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Liberals are Thin-Skinned, Intellectually Cowardly Punks

I could not have stated this any better.

This is a comment left in response to this post by ace at Ace of Spades HQ regarding the cowards “reconceptualizing” the upcoming TV Series “V”: V Being “Softened” to Blunt… Overt Rightwing Subtext

Well this was predictable.  Anyone remember The Path to 9/11? It showed how weak and indecisive Democratic leadership was on terrorism and Bill Clinton and his hatchet men went berserk.  The movie won’t be released on DVD because of it.  Liberals are thin-skinned, intellectually cowardly punks.  Not only must they politicize everything and force their agenda down everyone’s throats, but if something that doesn’t go along with that agenda slips under the radar, they try and destroy it.   Stalinist c#ckbags, the lot of them.

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  1. Considering the climate of todays leftwing Hollywood, I’d not be surprised if they rewrote it to make the aliens the good guys. Bringing the glories of socialism to the idiot backwood hick planet that just can’t do any better on it’s own. You know, make the visiters kindly social reformers who suffer a terroism campaign by rightwing radio hosts, TV libertarians, and bomb making farmers,.. all to rob the world of their enlightened help..

    If they keep the cannibolism theme, it’ll be the American resistence they accuse of whipping up steamed reptialian aliens on toast.

    I can’t understand how they ever considered making this now, now?

    The entire theme, do gooder aliens subverting, then replacing human governments, all in the name of peace and social justice, and all a sinister plot to destroy mankind, stopped only by liberty loving free thinking humans from the media, the military, big business and common suburban families,.. all working to liberate us from the statist, collectivist one size fits all oppressive “leader”.

    That a leftwing Hollywood could make this now, and not see the paralles to the rise of Obama and his cult of conform or else media enforcers,..

    they don’t see the irony here?

    They can make it suck, unwatchable,..

    but can they really remove it’s theme, that the individual has value, that liberty trumps all and is the only chance man has to triumph over an imposed tyrany?

    The original V was a repudiation of the whole Obama theme. Of leftwing politics in general. They can’t see it? Even if they tried to change it away from that central theme, why bother at all? It’s not like they saw an outright demand for the return of V.

    could we have an ally mole in Hollywood?

    A last conservative, or classic liberal, or libertarian who is trying to help the Obama opposition?

    Comment by markde43008 | October 16, 2009 , 8:43AM

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