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Debating an Obama-Lover — Part III

This actually should have been Part I, since I had this “debate” first back on July 26th, but no matter. This is just yet another prime example of what I talked about in this post about dealing with people who are ignorant and utterly stupid. Here’s the money quote from this “debate”:

OBAMA-LOVING PARROT: I choose to wait and see what happens. I am not going to condemn Barack Obama. As of far he has been a far more honest President than many and I happen to have my own views. I have a right to want to support him and I am not arguing anymore.

Got that? As of July 26th, 2009, after a campaign of doing nothing but lying, and after 6 months in the office of the Presidency doing nothing but lying, this Obama-lover STILL considers Obama “a far more honest President than many”.

I just have no idea how to combat this utter ignorance and mind-blowing stupidity.


JULY 26, 2009

Is Obama overexposed?


Yes, the President of the United States has become omnipresent on the tube, most recently talking about health-care reform, the deficit and race in his address to the nation on Wednesday night. The hour-long broadcast was his fourth prime-time presidential press conference.

All day, all-Obama, every channel… enough already.


OBAMA-LOVING PARROT: Well? he is informing us on what he wants to happen. And he wants the heatlhcare to be passed. So, therefore, he will show himself on tv 24-7 until people feel comfortable:)

MICHAEL IN MI: The more he goes on TV, the more he exposes himself as the communist, racist putz that he is and the more his poll numbers go down. So I hope his handlers keep putting him out there to keep making a fool of himself.

OBAMA-LOVING PARROT: That is your opinion, MICHAEL IN MI. My opinion is that he is an honest person working for the American People and other than facebook I have not heard a bad thing about him. He walked into a literal mess. You know it. Man, can’t people just respect someone who is the President of the United States. They cannot believe that the underdog made it, that’s all it is. Not only here but at work, in personal life etc. There are people that rise to the top that others think would never be anything. And than when they do they have hatred and jealousy.

MICHAEL IN MI: I judge a person by the company he keeps, OBAMA-LOVING PARROT. Thus, my opinion is based on his associates, his background and his entire political career. If you choose to ignore such things, that is your prerogative.

OBAMA-LOVING PARROT: He is a well rounded person who keeps company with all sorts of people. He doesn’t have a particular “type of person” he talks to. Just because you dislike a couple people he talks to doesn’t mean he associates with all of the same types of people.

AMERICAN JS: If you haven’t heard a bad thing about Obama, then you must not read the news. Or you pick and choose. Even the biggest papers out there like the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times run articles that are critical of his proposals. If you only get your news from Katie Couric, you’re missing out on a lot of things.

AMERICAN JF: I asked myself that OBAMA-LOVING PARROT when George Bush was President or about the former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, can’t people just respect them? I am sure you were as outraged by how “certain people” and members of the press disrepected them also Right?

OBAMA-LOVING PARROT: I hear lots of bad things about him. But I choose to look at the overall picture and do my own research. So, therefore, I make my own conclusions which tell me he is a typical democrat, thinks like a typical democrat and is doing what he believes in. He is working for the best interest of the American People. And his beliefs happen to be mine.

MICHAEL IN MI: I see. Care to share some examples of these “all sorts of people” he talks to? “A couple people he talks to”. That’s rich. A spiritual mentor of 2 decades who is an America-hating racist. A political ally who started his political career and hired him to run the Chicago Annenberg Challenge who is an America-hating Communist unaplogetic domestic terrorist who attempted to mass murder American military members and their families. Tony Rezko who gave him some nice land deals in Chicago. Frank Marshall Davis, the Communist, who mentored him as a boy. And now we hear of his good buddy Skip Gates who is a race-baiting professor, with whom Obama sides without knowing the facts and smears cops as racist. Not surprising, considering he spent 20 years at a racist, America-hating Black Liberation Theology Church.

All of which you classify as “a couple people he talks to”.


I haven’t even gotten into his Science Czar who is for forced abortions and euthanasia. Or…

MICHAEL IN MI: …his racist Wise Latina US Supreme Court pick. Or his Administration choices who cheat on their taxes and can’t figure out how to work Turbo Tax. Or his broken promise to keep out lobbyists. Or his firing of an Inspector General to help one of his buddies in California.

