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Debating an Obama-Lover — Part II

Another typical “discussion” with an Obama-lover on Obamacare.

[Part I is HERE]

SELF-PROCLAIMED GENIUS OBAMA-LOVER: There is not a collapse in support. There’s just really, really dumb people being bussed in to scream arguments that they’ve been given scripts for at events where people much smarter than they are are discussing things that these sh#theads are too stupid to understand.

COMMON SENSE AMERICAN: That’s exactly what the DNC is telling you, but the polls suggest otherwise, and I’m talking polls across the board and on average-all show a collapse of support for Obama+Dems on healthcare, spending and approval, and that collapse comes from independents, centrists, and moderates; ie the 7% of Americans who voted for Obama instead of McCain. This DNC ad is political propaganda. Why would anyone believe yet another claim that it’s a vast right wing conspiracy?

SELF-PROCLAIMED GENIUS OBAMA-LOVER: Because it is. I’ve seen the documents.

COMMON SENSE AMERICAN: Yep & I saw the docs showing that the dems deliberately worked to mislead people that the Iraq War was a Bushlied conspiracy (it’s called the Rockefeller Memo). I’ve no doubt the left and right are calling on groups to go to these meetings, but the support drop isn’t from the left or the right. It’s from the middle… a middle that used to be successfully misled by the left. It’s not like sending protest groups to confront elected officials is something new and shocking for the left – not since they did it incessantly for 8yrs.

Michael in MI: [COMMON SENSE AMERICAN] — Why do you bother?

SELF-PROCLAIMED GENIUS OBAMA-LOVER: Oh, look – it’s the guy who doesn’t know shit. Back for more abuse?

COMMON SENSE AMERICAN: SELF-PROCLAIMED GENIUS OBAMA-LOVER is a good friend. We debate and discuss. I know his heart is good, his morals are good, and that he’s just been misled (albeit repeatedly and without resistance).

COMMON SENSE AMERICAN B: SELF-PROCLAIMED GENIUS OBAMA-LOVER, why do you always have to cuss and call people names? it is very unattractive.

SELF-PROCLAIMED GENIUS OBAMA-LOVER: I use simple, easy to understand colloquial American English.

SELF-PROCLAIMED GENIUS OBAMA-LOVER: BTW, – we are not allowed to have this discussion in Florida. ##### would most likely murder me.

COMMON SENSE AMERICAN: Oh I know. Like I said, I know YOU. I respect you. You’re an intelligent guy. You just doubt everything from the right, and almost nothing from the left. I have the luxury of time and the ability to search multiple sources and find the consensus of what’s really going on. That’s it.

SELF-PROCLAIMED GENIUS OBAMA-LOVER B: ‘Again the right wing fear/corporate/lobbyists machine is doing its job with its propaganda and half truths. If you scream it loud enough and repeatedly many will believe. Then at that point the truth no longer matters.

Health care reform is a huge deal and everyone is an easy target. Fear and doubt once induced is a powerful motivator and tends to not go away easily even after it’s proven to be a false fear. The “War on Terror” “The War on Drugs” “Terrorism” “Socialism” all very powerful catch phrases. It all just sickens me to no end. Whoever has the best pr firm and the more money will this fight. The “Truth” is a very muddy and relative term.

I have to same strong feelings on this matter and others and usually completely agree with SELF-PROCLAIMED GENIUS OBAMA-LOVER. I feel the need to curse, and yell and even kick ass but I refrain. I have no idea why though lol.

Michael in MI: “SELF-PROCLAIMED GENIUS OBAMA-LOVER is a good friend. We debate and discuss. I know his heart is good, his morals are good, and that he’s just been misled (albeit repeatedly and without resistance).”

That does not explain why you bother. One side presenting facts and the other side responding with “you’re a f#cking ret#rd, because I said so, because I am ten times smarter than you and everyone else on the planet” is not “debate” or discussion of anything. And someone who willingly allows himself to be misled repeatedly is not a sign of any kind of intelligence. And I disagree with COMMON SENSE AMERICAN B… cussing out one’s debate opponents is not “unattractive”, it is being an a-hole.

Now, I have yet to see the self-proclaimed genius provide any facts from the bill whatsoever. Instead, I have seen nothing but cussing, attacks and accusations of “scare tactics”… and his feelings about what should be. If you consider that to be good morals and intelligence, then you must have different definitions of such than me.

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