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‘Whites Only’ is Now ‘Liberals Only’

There was a time in this country when Blacks were denied from entering into businesses based solely on the color of their skin. It is a tremendous credit to our great nation that we worked to change that.

But now, in 2009, in the era of Obama, the pendulum has swung completely the other way, as Blacks are now denying those they do not like from entering “their” businesses.

So much for Obama’s “post-racial” “change”.

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” —Martin Luther King, Jr. – AUG 18, 1963

46 years later, we not only have not achieved the dream of Martin Luther King, Jr., but it is the Black community itself which is preventing this dream from becoming reality, and promoting the idea that all Blacks should be judged — or protected from any criticism whatsoever — based on the color of their skin, instead of by their character or achievements.


UPDATE: A friend of mine on Facebook posted this comment in reply to one of my links today, and I thought it fit in very well with what I am discussing here:

In the end, that is the really sick thing.  Most of the country has moved past caring about any person’s skin color. Warren Moon was “a great quarterback,” not “a great BLACK quarterback,” Denzel Washington is “a great actor,” not “a great BLACK actor,” and Barack Obama is our president, not our BLACK president for whom every criticism must necessarily be race-based.

But that’s the thing: the only people who have a vested interest in stoking racial animosity are on the left, the ones who force us to see race all the freaking time. When, in reality, we’ve accepted MLK’s dream of judging men by the content of their character, and find that Sharpton, Jackson, and the rest of them don’t have any.


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