I could go on and on. But I suspect you don’t care about any of these actual details. You simply want to pontificate about him being “well rounded” (based on no evidence) and an “underdog” (which is nonsense as he has been a man of privilege his entire career, from schooling to university to his time in Chicago and his time in the IL State Legislature. Everywhere he has gone, he has gotten perks and setting him up for success, not to mention a sycophantic press which refuses to challenge him on anything and simply serves as his propaganda outlet for his socialist, economy-destroying policies).

Well, that’s fine. As you said, we have our opinions. I now know yours.

OBAMA-LOVING PARROT: First of all, that “racist Wise Latina US Supreme Court pick” also worked under the Bush Administration. She is noone new. She also worked under the Clinton Administration. LMAO. As for his career, he has not been given perks. He has worked hard. He followed in the path that was meant for him to follow and became accomplished by traveling these paths. When he worked for Community Organizing, I am sure he was not thinking “O yeh I am gonna do this cuz it will make me President one day.” No, he did it cuz it was something he believed in and it just so happened that everything that he believed him led him on the path to the President of the United States.

OBAMA-LOVING PARROT: And also, look up Sotomoyer and find out what she did for Bush, you may be surprised. O, but it’s okay, she was okay than.

AMERICAN KH: OBAMA-LOVING PARROT… it’s NOT about hatred, jealousy, or underdogs. Where is that coming from? Michael’s not some sort of elitist… nor am I. It’s not some crazed Republican take on things… there are documented & substantiated FACTS which can be evaluated or ignored & rationalized away. It’s about the man’s policies (and associations) which, when honestly & critically evaluated, match up with those of Marxists/statists. Don’t take MY word for it, research it for yourself. Knowledge is power. You say you have & that he is a “typical Democrat.” That suggests whatever research you did was biased. Respectfully, he is not a “typical Democrat” or he wouldn’t be having such a hard time w/ his own side on issues including health care AND Cap & Tax. He may “talk” to a lot of ppl, but those in his innermost circle are RADICAL MARXISTS.

If you embrace the policy positions of socialism, that is up to you. As they say, we are each entitled to our opinions, but we are not entitled to our own set of facts.

OBAMA-LOVING PARROT: AMERICAN KH, I am not saying that Michael is an elitist and maybe I was too hard on him but Hilary Clinton had the same problem with the healthcare that Obama is having and at this time there are some democrats that are worried about public support so they are not agreeing. As for the jealousy, hatred and underdog thing I didn’t exactly say that Michael himself was that person, but there are many people who make the most ignorant comments which I than conclude to that. It wasn’t Michael’s comment. It has been other one’s today. And Michael, btw I am sorry if I was too harsh…. I am gonna just lay low until I get in a better mood.:)

OBAMA-LOVING PARROT: Actually, Michael, I just reread my comments and I really was harsh. I don’t know you and maybe I was trying to be mean to get my point of view across and to make you feel bad. Which is what people have done to me before on facebook. Never, and you certainly didn’t either. And I am sorry cuz I shouldn’t have come across like that:)

AMERICAN CL: I’m not aware of any organization called ‘Community Organizing’, much less one that Obama worked for… I’m also unaware of any actual accomplishment/activity Barack Obama performed to increase the ‘organization’ of his ‘community’. I have yet to have anyone tell me what he actually DID. (Which may be because the answer is somewhere in the ballpark of ‘not a damn thing’.)

OBAMA-LOVING PARROT: He was a Community Organizer with very low pay in Chicago. Do a search on the internet or look it up in books and you will see. He talks about his life as a Community Organizer in his book “memoirs of my father”. Also, the Republicans were making fun of him being a Community Organizer when he was running his campaign. It was a big joke to them that a Community Organizer would be running for President of the United States.

OBAMA-LOVING PARROT: And that’s what I meant by underdog.:) Also, him coming from a middle class family with no Politicians that I know of anyway in this family. His family was middle class. He only was able to go to the school due to getting a scholarship. And he stayed behind when his mother left so that he could finish school there. His upbringing was not the typical family life of a Politician either. It’s kinda funny tho, that the Politicians that are Democrat sometimes did not have the typical family life that Republicans say should be. Mayb they may understand people’s circumstances???:)

AMERICAN KH: “Community organizer” in Chicago translates into “political first rung cred”… it’s not as altruistic as it sounds… although that is how they couch it. That’s why some on the right raz him for it… it’s a position designed to achieve political ends, and if ppl manage to do some good in the process that’s a plus. It’s transparent to those who follow the money and know politics from the inside. Right now in our local papers you can find comm org jobs. The left has money from behind the scenes rich players such as Soros and Stryker and they need the ppl on the streets to organize like the unions do in the shops to push the players’ agendas. So, is the ivy league lawyer raised in pricey Hawaii and abroad actually an “underdog”? Not really, though I see where you’d see it that way. Some ppl think that just bc of his race or bc his mom raised him (with his grandparents). Most of those are on the left… go figure. LOTS of ppl are middle class with no politicians in their families.

