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Obama Misery Index

Heh, this is great. For all the nutjobs we have here in Michigan (Governor Jenny “and in FIVE years, you’ll be blown away!” Granholm, Senator Debbie “I can feel global warming when I ride in my private jet” Stabenow, Sentor Carl Levin, Congressman John Conyers, etc) we seem to have some good, clever, common sense Republicans as well. My Rep. is the well-known Congressman Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI). Now here is Congressman Dave Camp (R-MI) who will now soon hopefully be well-known as well for coming up with the “Obama Misery Index” or “OMI” or “Oh My! Index”. heh

Here is video of GOP congressman Dave Camp from Michigan unveiling the “Obama Misery Index,” or the OMI – “Oh, My Index.” It focuses on the “stunning rise in debt and unemployment”…


August 22, 2009 , 2:04PM - Posted by | Barack Obama, Communism, Economy, Liberalism, Marxism, Republicans, Socialism

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