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Are Americans Smart Enough to Realize Barack Obama is a Fraud? — Part II

More from Rush’s excellent show today:

RUSH: I’m getting a lot of e-mails on that last caller: “Hey, Rush, I want to hug and kiss that guy, right on, the American people are stupid. I loved it. I loved it when he said turn off American Idol.” Yeah, and turn off all the fishing shows. (laughing)

Let me address this again in a segment here where I have a little bit more time about that caller. The key is taking back the Republican Party so that we have a political vehicle to advance the conservative movement. The American people, by every legitimate study, are more conservative than liberal. It’s like 42% to 21 people who identify themselves, 35% independent. More people identify themselves as conservative than anything by any number of legitimate studies. So we have to have a nominee who is conservative, who can speak conservatism, who can inspire and motivate, who can arouse their passion; somebody who can respond to left-wing arguments; somebody who’s confident; somebody who has knowledge. This is the challenge that we face in future elections.

The American people will be there if we get that candidate. If we put up a candidate like that we will win. That’s why all the focus on this program and even the Greta Van Susteren interview I told them what the problem with the Republican Party is. That wasn’t just a bash Obama interview or bash the Democrats. The Republican Party is headed up by a bunch of country club blue blood Rockefeller liberals and moderates that don’t want any part of conservatism because they are embarrassed about the abortion issue. They don’t like social issues being part of their party, and if we put up a genuine conservative we will win. We’re making the case for our case on this radio show every day, and others on their radio shows and in books. We don’t have the power right now, and we haven’t had it for some time because the Republican Party’s taken a wrong turn.

So it’s really kind of a mistake to just lay it all off on the American people as being dumb and stupid. If you vote for people who claim to be one thing and turn out to be another, it’s pretty smart to not vote for them again. The American people, the conservative voter is not stupid. The conservative voter is simply not going to vote for a fraud in his own party, or her own party. What choice did we have in 2008? What choice did we have? A lot of people voted against Obama, not for McCain. We didn’t have anything to vote for. There was nothing affirmative for us in that election, in that whole campaign. You’ve got to have somebody to vote for. That arouses passions.

So the choice in 2008, we had this smooth-talking agent of change and hope speaking platitudes and creating a cult-like following. And the Republican was somebody whose main selling point was he gets along with Democrats. He can walk across the aisle and be bipartisan. Our candidate bought the notion that the American people want the two parties to work together and put aside their differences. McCain also promised cap and trade. McCain also promised his own version of health care reform and immigration reform. Where was the opportunity for conservatives to rise up and get passionate about the election in 2008? It wasn’t there. If the Republican Party keeps putting candidates up like that, we’re cooked, but not because the American people are stupid, but because the Republican Party seeks not to win.

If we all just say, though, that the end is inevitable, if we just say the American people are stupid and they want all of this, that there is no hope, then we can’t build a movement to stop this. We can’t build a movement to take back the Republican Party. We can’t take back the government and begin the process of unraveling this. If we just say that most of the people are stupid and want this, they don’t care because they got American Idol on twice a week in the winter and the spring, well, then what’s left? Why even stay engaged? Why stay involved? In the end, if people want this, they will get it. I don’t believe the people do want this. The polls show they don’t want this. Obama knows they don’t want it. Pelosi knows they don’t want it. Their entire strategy is based on lying to the people and ramming through their agenda before the working tax paying people of this country know what hit them. That’s why the speed. Obama may well be destroying the Democrat Party. We will know soon enough. The Democrat Party represents an ever-shrinking percentage of the population the American people are. And, Lord, if I didn’t think this, I’d be playing golf somewhere, probably New Zealand.


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