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Debating an Obama-Lover — Part I

This is a “discussion” — to the point that it can be considered as such, considering the Obama-lover’s nonsense — I had with a Facebook friend and his Obama-lover friend regarding Obamacare. This is typical of the conversations I have had lately with Obama-lovers. In the past 2 weeks, I have had a Facebook friend (now former Facebook friend) call me a “Republican racist”, another say I was “ignorant” and now this internet tough guy say I am a “f#cking ret#rd”… all simply because I have been posting link after link, source after source, fact after fact after fact opposing Obamacare and exposing it for the craptacular mess that it is.

People wonder why I have no part of liberals — especially Obama-lovers — in my life, either online or in my real life. Well, here’s a prime example of my interactions with liberals and Obama-lovers:

Letter to cancer patient says her govt healthcare will pay for her suicide, but not her chemotherapy


SPRINGFIELD, Ore. – Barbara Wagner has one wish – for more time.”I’m not ready, I’m not ready to die,” the Springfield woman said. “I’ve got things I’d still like to do.”

Sooner or later EVERYONE gets mortally sick or mortally injured; we all die. Is this the kind of healthcare we want when our life is in jeopardy; govt healthcare? It is if you are a Democrat. Republicans choose life.




COMMON SENSE AMERICAN A: SELF-PROCLAIMED GENIUS OBAMA-LOVER, did you watch the news report? Where’d you hear it was untrue? If so, I hope that TV station does a retraction.

SELF-PROCLAIMED GENIUS OBAMA-LOVER: It’s all bullshit scare tactics.

MICHAEL IN MI: Yeah, Obama and his minions in the media have definitely been using a lot of BS scare tactics with regards to healthcare, that is for sure.

COMMON SENSE AMERICAN A: They don’t say anything about national healthcare in the news report, and I don’t see anything in it to back up the claim that it’s “scare tactics” or even a false report. In fact, they even interview the manager of the program in it.

Still haven’t watched it, eh?

MICHAEL IN MI: Doesn’t matter to the Left, COMMON SENSE AMERICAN A. If they say it is BS “scare tactics”, then it is so, regardless of any facts existing to back up the claim or not.

COMMON SENSE AMERICAN A: Never question The One

MICHAEL IN MI: In the past week, I have been called a racist for presenting the facts about Obamacare and had another liberal say that I was ignorant of the facts. When I presented her with 10 different sources to back up my facts, she said they were Republican sites and she wasn’t going to read them. One of them was a YouTube of Obama’s own words about single-payer and nationalized healthcare. Didn’t matter. I was simply ignorant and she wasn’t going to listen to me or read any of the facts I provided.

My patience with these people is zero.

COMMON SENSE AMERICAN A: Yeah, but this isn’t a report from some right wing site. It’s from an ABC affiliate KATU.

MICHAEL IN MI: You don’t understand Obama-lovers, COMMON SENSE AMERICAN A. And I’m serious when I say this. If a mass media outlet is criticizing The One, they are a right-wing site. I’m dead serious. That is how these people are, at least the ones I have been dealing with the past few weeks. It is beyond aggravating.

SELF-PROCLAIMED GENIUS OBAMA-LOVER: “Dr. Som Saha, chairman of the commission that sets policy for the Oregon Health Plan, said Wagner is making an “unfortunate interpretation” of the letter and that no one is telling her the health plan will only pay for her to die.”

So is he out and out lying?

This shouldn’t be about left and right, it should be about helping people to get insurance, and basically you’re a #sshole if you think that’s a bad idea. You automatically make yourself look like a f#cking ret#rd when you call it Obamacare, and I think you know that. You’re just not smart enough to give a sh#t.

MICHAEL IN MI: Ah yes, more name calling. Have you even bothered to read the Obamacare bill, tough internet name calling guy?

COMMON SENSE AMERICAN A: T/F the letter said it would not pay for chemo

T/F the letter said it would pay for suicide

The doc’s covering his ass. They showed the letter.