AMERICAN KH: LOTS of ppl are raised by one parents due to death or divorce, etc. LOTS go to school on scholarships. On the flip side, LOTS of Republicans also don’t have the “typical” family life, despite your suggestion above to the contrary. Again, you suggest that somehow Dems understand ppl better. I have addressed that ridiculousness enough times and don’t feel the need to do so again this evening. It’s insulting and factually incorrect. Continuing to say it won’t make it any less incorrect. The assertions you made don’t hold up when you read them back and think. I don’t know what it is about him, but it seems many on the left simply view him as more than the sum of his parts and project some internal beliefs onto his situation and person. It’s a rather interesting, if irksome, phenomenon.

MICHAEL IN MI: AMERICAN KH — The other thing about the whole “community organizer” background is that, in addition to not being anywhere near a qualification for executive office, he was a complete failure as a community organizer. He accomplished nothing as a community organizer and he accomplished nothing during his time on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge trying to indoctrinate schools in Chicago with left-wing radicalism of his buddy Billy Ayers, whose money he was using to fund the CAC activities.

I have a lot of things on my resume about my past experience in my working career. When I go to an interview, I can’t simply rattle off my past job titles, hiring managers expect me to expand on my experiences and explain my successes. They then call any references I provide and ask them to verify if what I stated about my time there is true.

Obama, on the other hand, just rattles off that he worked as a community organizer and then expects that to be enough to qualify him. Nevermind that he has ZERO…

MICHAEL IN MI: …accomplishments during his time as a community organizer, did nothing to help anyone as a State Legislator (except give out big $$$ grants to his wife’s hospital, where his wife also got a huge salary for pretty much doing nothing, except shuffling off people to other hospitals so her hospital’s stats for treating people looked good), he did nothing but vote “Present” (well, except on the Born Alive Infants Act where he adamantly stood up for the right to murder babies and let them die if they survive the abortion) while he was in the State Legislature and had Emil Jones attach his name to bills which were authored by other Democrats, because Emil Jones wanted to make Obama President.

In his entire career, he has absolutely ZERO accomplishments. Oh sure, he wrote two biographies, one of which was based off the rantings of his racist religious mentor of 2 decades and the other which was ghost written by his terrorist buddy Billy Ayers. Regardless of that, I didn’t know that…

MICHAEL IN MI: …writing 2 autobiographies was now a good qualification for the Presidency. Who knew! 🙂

The fact is, this guy is the most radical left-wing politician we have had in our recent history in America. And he lies about it, the mass media covers up his radical left-wing past and when the mask slips and Obama reveals himself (Billy Ayers, Rev Wright, Henry Gates, “typical white person”, “clinging to guns and Bible”, etc) his cult followers STILL give him a complete pass, thinking “oh no, he couldn’t possibly be a radical left wing racist, no no no. He’s just swell! He talks about Hope and Change and Yes We Can and he’s articulate (when he’s reading a teleprompter, otherwise it’s uh, umm, uh, 57 States, speak Austrian, um uh).

The problem is our populace is so dumbed down and has no idea about how things work (businesses, taxes, economy, healthcare) that they fall for ignorant, empty slogans about each topic.

AMERICAN CL: Definitely couldn’t have said it better myself… AMEN.

(Notice we still have no answer to what Obama actually DID…? Not that I’m surprised…)

MICHAEL IN MI: Oh and there’s also his recent gaffe where he accused all doctors of doing unnecessary tests and recommending unnecessary surgeries solely for money, instead of the best interests of their patients. Topped it off with saying they take tonsils out of kids for money.

This dope has not a damn clue what he is talking about, but he just likes to stoke hatred about whatever group he deems will help him achieve his power. It’s pathetic. Even more pathetic that people give him a pass on this obvious radicalism.

AMERICAN CL: Well, if you listen to any liberal: it’s all about the “victims”. Victims who are not responsible for any aspect of their lives or the outcomes of their decisions. This is how Democrats win elections.

