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Protest Pictures the Mass Media is Not Showing You!!!

So there was a March on Washington, D.C. on 9/12/2009.

I have come across some pictures that the mass media is not showing you from some protests. They are simply appalling, hate-filled and despicable.

These extremists are a cancer in our society.

Be sure to check out these pictures that the mass media refuses to show you, which end up exposing just how radical are protests: HALL of SHAME

Find more HERE, HERE and HERE.

Or just go HERE and see the radical extremists in all their glory.


September 14, 2009 , 1:27PM - Posted by | Anti-War Groups, Berkeley, Bush Derangement Syndrome, CODE PINK, Communism, Fascism, Hitler, Leftist Groups, Liberalism, Marxism, Socialism

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