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A Good Man Will See with a Lover’s Eyes

I was going to wait to post this until the mood hit me to share my own experiences about what of the fairer sex catches my own eye, but I didn’t want to forget about it.

This was simply a comment in passing left by “Monty” on the Ace of Spades HQ ONT (OverNight Thread). But it summarized — in more poetic words than I could have expressed, even in my most inspired moments — beautifully how I see women:

I am often surprised at what strikes me as attractive in a woman these days. I am still forthrightly in favor of a pert chest and well turned rear end, but other things appeal now. The downy fuzz on the neck, the shape of the ear, the way a woman might smile and hide the smile behind her hand. Maybe the way she tucks her hair behind her ear while reading a book. You don’t see the best of a woman in the dim light of a bar. You see the best of her sitting on a park bench in that dazzling light that comes after a rainstorm; you see the best of her feeding the ducks by the water with her laughing son. You see the best of her when she wears a red dress that she is perhaps a bit too stout for. The old woman who still troubles to wear pearls and earrings to go out to eat. The teenaged girl who cries because she can’t get her hair to behave before the big dance. Women are at their best in their unguarded moments, and sometime at their worst when they are trying to look their best. A good man will see with a lover’s eyes, not the gimlet eye of a shark cruising the shallows.

Posted by: Monty at October 07, 2009 11:38 PM

I left the following comment in response:

I know you’re long gone, Monty, but this was beautiful. Comforting to know there are other guys out there who think this way about women. Just the other day I was thinking about similar things about women that attract me, the small things, the discreet things (you noted one of them, how a woman delicately pushes her hair back around her ear). But since I can’t even come close to the great descriptions you have done here with your examples, I’ll refrain from sharing my list. Just glad to know there are other men out there who “see (women) with a lover’s eyes”.

When I am in a more inspired mood, I’ll make another post sharing my list.

(I mention some of the small things in my poems “I Remember…” and “Cherish”, but not nearly enough.  And “Today” and “Longing for Another Kiss” describe simple moments with a woman that mean the world, but there are many more simple moments like that which touch my heart.)

And I really was pleasantly surprised to see Monty’s comment, because I truly was just thinking about this the other day as I was driving around. One of the things that always catches my eye about women is the way they brush or run their hands through their hair and fix it into a pony tail or just spread it out better. There is just something about how a woman runs her hands through hair to adjust it that is so attractive.

Anyway, more at a future time…

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