Supposed victims + “Poor, poor you – here let us help you by giving you other people’s money/making a government program for that” + uninformed general populace = Democrat victory

Never mind that their situation never improves and never mind that the number of those ‘trodden-upon’ is ever-increasing… that just gives the Democrats more leverage when they stumble upon an election year. Pathetic.

OBAMA-LOVING PARROT: AMERICAN CL, I disagaree with you. You cannot say why people are Democratic. There are a number of reasons. There are people of all income levels that are Democratic. People don’t need other people’s money but they do not like dishing it out either to people like Pharmaceutical and Insurance companies making them rich while we have low quality insurace. I would rather give my money to a healthcare plan that in turn gives insurance to people that need it.

As for the Community Organizing and Barack Obama: I disagree. We all go thru stages in our life on a path to eventually lead us to where we will be. Barack I am sure was not thinking at that time. “O yeh, I will do this so that I can become President one day”. He did it at the time because he believed in it. And he wanted to organize a community to come together to advocate for themselves. He did it bacause it was his interest. It led him to other things, of course and on a path toward his Presidency. But at that time,

OBAMA-LOVING PARROT: where he was he was not thinking that one day he would become President of the United States. Community Organizing for the position that he had was extremely low pay and hard long hours dealing with members of the community who didn’t have a clue how to make their community better. He was at the low end of he totum pole. It’s not government funded. And it actually works. And as for him getting made fun of for doing it. That’s exactly what happened. I heard it with my own ears. I heard John McCain say “Community Organizer, what is that?” I heard Sarah Palin make fun of it. I heard many others make fun of it.

MICHAEL IN MI: “It’s not government funded. And it actually works.”

Right. The only “community organizing” that “work[ed]” for Obama was his training of ACORN in their race-hustling and illegal voter registration and voter fraud activities. Other than that, nothing Obama did while a “community organizer” “work[ed]”.

And the reason he was made fun of for claiming that as some sort of qualification for office is because he accomplished absolutely nothing while doing it. He was an utter failure and he never once explained what he did as “community organizer” which was so great as to qualify him to be Chief Executive of the United States. Hell “community organizer” doesn’t qualify *anyone* to be chief executive of a car wash. That’s why it was such a joke and he was rightly ridiculed.

Compared to Sarah Palin’s experience as a mayor, being a part of the energy industry, and then being a governor and compared to Senator McCain’s decades long experience in the US Senate, to prop oneself up…

MICHAEL IN MI: …as better qualified to be President based on being a failed “community organizer” is an utter joke.

Unless you care to enlighten us all here as to what brilliant accomplishments Obama has in his careers as “community organizer” (and training the race-baiters and voter fraud scum at ACORN does not count), IL State Legislator (other than giving grants to his wife’s hospital and crusading to make sure doctors are forced to leave babies born alive from abortions to die) and his 150-some odd days in the US Senate (where the only thing he championed was a Global Poverty Act which would have taxed every American in the country for $800 Billion to send the United Nations)…?

AMERICAN CL: OBAMA-LOVING PARROT – If you read what I wrote, I never said that’s “why” people are Democrats. I said that Democrats USE the victim mentality to win elections (with the assistance of an ignorant general populace… which includes many individuals who couldn’t even tell you what Democrats believe if you paid them.)

Something I also never said: that Barack Obama “knew” he wanted to be President one day and that’s why he became a “community organizer”. (I mean, I know that’s the first thing I think when I think “President of the United States” is “effective community organizer”, but that’s beside the point…) A “community organizer” is such a made-up, generic, BS term that it’s actually laughable. No one had ever heard of it before this last election cycle.

Furthermore, a question I have asked 3 times now and MICHAEL IN MI has asked at least once that I’ve noted, but we have yet to receive an answer to: What did Barack Obama DO when he was a “community organizer”? What did he actually ACCOMPLISH?

AMERICAN CL: I would like to politely request it in list-form. No “talking around the question”… Here, I’ll start:



MICHAEL IN MI: AMERICAN CL — You could actually make it an even simpler question and ask “What did Barack Obama DO during any point of his political career?” Beyond giving speeches, I don’t know of one concrete thing he accomplished during his entire public career as a “community organizer”, race hustler with ACORN and Rev Wright at TUCC, IL State Legislator or US Senator. Last I knew, graduating college, giving speeches and winning elections didn’t qualify one for executive positions. But, that is the standard and precedent 69+ million Americans set last NOV. Brilliant.

