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Shawne Merriman, No Problem Playing for Rush Limbaugh

Who knew that San Diego Chargers DE Shawne Merriman would be a voice of reason among NFL players in the whole smear, libel and slander campaign against Rush Limbaugh.

Looks like Merriman is more of a man, more informed and less sensitive than ignorant dolts like Mathias Kiwanucka, Michael Wilbon, Donovan McNabb, Warren Moon and, of course, Marcellus Wiley.

Here is what Mr. Merriman had to say about the prospect of playing for an NFL team owned by Rush Limbaugh.

Reminder: “Bloods and Crips” quote in FULL context.

UPDATE: Here is the transcript of Merriman’s remarks he made in the interview:

RUSH: Jesse Lee Peterson on Fox on Wednesday night. On October 13th, somehow this sound bite ended up being buried in this controversy. Shawne Merriman, who is not the poster boy for NFL virtue himself, Shawne Merriman, linebacker for the San Diego Chargers was on Fox Sports Radio’s Chris Myers and Steve Hartman Show. I was also on that show when I was out in LA weeks ago, and we talked about the NFL and they asked me who my favorite quarterbacks were and I threw McNabb in there. So they asked Shawne Merriman, “Would you have any problem playing for a team partially owned by Rush Limbaugh?”

MERRIMAN: I have to be honest, I wouldn’t have a problem with it because I think that he possibly could have said a few things that was on many people’s mind. He just, you know, one of the ones that, you know, made it vocal and put it out there. Maybe if we had a sit-down and talk and I seen a different person, maybe, but it really wouldn’t bother me as much.

RUSH: That didn’t get reported, did it? Now, at the time, October 13th — happens to be my mother’s birthday — at the time this is all going on, Merriman was living off those made-up, phony quotes. That’s what he knew. That’s all anybody knew, the totally fabricated and made-up phony quotes. Now, the next question from Myers and Hartman: “How much as a player do you actually know, Shawne, or care about your owner? I mean, I realize there are layers: coordinator, position coach, head coach, GM, president, whatever, all the way up. Some owners are very visible, some are far removed. Does that affect the player? Do you think about that?”

MERRIMAN: You want the owner to know that — or you want to feel that he cares, you know, about your well-being, about you going out there and being a good person on and off the field. So I think it’s a matter to a — to a certain point but it’s not like you have to deal with the owner every single day. You know, he’s not going through the playbook with you and, you know, you play good or bad he’s not going to be the one that come down and talk to you about the game, it’s just one of the things that’s how it is.

RUSH: So none of these quotes made it, did they, outside of this show? The Myers and Hartman show on Fox Sports Radio.


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