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Conservatives are Fighting to Keep America’s Light of Liberty Shining Bright

Another great comment left in response to Dan Riehl’s post. Here “syn” talks about their awakening after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and their conversion from liberal to conservative.

I can relate to this in the sense that the terrorists attacks of 9/11/2001 awoke me from my apathy and ignorance of anything and everything outside of my little bubble in which I lived. I had no interest in politics, anything regarding the military nor anything regarding my nation’s proud history. But that all changed as I spent the entire day on 9/11/2001 glued to edge of the seat of my couch, sick to my stomach watching the events unfold that day. The next day I woke up a new person, intent on becoming informed about everything for which I had previously taken completely for granted.

About a month after having witnessed, from the rooftop of my building, the majestic Twin Towers crumble into ash I purchase a home computer and began to learn things I never knew existed (I had spent a lifetime stuck inside a myopic and provincial black box called The Theatre-of the absurd).

My first Conservative thought which brought change to my life was reading Dr Sowell (I had even sent him an email at the time expressing my joy for helping to bring this change to my myopic and provincial world and that I wanted him to run for president) then I came across David Horowitz’s book Radical Son, started reading Frontpage.

To make a long story short, David held an internet conference session and someone asked the question “if Conservatism is so great how come it has a hard time making inroads”?

David’s responded with, “because the Left is vicious and Conservatives are too gentile always leaving the fight for another day”

I have lived on both sides and it is true Conservatives by nature of their philosophy (keep government far from their personal lives) and their Christian-Judeo philosophy (faith in ‘a Creator’ not in government) are typically decent people.

When I was a shameless Liberal stuck inside that myopic and provincial black box I had no boundaries for my behavior,none of us did, however after my conversion to Conservatism I’ve had to really work hard on boundaries, learning things like Kindness.

I used to be one of those who would say in the rehearsal rooms and behind the scenes, stuff like ‘there something wrong with those puritans in flyover country who are too uptight to screw a hundred bunnies every night or ragging on the blue-haired who weren’t hip to pole dancing or the obligatory, Rush is a right-wing nutcase out to destroy America’ (I never listened to Rush until 2003)

I am ashamed that I lived the life of Liberalism’s ‘let it all hang out’ for so long without ever challenging myself, my behavior, my lifestyle, my lack social boundaries; it took witnessing the World Trade Center collapse into ash to snap me out of diluted illusions of what I thought life was all about.

I apologize America for those distortions I projected on decent, liberty-loving Americans who work hard to build their lives, love their children, care for their neighbors, worship their Creator, give generously of both time and money to charities of their own choice, tend to the land growing the fruits of their labor; over the last couple of years I have been humbled by their presence and been taught their wisdom for the ages.

Conservatives have nothing to fear, no matter how vicious is the Left, you are fighting to keep America’s light of Liberty shining bright.

Posted by: syn | Wednesday, August 12, 2009 at 06:13 PM


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