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Proof Positive Obama and Democrats are LYING to America about Single Payer Health Care

Found via Ace of Spades HQ: Look at All These Liberals, Obama Supporters, and Obama Chiefs-of-Staff Being Quoted Out of Context

They all seem in agreement that the plan is for the government option to “evolve” into single payer. Rahm Emmanuel is caught saying this, too — stating the important thing is the “objective (single payer) not the means (government option).” …

They all agreed this was a pathway to single payer when selling it to liberals.

Why is it they all claim it’s nothing of the sort now that they’re selling it to moderates?

Because they are LIARS!

Proof Positive the Public Option Will Lead to Single Payer

“President Obama has said repeatedly that those who claim that healthcare reform will ultimately lead to a government take-over of the health system are not telling the truth. So are these Democrat supporters of the President’s plan not telling the truth?”


August 19, 2009 , 3:41PM - Posted by | Barack Obama, Communism, Democrats, Fascism, Healthcare, Liberalism, Marxism, Socialism

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