That said, I wait with baited breath for the list of Obama’s accomplishments as community organizer…

By the way, anyone know if Obama ever kept his 2006 promise to the school kids in Kenya?

MICHAEL IN MI: I also don’t think he accomplished anything during his time in charge of the funds for Billy Ayers’ Chicago Annenberg Challenge.

OBAMA-LOVING PARROT: First of all, Christi, I have always known what a Community Organizer is. And so have many other people. It is not a made up name. And when he was being made fun of for this position the Politicians knew exactly what a Community Organizer is. A Community Organizer is usually a person at the low end of the totum pole who helps gather people together in that community who are poverty. What do they do? Nothing to gain National Attention. It has to be in your heart to help people in order to do it. Many of the women are single women with children. Many of the children have turned to drugs. Many fathers are not around. They live in poor conditions in “low income housing” situations. They often have a hard time getting repairs done. The Community Organizer gathers the Community members together and helps them learn to advocate for themselves. To stick up for themselves. To learn that just because a “big shot” says something is true does not mean that it is.

OBAMA-LOVING PARROT: The Community Organizer assists the people in advocating for money, grants and helps them become assertive in regards to schooling for their children. Just because a teacher says something doesn’t make it right. A Community Organizer helps them learn self-respect. When there is something wrong with their apartment buildings such as lead or something dangerous the Community Organizer will hold team meetings and organize a meeting with the city if not taken care of and often go to the public eye if not done. So, that my dear is what a Community Organizer does. They receive very low pay. Let’s see? If I wanted to become a Community Organizer at this time I may make around 20,000 a year, roughly 10.00 an hour with no insurance working for the people all hours probly around 40-60 hours weekly. So, exactly what he did you can read his book. But I just provided you with an overall pic. of what he did. The job is not hard to understand. It’s just another job in the field of

OBAMA-LOVING PARROT: in the field of Social Work in my opinion. And no, I have never ever heard of another Community Organizer becoming the President of the United States. But they have been other things. And Barack talks about his job as a Community Organizer because I am sure he is proud of it. Not only is he proud of it but he was able to work with a population that he is now able to relate to seeing as he lived in the same neighborhood and became a part of the community. So, I would suggest that you never put down someone for helping mankind unless you know in your full heart and are absolutely positively sure that he did it distastefully. God knows what his intentions were and it really doesn’t matter too much about what anyone else thinks about his Community Organizing. because to be honest we need more people to do it. Any Volunteers??

OBAMA-LOVING PARROT: Well, guys, just to let you know:) I was offline before so therefore, I could not answer your question.:):)

AMERICAN KH: Sincere, compassionate people can use a spot like “community organizer” to do some good things. Power hungry, arrogant elitists with political ambitions (which it is WELL documented he has long had) typically use it as a resume-builder, ego-stroke from helping “unfortunate victims,” and as a political stepping stone to develop connections in target communities. I do not wear rosy glasses on this. You can choose to if it suits your prejudged narrative. I am simply AMAZED you can’t see the road map drawn from the documentation of his academic and professional life which to many is as plain as the nose on our face.

MICHAEL IN MI: Let’s see… 1,2,3 long-winded posts of ‘community organizer… blah blah blah’ and not anywhere in there did the Obama-lover explain what Obama accomplished either as a “community organizer” in Chicago or in his entire political career. 39 comments in this thread and the only people who seem to know any details about Obama’s background are the non-Obama-lovers. Says a lot.

OBAMA-LOVING PARROT: You need to not call me “Obama Lover” There are many things he did. I told you above. Everything he did, I described. If you would like to know specifically he worked with the schools, and problems at the apartment buildings.

AMERICAN KH, You say what you want. I am not gonna bash someone for doing good for others. Obama did what he believed in at that time. Living and working and getting to know the poverty. Now he can relate to them and is working on policies to continue to help them.

AMERICAN KH: Do you honestly believe EVERYTHING that comes out of that man’s or his ghostwriter’s mouth? Honestly, do you ever even stop and ask yourself whether you are swallowing it whole and think critically? If you are so sure of yourself and of him… then I’m sure you’ll only feel better reading opposing viewpoints (not FB posts, but scholarly works).

OBAMA-LOVING PARROT: Actually, AMERICAN KH I had these views before he even became President. These are my views.

MICHAEL IN MI: “At this time, there are 3 Republicans giving him a hard time about the health care.”

