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Why So Socialist?

I so want to see these posters be turned into bumper stickers and start popping up on car bumpers all across America like the poster is popping up all over Los Angeles, CA. heh


And these comments express my thoughts perfectly:

It’s not ugly, it’s reality. The joker would love to be able to do as much damage as Zero is attempting. Ugly is what has happened to this country. It’s become a nation of bastard 10 second attention span, lazy, crybaby p#ssies that don’t want to succeed, they f###ing want someone to take over their parent’s job and take care of them. I have no regard for what they think about anything. They disgust me.

Posted by: maddogg at August 03, 2009 08:51 PM


I think the reason that the lefties have their panties in a knot over this poster is threefold:

1) It nicely mocks the socialist workers paradise propaganda picture of the one that all the Obama losers have/had stuck on their cars or in their windows.

2) It reinforces the unstated but now increasingly accepted notion that Obama is a joker – a clueless affirmative action candidate that has no management, executive or really life experience and is completely out of his depth as the president of this country.

3) Just like the drive by attacks from Jon Stewart and similar sewer trout on Sarah Palin – this image sticks and stays with people in a very visceral way.

You know this thing hit the mark because of all the squealing from the lefties. I would love to get this on a sticker with identical dimensions to that nauseating “Dear Leader” one from the election. Driving around with that on my car would raise a few eyebrows around my sleepy suburban enclave here in NC.

Posted by: RDA at August 03, 2009 08:52 PM

August 3, 2009 , 10:03PM - Posted by | Barack Obama, Black Liberation Theology, Communism, Liberalism, Marxism, Saul Alinsky, Socialism

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