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Coward No More. It’s On!

Great comment in response to this absolutely excellent post — a call to arms — by Dan Riehl: It’s All Alinsky All The Time, Now

I’m in. I was once one of those “middle ground” moderates emphasizing compromise and dialogue over defining principles. Grey is just so much softer than black/white. It’s an existence of sleepwalking trough life, unaware of costs and consequences, risks and reward. I was a coward.

9-11 and the Bush years changed me as well. That a decent man who’s single minded focus for 7+ years was to protect me and my family, could be so disgustingly treated by his political opposition and the traditional media, served as an awakening for me. I read, I listened, I watched, both sides.

One side encourages individual liberty, individual accountability, freedom to aspire to greatness, freedom to fail, freedom of thought, freedom of expression, thoughtful problem solving, self-responsibility, rule of law, faithfulness to our constitution, private charity, the sanctity of life, blind Lady Justice, the American dream — and helping others to achieve it.

The other side encourages? Political power. Achievement of that power by any means. Demagoguery, eg., global warming, racism, classism, taxation, health care. And any other issue that can be used to convince an unassuming public too consumed with their daily lives to realize that there are actually fellow Americans, in congress no less, who are making it their life’s work to destroy the very fabric of the freedoms described above, and to convert them into a collectivism where the individual is irrelevant and power is vested in an all-knowing few blinded by their own hubris, (see Democrat party reaction to their own constituents).

Coward no more. It’s on!

Posted by: A. Stephens | Wednesday, August 12, 2009 at 07:57 PM

August 12, 2009 , 9:42PM - Posted by | Conservatism, Liberalism, Saul Alinsky, Socialism

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