SELF-PROCLAIMED GENIUS OBAMA-LOVER: Yes, I have, not-tough internet know-not-a-f#cking-thing guy.

COMMON SENSE AMERICAN A: Fact remains, govt would not pay for treatment, but would pay for her to die or for pain killers till she dies (the Brit and Canadian programs are doing the latter too now)

SELF-PROCLAIMED GENIUS OBAMA-LOVER: And I believe the doctor when he says she is misinterpreting the letter. It’s no different than Michelle “Batsh#t Insane” Malkin going on tv yesterday and claiming that every 5 years they are going to evaluate old people to see if they should continue to treat them or not. F#CKING LIES. All of them.

MICHAEL IN MI: Yep, and Obama explicitly stated that as well, COMMON SENSE AMERICAN A. He said that people would be told that they probably shouldn’t be given X or Y treatment and maybe they would be better off with just taking a pain killer. That is from the horse’s ass’s mouth himself. Yet genius up there — who claims he read the bill and is so much smarter than dumb*** ignorant me — claims this is all “scare tactics”.

Again, this is the third lib in the past week I have come across who has shown themselves to be a complete tool when it comes to this topic, only having the capacity to name-call. Brilliant.


Obama: “Take a pill”

Yet, I don’t know a f***ing thing. Right. Idiot.

SELF-PROCLAIMED GENIUS OBAMA-LOVER: I’m 10 times smarter than you, so I feel well within my rights to call you what you are: a f#cking tool.

SELF-PROCLAIMED GENIUS OBAMA-LOVER: How do you sleep at night, knowing that you are bald faced lying to keep health insurance from people who can’t afford it. Are you proud of yourself for that?

MICHAEL IN MI: You must be pretty smart since you don’t know a thing about me except for a few comments on COMMON SENSE AMERICAN A’s links, YET you just KNOW you are smarter. Brilliant.

Anyway, COMMON SENSE AMERICAN A, here’s a pretty good article on topic here:

MICHAEL IN MI: Explain the “bald face lie”.

COMMON SENSE AMERICAN A: Ok so….they are gonna pay for her chemo or not? Are they willing to pay for her suicide or not? This isn’t about getting healthcare to 1/7 the US population, but about the extent of healthcare. Obama himself said (as the video shows) it might be more affordable to take a pill than get treatment.

SELF-PROCLAIMED GENIUS OBAMA-LOVER: I think that her chemo is going to get paid for. I think this is a misunderstanding, and that people who are against the health care plan are using this to scare old people into being against it. You’ll notice that everyone who is screaming the loudest against this are already insured.

COMMON SENSE AMERICAN A: 6/7 Americans are already insured, so that’s not a big leap of faith for a guess. Where did you see she’s gonna get covered?

MICHAEL IN MI: Yeah, 90% of the country has health insurance already. So it’s not a big leap to find people against it when it costs more and makes healthcare worse. Logic would say that 100% of people would be against something that costs more for worse service.

Also, COMMON SENSE AMERICAN A, you may like this about the so-called 47 million uninsured:

COMMON SENSE AMERICAN A: I’m all for a 6 month or even a 1yr govt welfare health insurance coverage, but we have that now. I (like Repubs) want to see some reform, but the question I have is why $2TRILLION when $21bn would do the job for that 1/6-1/7 of the nation?

SELF-PROCLAIMED GENIUS OBAMA-LOVER: You only think it makes healthcare worse. But, if you feel ok about yourself trying to scare people and keeping insurance away from those who can’t afford it, that’s fine with me. I, on the other hand, think that EVERYONE should have health insurance – it’s better for the nation, better for the economy, and morally, it’s the right thing to do. I even think scare-mongering douchebags like you should have insurance. So not only am I smarter than you, but I’m also morally superior.

MICHAEL IN MI: COMMON SENSE AMERICAN A — You may like this article also:

COMMON SENSE AMERICAN A: This report isn’t about the quantity of coverage, but about the quality of it.

