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Debating an Obama-Lover — Part IV

Here I learned ‘el quicko’ that it was going to be a futile effort to reason with the Obama-lover as she considered Michael Moore to be a genius and credible. That’s always a sign one is dealing with a feeble, ignorant mind.

This comment thread was in response to an article posted by “AMERICAN KH” about the economy in Michigan specifically and the nation in general.

Also, take note that she will take Michael Moore’s word for the fact that Hillary Clinton and George W Bush took money from lobbyists, but in another “debate”, she was CERTAIN Obama never took — or would take — money from lobbyists. Idiot.

AMERICAN MD: im wondering how long the Obamabots will use Bush as their scapegoat… 7 months in, and its still Bush/Cheneys fault lol

MICHAEL IN MI: “Obama is willing to be held accountable for the national economy”

Not the last time I checked. He has been passing the buck to “we inherited this mess” = “Bush’s fault” for the past 6 months. He was elected to fix the ‘mess’, yet (1) does nothing but make it worse and (2) keeps blaming even his wrongheaded crap on Bush. No one else in the country could get away with being hired for a job and 6 months into it, giving excuses that their lack of performance is based on the previous employee.

That said, this is being completely unfair to Jenny from the Block. Wasn’t in just 2006 where she said “and in FIVE years… you’ll be blown away”.

So, come on now, AMERICAN KH, you have to allow her the time for her ingenius plan of taxing us back to prosperity to work… which apparently will be in 2011…

OBAMA-LOVING PARROT: Just something for you to think about Michael. Three men who I really think are good wealthy people who got their money on their own without rippn off the middle class: and deserve every penny of the money they made with their genious minds.

1. Tom Monaghan
2. Bill Gates
3. Michael Moore:)

OBAMA-LOVING PARROT: And yes, Obama did say he was held accountable for the national economy. He accepted this title and is expected to help us get out of the mess. He does understand this. At this time, there are 3 Republicans giving him a hard time about the health care. He is trying to decide whether to push it thru with just a Democrat vote only or wait as he does not want to create animosity in Congress.:) Just an update.

AMERICAN KH: PARROT, that’s another lie. Michael Moore got his money trading in stoking the flames of HATRED and class envy and with every salacious lie he feeds to children who should be rightly PROUD of this country, he puts another $ in his bank acct. Even worse, the evil falsehoods he spews ENDANGERS our brave men and women fighting for your right to ignore reality and promote socialism which will destroy this country from the inside just like Khrushchev predicted.

AMERICAN KH: Have you ever READ up on Khrushchev’s statements?

OBAMA-LOVING PARROT: Don’t know why you are “LMAO” I was just giving an update!) nothing more and nothing less.

OBAMA-LOVING PARROT: I don’t know Kelly but there are facts out there of what Michael Moore does with much of the money he makes.

OBAMA-LOVING PARROT: And the stuff he said about Hillary Clinton taking money from the Lobbyists I think. It is backed up. Along with George Bush taking money. You don’t think that these people were bribed when passing laws? I am not talking bad about them but I do believe this.

AMERICAN AR: PARROT, are you trying to get a rise out of people?

OBAMA-LOVING PARROT: LoL, no Andy, I just state what I believe in:0) But they don’t agree so o well. Not in the area of Politics anyway. I am getting tired tho. So, may stay off for awhile.:)

AMERICAN AR: PARROT, it appears as though you do your “research” on MSNBC or the like.

OBAMA-LOVING PARROT: No, I do not do my research not from MSNBC or the like. I do read a lot but that is not where I get it either. I like people. All kinds of people. And getting to know people in their situations and also my career helps to see what is going on in addition to reading and following up. I have friends from all income levels all types of jobs. And I see many people’s problems on a daily basis from my own job. So, the knowledge that i present does not come from statistical facts, although I do look at those but it comes from real lives of people.

AMERICAN AR: PARROT, from what you said, I can only hope you listen and learn from Kelly Harrigan.

OBAMA-LOVING PARROT: That’s your opinion. But there are many people with the same beliefs that I have and I believe in humanity for all man-kind. You should read the Pope’s views on Liberalism

AMERICAN AR: PARROT, read the Communist Manifesto.

OBAMA-LOVING PARROT: And you watch Michael Moore:)

AMERICAN AR: I have and he is an America hating idiot. Would prefer he live in Cuba!

OBAMA-LOVING PARROT: Mayb that’s where I will go, nice adventure!

AMERICAN BJH: As much as I like what Pecker Hoekstra had to say… you know, I just can’t get passed the fact that he would target individuals from his seat in the U.S. Congress which taxes those in a contract with a private corporation a 90% tax on their contracted wages. The vote to do that makes me think he would try that on someone else here in Michigan if (God Almight forbid he is elected Gov.). That kinda reminds me of something that happens in a oligarchy. Where the elite makes laws infringing on the Liberty this Country was founded on, not only is Hoekstra not suitable for Gov., he is a bully and a populist player. Enough name calling… IMPEACH GRANHOLM NOW.

OBAMA-LOVING PARROT: You have to admit, Michael Moore is hilarious. He bashes the Liberals too, btw!

MICHAEL IN MI: I don’t consider propaganda to be “hilarious”. I consider it dangerous, since he feeds off the ignorance of people to push an agenda. He smeared GM, smeared the issue of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and completely smeared the healthcare issue with his ridiculous ‘movie’ “Sicko”. He completely misrepresents every issue based on taking things out of context and presenting them as factual to fool the ignorant masses.

That is not “hilarious”, that is dangerous, especially when lots of ignorant people actually believe his lies and smears and form opinions based off of them.

OBAMA-LOVING PARROT: Actually, he smeared the people who ran GM. Not GM, Itself.

AMERICAN KH: You’re right, Michael. Propaganda is designed to make one laugh while swallowing arsenic… and Polly is laughing. She laughed to the polls while the left demonized Bush who kept us safe, while refusing to see O for who he is… a bird of a dangerous feather with Wright, Ayres, Alinsky, ACORN, etc. She is laughing now as she sees “those rich fat cat CEO’S” (who, btw, voted for OBAMA) watch their money get seized by a Marxist Robin Hood-in-Chief and “redistributed” to those poor people who have been “wronged by evil capitalists.” And she’ll laugh while O tears down our historically American, world class systems and puts in their place a socialism which shackles a people and kills a spirit or achievement. But then she won’t laugh bc she will realize the system built on a new “compassion” really isn’t compassionate… it’s ensnaring, ever more power hungry, and elitist… she’s understand that making everyone suffer equally will leave no one in a position to pull anyone up.

AMERICAN AR: AMERICAN KH, call her a STATIST. Statists support far less individual liberty than any other political ideology. Statists tend to distrust the free market, advocate centralized planning of the economy (including high taxes, strict regulation of business, and even government ownership or control of major industries), oppose “alternative” lifestyles that go against the beliefs of a majority of citizens, and downplay the importance of civil liberties. In short, statists consistently doubt that economic liberty and individual freedom are necessary, practical, or workable in today’s world. To think there is so many liberal-democrats that were bamboozled into voting for someone that is advocating less individual liberty for the collective. Shame, it has come down to voting to block the other candidates instead of the candidates that you like the most. Hollywood Squares… AkaObama for the block, Please. – True of False. AkaObama = Liberal… eeehnnt time up. False.

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