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Ding, Dong the Wicked Snitch (e-Mail) is Dead!

Via Ace at Ace of Spades HQ: White House Admits Mistakes Were Made (By Someone Else, Natch) on Spam Email List

As I guessed, they’re blaming this on their overly-enthusiastic cultists, claiming they did nothing wrong, except trust too much.

Advocacy groups and partisans, they claim, were signing up emails not their own.

We only have their word for that. There is a chance they had an email vaccuum fishing addresses out of their fishy-reporting snitch headquarters — grabbing the emails of everyone there, including emails forwarded as “fishy” — but of course they’re not going to admit that or allow us to inspect their story.

Now, this makes me very suspicious: the address is now non-funcitonal. …

It seems odd to me that if phony sign-ups were indeed the problem, they have so far added nothing to prevent this, and furthermore, whatever new protections they plan on adding could have been added to

But they were not.

Which makes me suspicious that the problem here was, all along, and that they are not busy disabling and deleting its functions. Why is the snitchline being changed at this moment if it has nothing to do with the spam?

Ace also did a test to see if the technology geniuses in the Obama Administration bothered to fix the supposed error:

I signed up as “Xtian Xtremist,” with a false city and so forth, and the message “Please harrass me with your propaganda. I love it.”

No confirmatory email, asking me if I really want to be harrassed. (In fairness, I already claimed that’s what I wanted.)

They’ve really tightened up the system. It takes three seconds to get a confirmatory email from everyone else, but apparently they’re willing to take my interest on faith.

Kind of like they were willing to take it on faith that all those millions of donations coming in from overseas were really from American citizens, who just happened to live in France, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia.


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