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ESPN’s Marcellus Wiley Makes Case for White Affirmative Action in NFL

Former NFL player Marcellus Wiley stated on ESPN that the demographics of NFL players are 70% Black.

WILEY: The NFL called an audible.  We’re going to pass, Limbaugh, on you and your racist comments, your divisive comments, comments that isolate players, 70% of this league is African-American. This is racist radio that doesn’t need any more attention.  This doesn’t need to be on primetime, on TV, in the owners’ box like he wants it.

If that is indeed the case, then I can only conclude that the NFL is RACIST. The percentage of the country that is Black is not 70%. So I must say that the NFL is racist against Whites. Extremely racist, in fact, since the percentage of Blacks in America is 12.8%. The NFL has more than 5 times that as their demographic of players. That’s RACIST.

(note heavy sarcasm here)

Recall that the race hustlers are always saying that “we need more Black coaches, we need more Black QBs, we need more Black blah blah blah” and consider the lack of such to be RAAACISSSSST! Well, fine, if that’s the logic, then let’s turn it around on them. The NFL is RACIST against Whites, what with a demographic of their players being 5 times as high as their demographic in the United States.

Also interesting. When it is pointed out that the percentage of Blacks committing crimes in the USA is higher than their demographic in the nation, no one dare say that Blacks are more prone to be criminals.

But, when it is pointed out that 70% of the NFL is Black, much higher than their demographic in the nation, people simply state that that is because Blacks are more athletic than Whites.

Interesting how that works out…


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