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This is What We are Fighting: Ignorance and Downright, Utter Stupidity

Comment I left at this post by ace at Ace of Spades HQ: Reverse Reagan: Obama Will Blow Up the Deficit So Enormously Even Conservatives Will Beg Him to Raise Taxes, to Stave off Fiscal Ruin

“This should come as no surprise. I remember during the campaign that O’s ultimate goal (although stated quietly and only once) was to explode everything that Reagan did. IOW’s, take federal spending to such a level that everyone’s taxes go up by double digits and negate the possibility of ever cutting taxes again. It was there for all to see, it’s just that too few people paid attention.”Posted by: volfan at August 04, 2009 03:19 PM

I don’t think that was it. The more I talk to Obama-lovers — who are still Obama apologists to this day, even in the face of facts and reality — the more I believe that people are just plain stupid. They paid attention just fine, they heard his words just fine, but the fact is that where we all knew and understood the ramifications of his proposals to be socialism, Marxism and taxing and spending us to hell, these people truly did not comprehend that… because they just don’t get it. They don’t understand basic economics, they don’t understand how anything works, they simply want something ‘fair’ and want unicorns and rainbows for everyone.

Seriously, I still am running into people who support Obama and these proven-to-be-failed policies. And it’s not because they haven’t paid attention. When I tell them all he’s doing, all he’s done, all he has planned and repeat his own words to them, they say ‘yeah, so?’. These people simply cannot comprehend economics. To them, it is all ideology and politics. If Obama and the Democrats say it = GOOD, if Bush or the GOP or Sarah Palin or Rush or Conservatives say it = BAD. Simple as that. No facts or historical reference or reality necessary.

This is what we are fighting: ignorance and downright, utter stupidity.

Posted by: Michael in MI at August 04, 2009 03:44 PM

And a great reply by AmishDude:

Michael in MI, I think they really don’t believe it. I heard some Obama biographer (not a bootlicker, but not at all critical either) saying that polling on the word “socialist” didn’t resonate because — get this — the American people simply assumed that a major party presidential candidate couldn’t be socialist.

It’s inconceivable that there are eugenicists in the administration, no matter that there are.

It’s inconceivable that there are advocates of mass euthanasia (with strong coersion or worse) in the administration, no matter that there are.

On top of that, Democrats are the party of the little guy and the poor, no matter that environmentalism hurts the poor especially hard.

Posted by: AmishDude at August 04, 2009 03:53 PM

Yep, this makes sense too. I failed to mention another tactic by the Obama-lovers that I came across during the campaign and still come across today when I present them with facts which go against their preconceived notions: those are just right-wing smears from Fox News Channel.

I kid you not, even when I have presented quotes from Obama’s own books or his past speeches or whatever, the typical response I get from these Obama-bots is “those right-wing/Fox News smears/lies.”

I have lost all my patience with these types of people. If they want to live in willful ignorance, then fine. I refuse to waste my time with them anymore.

Another good point:

Yeah. Bernardine Dohrn can’t be so bad if she’s a professor at Northwestern, and Ayers can’t really be a terrorist if he’s an education professor. The average American is clueless about the leftists’ long march through the institutions…… including their takeover of the Democrat Party.

Posted by: Marilena at August 04, 2009 03:59 PM

Yep. I brought up Rev Wright and Billy Ayers and the Weather Underground and the Chicago Annenberg Challenge all during the campaign — and still remind people to this day in order to provide context for the radical things Obama has been doing — and the response I got was “oh that’s nonsense, they’re just professors and that was a long time ago and besides, that info came from racist, right-wing Fox News Channel, so it’s bogus.”

How people can be that willingly stupid is beyond my comprehension.

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