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Fah King Obama is a Fah King LIAR

No, Fah King Obama, that heat in your pants is NOT due to ‘global warming’, no matter what Debbie Dumb@ss Stabenow (Dumb@ss Democrat-MI) says. Nope, your pants are on fire, because you are a Fah King LIAR.


A memo obtained by the Huffington Post confirms that the White House and the pharmaceutical lobby secretly agreed to precisely the sort of wide-ranging deal that both parties have been denying over the past week.

[ … ]

It says the White House agreed to oppose any congressional efforts to use the government’s leverage to bargain for lower drug prices or import drugs from Canada — and also agreed not to pursue Medicare rebates or shift some drugs from Medicare Part B to Medicare Part D, which would cost Big Pharma billions in reduced reimbursements.

In exchange, the Pharmaceutical Researchers and Manufacturers Association (PhRMA) agreed to cut $80 billion in projected costs to taxpayers and senior citizens over ten years. Or, as the memo says: “Commitment of up to $80 billion, but not more than $80 billion.” …

Also, as ace notes:

Gibbys spent a good chunk of today’s presser lying about this, by the way. Chuck Todd kept asking if the White House had made specific pledges to PhARMA, and Gibbs kept saying something like “We’ve only pledged to look for further savings.” (Something like that — don’t quote me.)

How is promising not to seek savings in the bulk of the federal drug budget “looking for further savings”?

Caught on memo: The specific pledges the White House denies.

[ … ]

And bear in mind Big Pharma’s promise to spend up to $150 million in television ads pimping Obama’s plan.

Ace also brings up some good points here: Problems With Obama’s Drug Deal Gone Bad

1. The President is not allowed to enter into secret deals with corporations. Deal, perhaps. Deal secretly? No.

2. They’ve lied about it. They did not merely withhold information about the deal; they actively lied to the public — in agreement with each other; both parties, after all, have to agree to lie before one goes forward in the lie — about the deal.

3. Big Pharma has also agreed to an utterly-corrupt $150 million ad buy to prop up Obama’s plan — which is of course the same as contributing to his election war chest. And John McCain only spent $126 million on his campaign, for comparison.

4. Obama keeps lying to the public, claiming he can find additional “savings” in drug spending, when in fact he as already promised to seek not a penny more in savings from Pharma. He needs to contrive fakey-pretend methods of savings, in order to explain why the CBO is wrong, and he keeps coming back to vague savings he’ll get from drug-makers. This is a lie. The exact amount of savings has been agreed to and there is not another dollar coming. (Cf. his frequent statements that he’s already gotten $80 billion out of pharma, so who knows how much more in savings he’ll find?)

5. Obama promised over and over these “negotiations” would be not only transparent, they’d be on CSPAN; he promised that anyone “carrying water” for the drug companies (a Congressman, he suggests) would be shamed. Check out this vid of Obama’s many promises to make his negotiations transparent and “on CSPAN:”

Ya know, I am beginning to think that this Henry Rollins song is more appropriate to describe Fah King Obama and his cultist worshipers than all those stupid “yes we can” songs which were written for him during the Presidential campaign:

And then
You meet me
And your whole world changes
Because everything I say is everything you’ve ever wanted to hear
So you drop all your defenses and you drop all your fears
And you trust me completely
I’m perfect
In every way
‘Cause I make you feel so strong and so powerful inside
You feel so lucky
But your ego obscures reality
And you never bother to wonder why
Things are going so well
You wanna know why?
‘Cause I’m a liar
Yeah I’m a liar
I’ll tear your mind out
I’ll burn your soul
I’ll turn you into me
I’ll turn you into me
‘Cause I’m a liar, a liar
A liar, a liar

I’ll hide behind a smile
And understanding eyes
And I’ll tell you things that you already know
So you can say
I really identify with you, so much
And all the time that you’re needing me
Is just the time that I’m bleeding you
Don’t you get it yet?
I’ll come to you like an affliction
And I’ll leave you like an addiction
You’ll never forget me
You wanna know why?
‘Cause I’m a liar
Yeah I’m a liar
I’ll rip your mind out
I’ll burn your soul
I’ll turn you into me
I’ll turn you into me
‘Cause I’m a liar, a liar
Liar, liar, liar, liar

I don’t know why I feel the need to lie
And cause you so much pain
Maybe it’s something inside
Maybe it’s something I can’t explain
‘Cause all I do
Is mess you up and lie to you
I’m a liar
Oh, I am a liar

Heck, you put an Obama head on Henry Rollins in this video and it works perfectly.


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