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Are Americans Smart Enough to Realize Barack Obama is a Fraud? — Part III

Even more excellence from el Rushbo today:

The American people are at their core liberty-loving, competitive, innovative and independent, and this is precisely why the Democrat Party — from Pelosi to Reid, to Obama, to Rahm Emanuel, to the public sector union bosses — have to lie about what they’re doing. They have to lie that they’re saving jobs when they’re not. They have to lie that they’re giving tax cuts when they haven’t. They have to lie about all the new jobs of cap and trade. They have to lie about deficits. They have to lie about what they’re actually trying to do with health care. The reason they have to lie is because the American people do not agree with them and do not want this, and we are seeing evidence of it. What we have to hope for is that this passion lasts.

The Democrat Party’s a very narrow ideological bunch of radicals. They are led by people who spend their every waking moment conspiring against the public and lying because that’s the only way they can advance. As I said earlier, we get the latest round of this. We get attack the insurance companies, attack the attendees at town hall meetings, make all these wildly irresponsible arguments, promises about government health care. I could go on. The conservative movement is going to have to rally and unify and take back the Republican Party. The conservative movement’s also going to have to understand one thing in dealing with Barack Obama and the Democrat Party at-large. You can say this about Clinton, too. Vladimir Lenin believed as a totalitarian, as a dictator, as an authoritarian, as a politician that there was no truth, that words were just tools. So the facts never, ever got in the way, just had to come up with the right words, the right tools to overcome the things that got in your way.

The conservative movement is going to have to understand that the power of fact, the power of truth alone up against a strategy of deceit and fraud is not enough by itself to overpower it. While facts are being presented, the truth about the opposition must also be presented. Facts of policy, facts of ideology, but whoever runs for office has got to have the guts to stand up and say the Democrat Party is lying to you. Nancy Pelosi is lying to you, or they’re not telling you the truth. And people know this. It’s going to be easier and easier to do because it will be something that people already agree with. You won’t have to persuade them they are being lied to. You won’t have to persuade people out of work that the economy’s improving. You won’t have to persuade people that Obama’s lying about that, but you will have to say it because, to the other side, there is no truth. There are no facts.

As conservatives, folks, we are really people who are intellectually applied to our beliefs. They’re emotionally applied and their emotional objective is to manipulate your emotions. They don’t want to deal with facts; they don’t want to deal with truth. They want to create their own using words as a tool or as tools. But we’re very intellectually active. We have to be understanding the American founding, understanding how conservatism works. It’s an intellectual application, a daily one, and even though people say, “Well, Rush, if conservatism’s so wonderful, how come the Reagan years didn’t teach everybody?” Because every day during the Reagan years and every day since the Reagan years, the Leninists in this country have been lying to you about what happened. They lie and deceive every day. They have cronies in the media who repeat the lies, and who do not report what they’re doing. They simply repeat the lies. So on the one hand you’ve got the life you lived, the experiences you had, versus a deluge of lies about it.

My father, when I stayed out too late as a teenager, he would say, “Son, you thought you were having fun, but you weren’t.” And I said, “What the hell does that mean? Because I had a great time.” “You thought you were having fun, but you weren’t.” You thought you did great in the eighties and you thought you did great in the nineties. Well, no, they wanted you to think that in the nineties because they were in charge. Remember they tried to convince you we were in a recession when unemployment was 4.7%, just two years ago. Hell, just one year ago. And they tried to convince you that we had never lost more soldiers in a war than the 3,000 in Iraq.

Have you noticed, speaking of that by the way, that there is no discussion in State-Controlled Media about the debacle taking place in Afghanistan? Our military leaders, they say we need twice the number of troops. The Brits are saying our strategy is a mess. Now, if George W. Bush was still president, that’s all we would be hearing to cover up the bad economic news. I take it back. If Bush were president, that’s all we would be hearing about along with lies about how bad the economy is. They would tell us how bad it is.

We have to send an ex-president over to North Korea to apologize to Kim Jong-il to get a couple of Algore journalists out of there. Hillary Clinton goes out and says it was a totally private visit. Now, that’s not possible. You don’t have an ex-president decide on his own to hop a plane over to Pyongyang, get off the plane, go meet with the potbelly dictator and get the journalists freed. The only thing she said that was truthful about it was she didn’t talk to him while he was there, meaning her husband. But now you got the Clintons back in the news cycle taking credit for all these wonderful things, Hillary’s over in Kenya kissing Obama’s grandfather’s grave and talking about whatever corruption she’s finding over there. Just a bunch of total BS. It’s all just a bunch of BS. There is no truth. And to the extent that they think you believe in truth, you are the target. You have to be disabused of that notion.



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