-She will not get her chemo paid for
-They will pay for her suicide

that’s the fact about the quality of coverage we can expect from govt programs. Nothing shy of proof she’s going to get her chemo paid for will dispute those facts.

MICHAEL IN MI: What I want is for people to have the choice of having health insurance or not, and to have the choice of private insurance. What I do not want is for people to have no choice but bad government rationing healthcare. I am pro-choice when it comes to health insurance. Government health insurance is anti-choice, driving private insurance out of business and forcing people (1) to have no choice but government insurance and (2) have no choice but to get health insurance whether they want it or not.

And you are neither smarter nor morally superior, you are simply an insecure a-hole who makes himself feel better by tearing others down. I feel sorry for you.

COMMON SENSE AMERICAN A: Enough w the name calling guys. It’s as useful as blaming Bush or whining about Republicans when there’s a supermajority; ie does nothing but distracts from conversation and points

COMMON SENSE AMERICAN A: Is the lady getting her chemo covered by the govt program?

SELF-PROCLAIMED GENIUS OBAMA-LOVER: I don’t need to waste my time tearing you down. Smarter, morally superior, and more of a man than you’ll ever be. Find someone closer to your intellect to play with. You’re wasting my time with talking points that you don’t even understand.

COMMON SENSE AMERICAN A: The ABC affiliate video is not a talking point-it’s about a woman w govt coverage who will not get her medical treatment paid for, but will have her suicide paid for. If there’s a report that she’s getting coverage out there, I’d like to see it.

MICHAEL IN MI: COMMON SENSE AMERICAN A — You are correct. With Obamacare, we will have no choice and will be stuck with whatever Obamacare decides for us. With the example of the 105-year old woman, she went to a doctor who said she needed a pacemaker. She wanted it , but the doc said it wasn’t worth it to give it to her, since she was 100. So she went to another doc, he said he liked her spirit and spunk and said he would give her one. 5 years later, she is still going. Obama EXPLICITLY stated that we can’t make decisions on “spirit and spunk”.

So, under Obamacare, that lady would not get her pacemaker. These are not “scare tactics”, regardless of how many Obama-lovers want to call them that. Obama himself stated that doctors will not be making decisions on spirit and spunk. Obama himself stated the goal was to eliminate private coverage and only have government coverage. Yet Obama-lovers say the RIGHT is using scare tactics. I didn’t know using Obama’s own gawddamned words was “scare tactics”.

COMMON SENSE AMERICAN A: The question is simple: is the govt program going to pay for this woman’s treatment y/n? No, but they’ll pay for her to kill herself or to be drugged up until she dies.

COMMON SENSE AMERICAN A: ” I didn’t know using Obama own gawddamned words was “scare tactics”.”

Yes, and it’s often called racist too

COMMON SENSE AMERICAN B: Guys, that’s enough. Let’s all agree to disagree, OK?

COMMON SENSE AMERICAN C: I agree with CSAB. But on one hand the side that does not agree with Obama and his crap is always supposed to just sit back and shut up… hmmm Our soap boxes are not high enough… the bottom line is it is about America! with all due repsect Obama has done nothing for America, Democrat or Republican.

COMMON SENSE AMERICAN A: 38 days until I start using the phrase, “[today’s bad news event] happened on Obama’s watch”

SELF-PROCLAIMED GENIUS OBAMA-LOVER: “with all due repsect Obama has done nothing for America, Democrat or Republican.”

You’re just not used to a President who actually gives a sh#t about Americans that are not rich, white, republicans. You’ll get used to it. You’ll probably even like it. It’s nice when you have a leader who cares about EVERYONE in the country. We haven’t had that since the late 90’s.

COMMON SENSE AMERICAN A: baseless rhetoric that’s counter to his call for an end to the divisive politics of old. If he can’t lead his most devout supporters to follow that simple call, then there’s no reason to believe he’ll ever surpass his Senatorial list of accomplishments

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