socialist, don’t like calling him a communist, or a marxist, don’t like accusing him of corruption with firing IGs and closing certain car dealerships, etc etc etc… well what’s the plan then?

My plan? Hit him with anything and everything — factual anyway, not dumb stuff like calling him the anti-Christ — and build up a question in the minds of the public about this guy. Put it all together, connect the dots, do it all the time, every day, when he does something stupid, put it into context with his entire background… “he just appointed another czar… well that’s not surprising considering his background of communism, socialism and marxism, what did you expect of this guy?” Keep planting that seed. Over and over and over. Hit them with facts, more facts and more facts. Everything he does now, remind them of the past 6 months to show a pattern of behavior, and when they question the pattern, remind them of his background so they realize from where this ideology originates. Pound, pound, pound the message home. On every issue.

Do not let him off the hook and never let the public forget about his background, ALWAYS put things into context of his pattern and his background.

Posted by: Michael in MI at August 01, 2009 07:52 PM


August 1, 2009 , 11:20PM - Posted by | Barack Obama, Liberalism

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