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D.C. Goes Wee Wee, Obama Goes Wah Wah Wah

I wonder if they teach turns of phrase like this at Community Organizer College:

“There’s something about August going into September where everyone in Washington gets all ‘wee-weed’ up,” the president said.

If that were not bad enough, President Wee-Wee is crying wah wah over his trouble with convincing Americans to support his health care plan:

President Obama took to the conservative airwaves Thursday to charge that Republican leaders are engaged in a vast right-wing conspiracy to kill health care reform in order to repeat the 1994 mid-term takeover of Congress, which followed the defeat of President Clinton’s reform plan.

“I think early on, a decision was made by the Republican leadership that said, ‘Look, let’s not give him a victory, maybe we can have a replay of 1993, ’94, when Clinton came in, he failed on health care and then we won in the mid-term elections and we got the majority. And I think there are some folks who are taking a page out that playbook,” the president said.

Appearing on the Michael Smerconish radio show, Mr. Obama said he would “love to have more Republicans engaged and involved in this process,” but he vowed to win the battle, with or without support from the minority party in Congress.

Ummm, hey Crybaby-in-Chief… the Republicans are engaged and involved in the process. You simply refuse to acknowledge their alternative plans (for example, HERE and HERE) and continuously lie about everyone opposing your single-payer deathcare boondoggle, claiming they want to keep the status quo. That is not the case at all, as there are plenty of Republicans and Conservatives who have suggested alternatives to your proposal of a complete government takeover of health care.

But, keep on wah-wahing and lying and lying and soon enough the American people shall send you wee wee weeing all the way home to Chicago… or Hawai’i… or Kenya, whichever you prefer.


August 20, 2009 , 11:19PM - Posted by | Barack Obama, Communism, Conservatism, Healthcare, Liberalism, Marxism, Socialism

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