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Sarahcuda Palin Humiliates Fah King Obama on Health Care

This is hilarious. The Fah King ‘genius’ Obama outsmarted by a couple posts on Facebook by some ‘irrelevant dumb hick’ from Alaska. heh

Not surprising to anyone who has been paying attention to facts the last few days and actually reading the bill and putting it into context with Obama’s own words and those of his health care advisor, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel.

Tammy Bruce: Palin Power: Senate Removes ‘End of Life’ Provisions

Palin responded again last night on Facebook to attacks on her exposure of the Death Panels as part of Obama’s DeathCare agenda. This time she did it with a hard slap at the Obama admin and viola, after being derided as “nuts” and out-of-touch, Grassley of the Senate Finance Committee made this statement today:

Finance Committee drops end-of-life provision

Also, here is ace at Ace of Spades HQ: Finance Committee Drops End-of-Life Counseling Positions

I’d be remiss if I didn’t note, as A. Weasel did, that Sarah Palin’s agitation contributed to this.

Bear in mind, though, that Obama is proposing a $500 billion cut to Medicare (or Medicaid, or both; forget which).

Where do those savings come from?

Well, unless you believe we can save $500 billion by just not cutting out seniors’ tonsils and skipping one “unnecessary” test per visit what we’re talking about is reducing coverage for the elderly.

A death-panel of a kind, too.


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