At this time there are numerous Blue Dogs in the House which are giving Pelosi and Obama a hard time. The Republicans have nothing to do with it, since they have absolutely no power to stop anything the Democrats and Obama want to do. The only thing holding up healthcare being shoved down America’s collective throat are Blue Dog Democrats who are being told by their constituents to not vote for the crap sandwhich the Democrats and Obama are trying to push through.

Michael Moore? Seriously!? Wow. Just wow.

OBAMA-LOVING PARROT: Actually, I was just giving an update from the news I read! The news stated that if the 3 Republicans do not want to agree that the Democrats want him to just go and push it thru. And he very well may do that. But he has always voted to compromise and try to work things out so he doesn’t want it to ruin his reputation that he is trying to create by telling people to get along and work things out. So, we shall see. Yes, I believe it will go thru. I believe Obama will push it thru anyway. So, that’s all I was doing Michael was giving an update of what I heard. Only time will tell what is going to happen. And if it happens this will be the biggest change of the Nation in I don’t even know how long.

OBAMA-LOVING PARROT: Actually, Obama had his hand on the Presidency since Bill Clinton days, in my opinion. When Hillary did not push healthare thru I believe Barack Obama said to himself, “I will make sure that it happens. To be honest I think that is the major reason that he wants to be President of the United States, I think it has driven him and he will stop at nothing until healthcare is reformed. Whether I agree or disagree it doesn’t matter. I was just stating what I think. One thing tho, don’t think he will take a buyout.

MICHAEL IN MI: “He’s always voted to compromise”.

Yeah, whatever the hell that means…

Here’s another update for you:

And another:

The fact is the American people know Obama is full of crap and don’t want this passed, yet Obama intends to shove it down our throats anyway. There is no “compromise” and Obama has never voted ever to “compromise” in his entire political career. He has always voted FAR left or “present”. Unless that is the new definition of “compromise” in Parrot-world: always voting leftist or “present”.

MICHAEL IN MI: Hillary didn’t push healthcare through because the American people wanted none of it and told her in no uncertain terms to go eff herself if she thought she was going to push through government run healthcare. The American people do NOT want it. They didn’t want it then and they sure as hell do not want it now. THAT is why the Democrats and Obama are stalled with this, because they are trying to push through MASSIVE government control of healthcare that the American people DO.NOT.WANT. PERIOD.

So Obama is acting on his own, pushing a major government control legislation that only he and the Democrats want, NOT the American people. Every single poll shows the more the American people find out about this BS healthcare bill, the more they hate it.

So Obama is doing something only HE wants, no one else. I wonder if that is part of the definition of “compromise” in Parrot-world too…

OBAMA-LOVING PARROT: I think it means working together. But he is very hellbent and driven to get this healthcare thru. He will try working with the people at first to keep his image but if it fails he will push it thru. No Doubt. If he leaves it alone, than I will be shocked. And think he took a buyout which I can’t really see him doing either. It’s gonna go thru whether we like it or not like it. So, the truth is we are just gonna have to adjust. When something happens I don’t like I always say: “it’s not gonna kill me, i will adjust and i still have myself, family and friends.:)

MICHAEL IN MI: Do you have any clue what this healthcare bill is all about? “We’re just going to have to adjust?” Are you kidding me? You’re going to roll over and allow our government to pass something that the majority of the country does not want and will destroy our way of life? You’ve got to be kidding me. Geez, this is an absolute waste of time discussing this with you. I’m done.

AMERICAN KH: OBAMA-LOVING PARROT… he ALREADY has taken MAJOR buyouts from numberous unions, trial lawyers, Soros, CEOs, etc… don’t think for a minute they don’t expect something from all the “help” they’ve given him. Those lobbies are lobbying FOR something.

AMERICAN KH: He does not have a track record of bipartisanship. It’s simply a documented fact. Michael’s research is right. See, this is like Oz… there’s the Wizard… then there’s the guy behind the curtain. In the movie it’s one in the same, but in real life there’s Obama… then there’s Obama’s donors about whom we know little and hear less. THOSE are the powerful forces behind him. He’s the youth, charisma, resume, and orator they need to sell their agenda to systematically “remake America” as O has often said he would do. Soros is just one man. There are others. They are not pro-American. They are not capitalist. They are not poor, nor do they particularly care about the poor… except to exploit them for votes and therefore positions of power from which to implement this from the inside. Don’t believe me or think it’s some weird conspiracy theory? Point blank Q for Parrot: Have you read up on the Cloward/Piven strategy? Have you studied Saul Alinsky’s writings? Yes/no?

AMERICAN KH: And again, if you don’t believe me… you can actually read it in their very own words… if you are open to reading something which may contradict what you have chosen to believe up to this point… that the intentions driving what’s taking place in DC are all good.

MICHAEL IN MI: AMERICAN KH — OBAMA-LOVING PARROT still hasn’t answered the question about Obama’s accomplishments in his career, specifically about his time as a “community organizer”. Mainly because she doesn’t have a clue about Obama’s background at all. So I wouldn’t expect her to have the first clue about Cloward-Piven or Saul Alinsky either. Afterall, Obama is simply just a swell guy who is well rounded because he talks to lots of different people, not just terrorists, communists, racists and socialists. Afterall, don’t you have terrorists and communists and racists as your mentors too, to make you well-rounded, of course? I mean, who doesn’t. I regularly meet with my KKK group and my “God Hates F@gs” Michigan chapter of the Westboro Baptist Church and count an abortion clinic bomber as one of my good, close political allies. I’m glad there are people like Parrot around who would find that out about me and realize that I just do that to be a well rounded person. Most other people find out about that stuff..

MICHAEL IN MI: …and immediately consider me a racist, anti-homosexual, radical right-winger.

AMERICAN KH: See OBAMA-LOVING PARROT… we’ve read this stuff… right from the horse’s mouth… THAT’S why we tell you what we do. We take them at their word what they want to do. It’s not about your pre-held ideas (pre-O) of helping people who truly need it… or even the socialist idea of somehow trying to “level things out”… NOoooo it’s far more sinister than that. It’s about raw power concentrated in a very small group of elites. It’s not level…. it’s an exceedingly wealthy politburo shutting a door at the top of the ladder so no one can get up after them… the middle class doesn’t grow… it’s withers and dies… then all struggle… equally… except of course, the elite who have slowly, quietly, and methodically seized power in the midst of the manufactured crisis… during which the middle class has been promised help if only they will trust the expanding gov’t with more and more power.

MICHAEL IN MI: Read up on Cloward-Piven Strategy here:

OBAMA-LOVING PARROT: I choose to wait and see what happens. I am not going to condemn Barack Obama. As of far he has been a far more honest President than many and I happen to have my own views. I have a right to want to support him and I am not arguing anymore.

OBAMA-LOVING PARROT: O, just one more thing. If what you say is true about Barack Obama and just a few people being elite? Why is it that there are only a few elite people right now as we speak and everyone else appears to be losing homes, cars, jobs, and no money. But yet there are a few very Elite that did quite well these past years.

And 1 more thing. People like Bill Gates, and Tom Monaghan, they have a special talent. They achieved their money thru their talent. And not only that we have benefitted from their wealth. We have Microsoft and wonderful pizza. And they also donate tremendous amounts to charity and never mind paying taxes. They never tried to get anyone to spend money they didn’t have. Because they invented something from their Passion and deserve it. There are some others who talked people into buying things with money they didn’t have.

OBAMA-LOVING PARROT: O, and Michael, You said “there’s people like me” Well, I just checked Rasmussen Polls and I guess there’s a whole heck of a lot people like me. Obama’s ratings did go down a few points but you have to read everything they say. It’s not just about the ratings. It’s about the overall picture. There is a lot to read. And in the paragraphs the majority of voters are supportive of him.

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  1. What a bunch of ignorant douche-nozzles…both of y’all. The Obamadude will be judged on what he does and accomplishes, not what some ass-liker sycophant thinks, or what pours out of the wordhole of some reactionary goatfucker. “Overexposed” happens if he shows us the presidential Johnson, not if he goes on the air to pump his plans. If his plans fuck us to hell, he was wrong. (Kinda like Bush—his plans seemed motivated by true belief and patriotism, but the result was a clusterfuck, but I’m man enough to admit that it’s just my opinion).

    Take off your ideologic blinders for one fucking second, why doncha.

    Comment by terrifiedtabetic | August 5, 2009 , 5:16PM

    • “Both of y’all?”

      To whom are you referring? There are a number of different people whose comments are in this post. Care to address anything *specific* or did you just want to come here to post a little empty rant in my comments section?

      Comment by michaelinmi | August 5, 2009 , 6:03PM

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